An Atheist Easter Message From Ricky Gervais

A few months ago, we talked about Ricky Gervais’ column detailing why he’s an atheist.

He’s back with another funny, interesting missive, this time inspired by the upcoming Easter holiday.

Take a look at the Wall Street Journal column by clicking here

  • Matt Wagner

    I don’t think this is funny at all, WCCO. I find it insulting that you’re propagating stuff like this.

    • Cry Baby

      I find it insulting that you are so simple

    • markH

      I applaud the man’s right to be honest and question the fundamental, underlying tenants of any belief system. If Gervais were to attack, say, the GOP or the idea that democracy was the best political system, would people be insulted? Why is religion so protected from criticism and inquiry. I think the answer is an obvious one; the biblical God is a fiction that is perpetuated by the indoctrination of the young. Peace.

    • Tea Bagger

      Seriously Matt? Aren’t you just proving Gervais point? Please tell me that you are smarter than that………..please……………….

  • Proud Agnostic

    Love it! Finally, a logical approach to the illogics of all religions. Anyone offended or disgusted is not strong enough in their supposed faith to let it go as, simply, another person’s opinion that doesn’t harm them in the least. As for me, I’m a proud agnostic- there is nothing wrong with, or more honest than saying that I have no idea if there is any god or what happens when we die. Anyone who claims to know is kidding themselves.

    • Phid

      Well I think your last sentence presumes far too much. How do you know what does or does not suffice for a person to believe in God?

      And while we’re at it, why are you a “proud agnostic”? Are you proud about your “inability” to know? I would think that a person might be a reluctant agnostic, rather than someone who takes pleasure in his inability to make a decision about the cosmos.

      • Blah, Blah, Blah

        Phid, I believe Proud Agnostic is trying to say that unlike you, he/she is secure enough that they don’t have to force themselves to believe something that can’t be proven. Your posts are always full of pseudo bs.

  • steve

    I always find it interesting how people are so quick to attack anyone who points out the possibility that there may be no God. It seems like a very ungodlike way to act, don’t you think?

  • Joy

    Christianity will always be attacked. Jesus himself said, “they will hate you because they hate me.” As a christian I’ve learned to have thick skin and a soft heart. If my Jesus is unfazed my insults and ridicule, why should I be offended? Most people who take issue with Christianity have had a bad experience with a church or someone either claiming to be a Christian, or a legitimate Christian that was immature or harsh. I don’t look to people to help me identify Jesus, I look to Jesus. I hope that I represent Jesus in a truthful and honorable way, but I make mistakes and have to learn from those, just like everyone else. There are scores of people throughout history that have done horribly heinous and destructive things in the name of God. In my opinion, this saddens God’s heart.

  • Joy

    I meant “unfazed by insults”, not “unfazed my insults”.

  • markH

    I wonder if the “horribly heinous and destructive things” done in the name of the Christian god, by the deity himself also “saddens God’s heart”? I wonder if God’s heart was saddened when he flooded the earth killing millions of innocents? Was he saddened when he impregnated an unmarried teenage Palestinian girl with the explicit plan of using the resultant offspring in a brutal human sacrifice? I think this entire notion is a fabrication of the mind; if you want to believe anything bad enough you will find a way to stifle reason and just believe. Peace.

  • Victim Du Jour

    All this proves are atheists have their own version of bible banging too.

    Churches have a big part in American History, from building hospitals and schools. They have contributed so much to modern America.

    Socialists are just jealous

    • Cry Baby

      How do you lump all socialists into one group & say they are jealous? Churches have done a lot of good, but your debate is senseless.

  • Victim Du Jour

    Churches are good at helping people, without turning it into a State Government Worker ponzi scam.

    I know the history of Socialism, and it’s beef with religion. And atheists use the same tone of voice as hardcore religious people.

  • tired of VDJ

    Really, Victim Du Jour, you need to find something more important to do than shower us with your endless, useless comments day after day…..

    • Blah, Blah, Blah

      LOL……I was wondering if I was the only one that found VDJ to be a simpleton

  • Victim Du Jou

    Nothing compels about the people who don’t like me to be sophisticated at all.

    To most people in the World, Minnesota is right next to Wisconsin, Iowa, North and South Dakota.

    Socialists always need something to throw under the Bus, it’s a historical fact. Sorry if that is way over your head.

  • Victim Du Jour

    Atheists have their own atheist way of Bible Banging, and this news story us a good example of it.

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