Mpls. Mom Pleads Guilty To Throwing Baby Into Snow Bank

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minneapolis mother has pleaded guilty to throwing her 18-day-old baby into a snow bank on March 5, 2011, according to the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office.

Ashley Couch, 21, pleaded guilty to child endangerment in court Friday. Her sentencing is set for May 12, 2011.

According to the criminal complaint, on March 5, 2011, a witness reported seeing Couch walking down the street, holding a newborn baby. The witness told police that he saw Couch arguing with a man, who was later determined to be the baby’s father. The witness then said he saw Couch throw the baby into a snow bank.

Couch told police that the child’s father has taken money from her and fled the house. She admitted that she grabbed the baby, put it in a blanket, and then chased after him. She said that when she caught up to him, she pushed him and the baby fell out of her hands and into the snow bank.

The baby was treated for hypothermia and is now in protective custody.

  • Katie

    Her version can’t be true because a baby doesn’t develop hypothermia from being in snow for a few seconds, which would be the time it would have been there IF she had dropped it and picked it up immediately (which is what a mother who had dropped her baby would have done!).

  • Jason

    What a piece of work….

  • Artist36

    Sometimes a person can be judged by their appearance it seems. What a loser!!!

  • fablady

    This is exactly why there should be a law banning certain people from ever having kids, SMDH

  • Thad

    Why only child endangerment? How about attempted murder?

  • Romericus J Sims


  • Legalize forced sterilizations!

    That thing should be sterilized before she can have any more babies she doesn’t want and can’t afford to feed. ‘Cause you know she’ll have about 10 more she’ll neglect or murder. Filthy animals.

    • fred

      sad…but true

      • Kent

        The truth is she’ll be collecting our tax dollars in the form of assistance for the ten (all by different fathers) that she’ll bring into this city……………….

  • All for neutering

    People like these need to be treated like animals. Spay and neuter both of them.

  • planetsan

    Maybe we should throw her in the snowbank–no matter how tough it is– take care of your newborn and be happy to have the best asset-friend that no money will ever buy. Hope she gets some mental help !!!

  • Dave

    Her face belongs in a snowbank.

  • leanne

    i feel bad for her. first there’s the loser dad, then there’s postpartum depression. i am not condoning what she did, i hope she gets help and doesn’t just get thrown into the tank without being given coping skills.

    • Elise

      Not every woman who has a child has post partum depression. Where did you hear that? She was thinking of herself, not her child. If the man left, good riddance.

  • WHAT?????

    String her up.

  • sjohns

    She’s being punished – now WHAT ABOUT THE FATHER? He’s stealing money from the baby’s mother, and right there when this happens? Why isn’t he being held accountable as a PARENT TOO? Aren’t there two parents responsible for the well-being of this baby?

  • Joy

    I hope that baby ends up adopted by a wonderful family. Both mom and dad lost their credibility when the baby became a manipulation tactic.

  • Whitey

    Crime Apes with a super low IQ. Totally uneducated,unevolved,completely unemployable,poorly raised,ignorant,no ambition,zero coping skills,needlessly aggressive,spontaneously hostile,and unable to accept responsibility.

  • AmyK


    Somebody needs to throw her to the curb! What a piece! That baby deserves a loving, caring mother not somebody concerned about money or some loser! She should lose her parental rights forever!

  • Jake

    The bald eagles in Decorah, IA know more about raising young than this person and her partner. Pretty sad to say, being we are in the 21st Century these days.

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    […] Mpls. Mom Pleads Guilty To Throwing Baby Into Snow Bank A Minneapolis mother has pleaded guilty to throwing her 18-day-old baby into a snow bank on March 5, 2011, according to the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office. Read more on CBS Minnesota […]

  • weee

    Throw her in the river !!!!

  • Allah Loves Tasty Virgins

    For Gods sake….you know she will get probation….be forced to go to “how to be a black parent” class… shown the many welfare programs….and be sent on her way with her baby….my God a Black woman in St Cloud beat her 2 year old child to deat with her shoe because the baby was crying……last week she got 16 years…….for murdering her 2 year old baby in cold blood…..this state FREAKIN SUCKS@!!

  • AR

    Wow, you sure make a lot of assumptions here. No doubt this is a sad story. This mom was obviousy in tough position and obviously made the wrong choice to subject her baby to this. I challenge you to think of the circumstance this mom may have been in before you make such nasty judgements. We don’t even know the conditions under which she became pregnant by this man, or why she was so determined to get the money back that was stolen from her. this may have been all she had to live on and to buy essentials for her baby with. She likely was not thinking clearly when she put/dropped her baby in the snow. Imagine the anger that this woman must have had as her babies’ father takes money from her and his own child that she is probably raising on her own. Clearly it is easier to just hate on her. This is not something that we would want a mother to do to her child. She may or may not be a fit mother, but as for myself, I can not determine that from this short story, and I hope that you all consider the possibility that this woman(fit or unfit for parenting) loves her baby very much and made a terrible mistake in a very stressful situation. I’m not saying this Is an excuse or that child protection should not investigate to determine if this is an unsafe home for this baby. I’m simply considering the (likely) possibility that this mom loves her child and is not someone who should be treated like an animal as many of you suggested. Compassion…pass it on.

  • Sarah in Outstate MN

    I hope this baby gets adopted by parents that actually care about it.

  • mom to 3

    leanne – SHE picked this loser
    sjohns – he was arrested for domestic assult
    AR – seriously? she doesn’t love this baby …
    Couch, 21, and baby daddy Deontae Thurmond, 19, were at Couch’s house … she GAVE him money to buy the baby milk, Thurmond takes the money as says “isn’t that why god gave you t*tties” takes off with milk money; Couch grabs baby boy clad in only a shirt and blanket to chase after Thurmond. Thurmond apparently faster then Couch with baby in tow gets away Couch throws baby into snowbank. Witnesses get off of the bus to retrieve the baby and call 911 to say that Couch threw the baby like “a pitcher from the windup”. Couch returns and assults good samaritan who rescued poor baby and makes off with him but gets nabbed by police before she gets back home

  • Kathie

    It would have been easier for her and healthier for both mother and child if she just would have called the police and reported the stolen money. This guy doesn’t care about her or the baby. No caring man would say such a thing to the mother of his child.


    I thnk once u have a moment in time whn u hold a child in your hands and pray the child will come too/when she opened her eyes n let that cry took my heart to new lengths at miracles..i believe in forgive and a mothers love is a childs lifeline/may the great spirit follow n watch over ths little one/YOUR WELCOME

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