ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Police arrested four people after a double shooting outside a St. Paul bar that left one person dead and another injured.

The shooting happened at about 2 a.m. Wednesday at the corner of Rice Street and Manitoba Avenue West.

There had been a fight inside Born’s Bar and some people were asked to leave. Witnesses said there was yelling outside followed by gunshots. Neighbors said bullets hit nearby buildings.

“I felt the bullet hit the building, and that’s when I panicked,” said nearby resident Amina McDonald. “It really rattled my nerves just to hear them bouncing off the building. Because, if it would’ve hit a window, somebody inside the apartment complex would’ve gotten hurt.”

Witnesses also saw a car speeding away after the shootings.

Police officers found 26-year-old Trevell Glass dead at the scene. Another 28-year-old man was taken to Regions Hospital and is expected to survive.

Family members described Glass as a father of five who was engaged to be married soon.

Police spokesman John Keating said police tracked down a vehicle that reportedly left the scene and took four men into custody. Police credited witness descriptions with helping officers find that vehicle quickly.

One of the four men, 31-year-old Byron Brantley, was being held on suspicion of murder. The other three were being held for allegedly aiding Brantley. Their names are LeAndrews Miller, 27; David Keys, 24; and Xavier Buckhanan, 36.

Police said they haven’t ruled out the possibility that more may be involved and that more arrests may follow.

Neighbors WCCO talked with said violence is a regular occurrence in the neighborhood.

“They just get crazy when they get out of bars. They get crazy out here and they go nuts,” said another neighbor. “Every night, they’re fighting out here. Every night, they’re screaming and yelling and fighting. It goes on every day.”

Comments (24)
  1. JamieinMN says:

    Where is Born’s Bar??? Never heard of it. probably some gangsta thug hangout.

    1. kkkkkkkkooo says:

      why every thing gotta be gangster or thug and actually its a HONKEY bar!!!!!!!

      1. JamieinMN says:

        A HONKEY bar on rice street????? Bwahahahaha! Why are YOU insulting my race? I did not mention race, ONCE, did I?

        1. mookie651 says:

          @ jamieinMN as a matter of fact you did make it a race thing when you said “Gangsta thug hangout” like all blacks are gangstas and thug, get your mind right before you speak!!!!!!!!!!

  2. T-Paw says:

    Born’s Bar = The site of multiple shootings & violent crimes over the years. I’m surprised it’s still got it’s Liquor license.

  3. T-Paws baby bro says:

    Not exactly a high end place. lol
    Put it this way —- no way I’d walk in without 2 Bro’s packing by my side

  4. N says:

    I know where it is because my dad doesn’t live too far from it. Its on Rice south of Front street, maybe two blocks from front. I know that bar has had many issues as well as a few others in that area. I am sure thats the next one to go, since Diva’s is closed for good because of all the trouble thats happened there.

  5. red says:

    Close the dump. It has been nothing but trouble

  6. Jim Beam says:

    Low IQ binge drinkers that lack conflict-resolution skills. Bartenders that over-serve. A barful of ugly personalities all converging. A perfect storm.

    1. Marie k says:

      Wow Ed you sound like a real sum bag your self maybe you should start going so they can kill off a few racist.

      1. selena wade says:

        Thank You Marie ! Because my uncle wasnt a damn “gangsta” & i would appreciate if you (Ed) would keep your smart comments to yourself .

  7. selena wade says:

    Yes , and all of that is why my uncle was at the wrong place , at the wrong time. And its not fair that i will never see him again ;(

    1. Prayers for ALL involved says:

      Selena, I am H.G.’s teacher. Please know that myself, my family, and the kids school community are here for whatever your family needs. We are taking up a collection, and please let me know if there is anything we can do. We are praying for everyone. Ignore all of these comments and ignorance. I have heard all great things about your aunt and uncle. Keep your head up and let me know if I can do anything to help.

      1. selena wade says:

        thank you guys so much.
        i wish there was more i could do for my family
        but all i can do is be here for them.

  8. konjokris says:

    WOW, Selena I hope you and your family are doing alright. Sorry to hear your uncle was murdered. Doesn’t matter what was going on, a man is dead and families are ruined because of stupidity.

    1. selena wade says:

      i cant thank you enough , juss the littlest support helps . my auntie is so shattered. she thinks he’s gonna come home. she doesnt want to belive hie is died ! idk what to do ;(

  9. SeanSr. says:

    The most irritable thing is and not to undermind the young mans death but the nicer the weather we see the more of these accounts will grow….My prays to the five kids and the rest of his family for there loss.

    1. SeanSr. says:

      ‘their” sorry for that,, And after reading some of the comments, Selena dear, ignore and don’t respond. For that is all they seek, ten to one it’s some person with little to no purpose in life at all. These responses give them just the slightest bit of purpose, for its all they have in the world. That is next to their lonley dwellings, daily paper, pc, and neighborhood pub. They feel safe in the box for it has no face and race really is no issue cause their eyes tremble just the same when the guy with the bandana and leathers drive by on his roaring hog not knowing its actually the CEO to some big company. Now please don’t miss read me ,not out to slander these gentlemen or ladies. I’m simply trying to play the mirror and give them a reflection of themselves.

      1. selena wade says:

        Thank you for yur support & i dnot even know you .
        i really appreciate it 😉

  10. bummer says:

    Nothing good happens at a bar after midnight

  11. captobvious says:

    im stunned, signed suburbs

  12. Randy Lusby says:

    The bar is not the problem,Guns in the wrong hands is the problem!

  13. Every Musician In To One Musician says:

    i feel for the family i almost got killed in that bar it do need to be closed down and i got in a couple of fights its not a good bar at all i loved the karaokee no doubt but the drama and the haters that place is not a safe place why isnt there real security a officer should b there 24/7 as how i feel

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