Used Cars Value Rising — Along With Gas Prices

By Gordy Leach, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — As the price of gas rises, so does the demand for a fuel efficient vehicle.

During the U.S. recession, car makers scaled back production. Also, add in Japan’s reduced ability to produce new vehicles.

Now, so far this year, the value of used cars is up about 10 percent.

Check out the report above.

  • stung4ever

    Let’s not forget Cash for Clunkers destroying a lot of perfectly fine used vehicles.

    • albert

      Cash for Clunkers removed thousands of gas gobbling, smog spewing American garbage. Good riddance.

      • BUZZCUT

        and auto dealers were very happy with the $ coming into their business…good ecomonic move.

  • GMC

    Cash for clunkers was a joke and a waste of a lot of good vehicles.

    • king

      Yea, you keep driving your big 4×4 gas gussler. I just smile when i have
      to fill up my 35 mpg car. Some people just won’t learn. REPs

  • Doug O

    My 1997 Buick Riviera gets 27mpg…..hows thats for green…..and its for sale to any tree hugger that would pay me double the book value….lol

  • Repo 1

    It’s good to see used prices go up. I loved the cash for cluckers. I own an auto repo company and my profits have skyrocketed since cash for clunkers. I went from one tow truck to 12 tow trucks and I have hired many employees and some mechanics. Cash for clunkers only worked for the repo companys. I hope for another failed program soon.

    • king

      It wasn’t a failed program, theres alot of ” ” that just stand it, to see our country
      doing well under Obama’s leadership.

  • Ben Ober

    the cash for clunkers is the biggest reason that prices for used cars are going up its just one of many Obama’s failed policies…programs that relied on donated used cars are reporting that the cash for clunkers program greatly decreased donated cars ,even the Star Trib wrote a story that people who used the cash for clunkers program traded in 4 cylinder cars for vehicles that had larger engines.

  • Sgt

    I have a 95 Geo Prizm with 262,000 Its rusty but trusty, it still gets mid 30s for miliage.

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    deborah dolen youtube

    Used Cars Value Rising – Along With Gas Prices « CBS Minnesota

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