N.D. Man Accused Of Secret Videos, Photos

FARGO, N.D. (AP) — A 20-year-old man is accused of secretly recording videos and taking photos of himself sexually assaulting two unconscious women in Fargo and neighboring Moorhead, Minn.

The Forum newspaper reports that Dalton Beyer of Fargo faces several counts of felony criminal sexual conduct and a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge.

If he’s convicted, Beyer would face a minimum sentence of four years in prison. A telephone listing for him could not immediately be found.

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  • Charlie Chan

    Lots missing here – way to much to missing

  • yessir - and is they hot??

    2 felonies – passed out women – video. Passed out as in drunk? How dumb can you get if soSexual assualt – felony? Because they were drunk and alledgely passed out it’s a felony? The misdeamor is for taking a video?
    Maybe hold off on posting a story until you have details. This is so vague it’s silly.For all I know they were likley participants and mad as hornets now that they see he had video of the night. That can easily be read into this story…easily

  • BigHeavyWood

    aaaaaaaah shucks. another story that has a headline that doesn’t match the article and weak reporting again.
    INFO …. say what? What is info and facts? lol

  • Victim du jour

    Taxpayers are spending millions on drunk women who cry sex offense.

    The next story will be how bad it is to cut spending on education, and health services for old people.

    • Victim Du Juror

      then the crying cuz they want to restrict guns and ammo
      then the crying cuz they want to actually tax GE and other companies and they crying we are victims of the People who say we have to share in paying a tax
      like they do (dumb citizens)

      Goodness and goodness again. It’s a fact – we all are victime now, aren’t we!?

  • Blue

    Got to love articles that are vague and have silly headlines.

  • RedTipper

    think he’ll get off?

  • Doug O

    Is this all on youtube?….lol

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