ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton will speak to the state’s biggest annual gathering of gay rights activists at the state Capitol.

OutFront Minnesota is the state’s leading gay-rights group. On Thursday it holds its annual Rally for Equality at noon on the front lawn of the Capitol. Previous rallies have drawn hundreds of gay rights supporters, and participants also take the chance to lobby their legislators on gay-rights issues.

Dayton supports legalized gay marriage, but Republican majorities in the state House and Senate are highly unlikely to get on board. Some Republicans are seeking a statewide vote to ban gay marriage in Minnesota’s constitution, though a referendum measure may not get introduced until next year’s legislative session.

Dayton as governor cannot block constitutional amendments from getting a statewide vote.

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Comments (55)
  1. Dave says:

    More victims-dujour. Marriage is a church issue. And churches should have the right to set conditions. On the other hand, the State should allow legal unions to all, regardless of orientation. The Reps are stupid if they want to ‘ban’ state sanctioned legal unions.

    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      Most of the time it seems like “Gay Klux Klan” people hate religion anyway.

      The Gay Kay Kay wants the word Marraige so they can be lawsuit abuse bullies and meanies.

      Civil Unions fall under the same exact California family codes and domestic partnership laws as Marraige.

      The media ignores that part to incite civil unrest.

      1. smb says:

        Sorry, Victim, but you are wrong on all counts.
        Of course I think you already knew that you just wanted to continue spreading the lies in order to incite civil unrest.

        1. Victim Du Jour says:

          Civil Unions are perfectly Valid in the State of California.

      2. squish says:

        Victim, that’s a pretty sick comment comparing gay people to the KKK. You must be a member, eh?

        1. Victim Du Jour says:

          The KKK hated the Catholic Church too.

          Now days the KKK is virtually non-existent. You will have a hard time finding Klan members.

          1. Free says:

            I grew up in the deep south The Klan house was just down the road, We had the cleanest neighbor hoods no drug dealers, no theft, no protesters,no gay rallies or parades. You wont find that in Minneapolis or St.Paul! And yes the Klan is more active in the past two years then they have been in twenty!

            1. Victim Du Jour says:

              The Largest recorded Ku Klux Klan rally in US History was the 1924 Democratic National Convention, when they boasted 6 million kkk members.

    2. stace34 says:

      If marriage was strictly a church issue then there should be no tax benifits to it. The fact that married couples recieve tax breaks, SS survivor benefits, insurance from your partner benefits means it is not a church issue. There is a difference between State marriage and Church marriage. People that go in front of a Justice of the Peace are still married in the eyes of the state and not a church. Civil unions do not have the same benefits as a legal marriage.

      By the way I know a lot of gay couples who have been married in their church, but the state does not recognize it. That is why marriage is not about church it is about equal rights

  2. Atom says:

    Marriage has historically been a secular issue, and preceded christianity. We in the U.S. have the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Churches should not be required to marry anyone they chose not too, but then, churches are not needed for marriage. If we let one group have marriage, then it is not right to discriminate against other individuals, as we all have equal protection under the law.

  3. Superchik1017 says:

    No Dave, marriage is not a church issue. It’s really cute that you think people are legally married when they say “I do” and the alter but the cold, hard truth is that a marriage isn’t legal until their marriage certificate is signed, sealed, and filed at the clerks office. A person can get “married” at city hall and have nothing to do with the church. A friend of yours can even get ordained online for a fee in order to precide at your wedding. Marriage has NOTHING to do with the church unless a person so chooses to, and believe me, most gay people wouldn’t want a church to marry them.

    1. 23.5 says:

      Marriage is a business deal and its very sad for those who think that i a blessing from god and the churches!

      the filing is the stock indicator to the stock market, and bond holders… to make more money.

  4. smb says:

    Marriage only became a ‘church issue’ when homosexuals started demanding their right to it. Couples get married all the time without having a religious ceremony, in MN we can even get married in the Mall, and these unions are no less recognized.
    Religions can decide for themselves whether to allow same-sex marriages in their churches. They already have their own rules, straight couples can’t have a catholic ceremony unless they are both catholic.
    If marriage is a Religious institution then the state needs to get out of the business. Couples can have a church sanctioned marriage or they can have a state sanctioned union. But EVERY couple should have the same right to join legally.

  5. 23.5 says:

    Religions; churches, temples, masses and other unification believes got nothing to do and have NO RIGHTS to dictations my life. Who are you(sR) again?

    Even GOD make mistakes!

    I fully supports all of my Gay family members! I love you guys!

    Religion? such a brain washed, green machine, and what ever it is that you want it to be.

