HIBBING, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Nurses Association says its members at Fairview-owned Range Regional Health Services in Hibbing will take a vote that could authorize a strike by 150 nurses.

The vote is scheduled for Friday. The results are expected to be announced sometime after 8 p.m. The union says it comes after eight months of unsuccessful talks.

The union says the main sticking points in the negotiations for a new contract have been staffing levels, scheduling and a management proposal that lumps sick days and vacation days together.

Range Regional spokesman Mitch Vincent says the company believes it has a fair and reasonable offer on the table that address the union’s concerns.

He says the company had expected the union to vote on the proposal this week, not on a strike.

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Comments (2)
  1. No Unions! says:

    Sound like the union greed, the nurses dont care about the patients other wise they wouldnt be playing these games. Its all about $$$$$$$$$$ I say fire them all.

  2. again? says:

    Did they not just do this a little while ago? I thought the nurse unions just settled this stuff a couple of months ago, I could have swore I read that. I guess I am going to have to go back and dig that up but this is the kind of stuff that makes people say that what happened in WI was justified. Not saying I agree with them, but why do the unions always want to put this info out there for others to know about? Does the union think this is going to gain support for them? My view is it makes them look weaker as they are arguing about something that is pretty small as most workers do not get sick pay OR vacation days.

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