  6. smb says:

    So Republicans think they know how we will vote?
    Did they forget we voted for Jesse Ventura?
    I think we can shock them again by showing that, as a state, we stand for equality.

    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      California is more Democrat than Minnesota? Why did Prop 8 pass?

      1. Amanda says:

        Because Minnesota is not Democrat or Republican, we are more Independent than anything else, we do vote for equality, after all we did vote Jesse Ventura… I trust that people in Minnesota would see the reality, that we are not harming anybody if we want to marry, I personally would like to have the choice of marrying my girlfriend.

        1. mohammad says:

          And I demand the right to marry my very pretty goat! I trust that the people in Minnesota would accept my personal desire to marry my goat, who would we be harming?

          After all we did vote for Jesse Ventura and he has a goatee.

          1. Amanda says:

            Come on, you dare to compare a marriage between 2 consenting adults to marrying your animal??? why it doesn’t surprise me that ignorant people make these kind of comments…. my answer would be you can’t fight the ignorant

            1. mohammad says:

              What if my goat was of adult age and also gay, would it be okay for me to marry it then?

              1. Amanda says:

                Sure thing, cause a goat actually has the brain of a human being and can consent and speak out of the blue… but you know what, if you would like to marry your goat, go ahead, it doesn’t affect ME at all… that is the point, if it doesn’t affect you, why do you care? or explain me how is it that me marrying another person affects you?

                1. mohammad says:

                  You know of a speaking goat? mine does not say too much only eats cans and junk.

                  Many thanks for your kind judgment oh wise Amanda

              2. Amanda says:

                And you still failed to respond… how is that me marrying my girlfriend will affect you?? simple question, should have a simple answer

      2. smb says:

        That shocked me as well. Just a case of the haters winning.
        I hope that was a wake-up call for those of us who are for equality to actually prove it by getting out and voting.

        Keep in mind though, I do not believe someone’s rights should be put to a vote.

        1. Victim Du Jour says:

          It’s a shame gays have been using the word “Marraige” to attack religious freedom.

          Lawsuit abuse is the reason why it’s being put up to a vote.

  7. ladyjasmin50 says:

    It’s sad that the media and government are involved in the marriage issue. Man and woman is all it should be. The more the media and government get involved the worse things will get. It’s kind of like not having to speak english to get benefits. No english – no benefits. Why are others always trying to push their issues on others.
    Stay in the closet and those coming illegally go home.

    1. Amanda says:

      WOW… I hope that you never regret these words… remember that down the road you may have a family member that decides to get out of the closet

    2. squish says:

      Ladyjasmin50, I’ll NEVER stay in the closet. I pay a LOT of taxes to this state, and love it, support my local businesses with my hard-earned money, and my friends and neighbors love both me and my partner. We deserve to have the same rights as any man and woman in a loving relationship.
      This issue, as long as it is spoken about in politics, will soon resolve itself to legalizing marriage for all, just like when blacks were discriminated against in the 50’s and 60’s.
      Just keep talkin’!

      1. Darnell says:

        Keep on equating you and your partners lifestyle choice with race, real classy squish. Its really disgusting and insulting that you would put both issues on the same level.

  8. Teddy says:

    We have people for voted for Michellle Bachman I highly doubt this state is for equality. If an amendment to ban same sex couples from marrying was put to a statewide vote it would surely pass. It’s sad of course but true. The political tide has shifted farther and farther to the right in this state.

    1. Sven says:

      If its so bad for you here maybe you should think of moving. This State’s marriage laws are already equal – anyone can marry whoever they choose as long as they aren’t related and are of the opposite sex. That applies no matter what your choice in sexual behavior is.

      1. smb says:

        By your own statement they aren’t equal.

        1. Sven says:

          What are you talking about?
          Marriage laws are applied equally to everyone, just like I said.

          1. stace34 says:

            Applying a discriminating law to everyone does not make it equal. That is same type of arguement that was used to ban interracial marriage. We all know how wrong those laws were and one day we will all know how wrong the current laws are.

            1. Sven says:

              Nice try!

              Brining race into this argument is an automatic loser. Of course laws banning interracial marriage were wrong but that is not what we are talking about here.

              The same sex marriage issue is not about equality at all, its an attempt to desensitize society so that it will accept an immoral and unhealthy lifestyle choice as normal. It will never be normal and goes completely against human nature, that is why decent society resists your “change”

              1. Amanda says:

                Unhealthy?? how??? care to explain??? I am perfectly healthy… And my morals is none of your business, same way your morals is none of my business… and when we talk about normal, care to explain why do you think is normal??? because that is what you were thought??? I say that you are the biggest closet case that I have seen… nobody is asking you to be gay, just let us be… why is that harming you???

  9. smb says:

    @Victim Du Jour
    Civil unions may be valid within the state. But are they recognized Federally?
    Can a homosexual couple file a Federal Tax return?
    Can they receive government health care? Or government benefits?

    Civil unions and same-sex marriages may be recognized within the state that sanctioned them but they are not equal to heterosexual marriages.

  10. kathy says:

    What I find interesting – this whole thing went straight to church vs. society with not one single mention of religious anything in the article. What that tells me is there’s a lot of narrow mindedness in this world.

  11. Ivan says:

    Sadly I have to agree with Teddy, Michelle Bachmann is an embarressment to Minnesota, bu for some reason we have elected her again! Ladyjasmin50 why the hell should I “stay in the closet”? Being kept is a small dark place did me no good at all! If a church doesn’t want to me to get married in their church I should still have the option of being married in a civil ceremony, this is only a regilious issue if I chose it to be.

  12. Hmm says:

    I wish I or my wife could wear a rainbow without people thinking we are gay or supporting gays. That’s the only thing I really care about.

  13. captainobvious says:

    Meat smokers disgust me, but i really dont care if they get married, whats the difference, I bet those are messy divorces

  14. Tom says:

    Good for Dayton!

    Marriage is not a church issue, it is only a church issue of a couple chooses too get married in a church. But not everybody gets married in a church or by a priest. I personally don’t under stand why some people have a bee in their bonnet about gay people getting married anyways? But I have always said that if people only you religious reasons for their argument that is the only argument they have. Gay people pay taxes just like everybody else so why should they not have a right too get married? And I always like how these same people who oppose gay marriage always use the word “freedom” , but only seem to think that applies too people who think the way they do.

  15. Rick King says:

    Gay or Gay marriage go to HELL. Please move out of Minnesota Please, If you are gay please stay out of my sight. Gay marriage?? Ewww Yuck…what a yucky yucky

    1. Amanda says:

      you can’t fight ignorance

      1. smb says:

        No you can only continue to speak out against it.

  16. Lisa Gonyea says:

    Because I don’t approve og Gay “marriage” does not make me or anyone else who shares my view a “Hater” Marriage was in part established to create a family….children?? It is part of the traditional union that made this country great. If I am not mistaken ..Gays cannot have children by the traditional method found in marriage. True not all staight couples have children or want them, but I am going by the traditional definition. Let’s have civil unions with all the like benefits of traditional married people..just leave the name “Marriage” out of it.

    1. Amanda says:

      So anybody out there that can’t have any kids, just simply cause they have an illness or simply cause they can’t should get a divorce??? try to explain that to Nicole Kidman…. just because she can’t have babies, she is not allowed to get married… and yeah, couples that decides to adopt, just because they have huge hearts and wants to love abandoned babies, well sorry folks, you can’t marry either!

      1. Lisa Gonyea says:

        apparently you didn’t read my entire post…and if people want to adopt…great…there are many children needing homes…even single people. I am just adhereing to the traditional definition.

        1. Amanda says:

          Exactly, I did read it all… All I am saying is that if we apply that very definition, then people should be tested and see if they can have kids or not before they can get a marriage license, and if your intentions are to adopt, then you can’t get married… that is all I am saying! so either you apply the traditional definition to all or none…

    2. smb says:

      I used to believe the same thing. Civil unions for some, marriage for others. But then I realized that they are not equal. And why should someone have to settle for second class status.
      Why does a single word hold so much sway. My marriage is strong, has been for 16 years. It will not be weakened by allowing the same right to my gay friends. Would yours? I’m sure not, so why keep it from others who want the same.

      And my use of the word ‘hater’ earlier wasn’t referring to the voter (at least not solely). But to the outside religious groups that went into CA and spent millions spreading lies and hate to influence the vote. They won.

      I’m sure you are not a hateful person. You may just hate the fact that loving couples would like the right to marry.

  17. Tom says:

    And then you have those who like too use the word “Tradition”. Tradition went out the window years ago. U need too leave your “bubble”

  18. Allah Loves Tight Virgins says:

    Gay in ….Gay out….Gay in …..Gay out…..

  19. Liv says:

    Who has the right to tell anyone who they can and cannot love or marry? So many “religious” people preach love but teach hate. So many “traditional” people talk about old testaments and traditions but don’t follow them. Gay marriage should be legalized everywhere. People need to get over it already and keep moving forward with and ever-forward moving world. Civil rights-accomplished. Women’s rights-accomplished. Gay’s rights-Soon to become ACCOMPLISHED.

  20. David says:

    This article is pretty gay…

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