MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The doctor who has been accused of accidentally killing Michael Jackson helped save a life on an airplane en route to Minneapolis.

Dr. Conrad Murray was flying on Delta flight 750 from San Francisco to Minneapolis Sunday morning, on his way to Boston.

During the flight, the pilot made an announcement calling for doctors to help a passenger in distress. Murray and another doctor responded and stabilized the passenger, according to a report from RadarOnline.

When they landed in Minneapolis, paramedics checked him out at the gate. Murray continued on to Boston.

Murray has been charged with involuntary manslaughter after he allegedly administered a lethal dose of propofol, lorazepam and midazolam to Michael Jackson the night he died of cardiac arrest in 2009.

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  1. Meer-Maid says:

    this is too too overt. This happened last year, and NOW that time, when his trial FINALLY begins (hopefully), this “news” emerges again.
    And if this really happened, or was a stunt, who knows …

  2. Meer-Maid says:

    or wait is this really NEW, then I have to laugh: the same again … how stupid we are they think?

  3. Against big pharma says:

    When this whole thing finishes we will find that Dr. Conrad Murray was not guilty in the accidental death of Michael Jackson. A tragedy occurred the night Michael Jackson died, but it was simply a tragedy. Maybe we should be focusing on healthier ways of relieving pain than listening to the words of the billion dollar pharmaceutical companies.

    1. ThothTheBuilder says:

      Yes and if you ever find yourself in the position (as some of us have been) where a physician is responsible for (or allegedly) a loved one’s death, lets see if you’re AS willing to dismiss it and move on.
      We miss you Mike! Thank you for Blessing us with years of Entertainment and Philanthrapy.

      1. MJ4EVER4ME says:


    2. K. says:

      This has nothing to do with big pharmaceutical companies. The drugs used are very effective when used appropriately (I know because I am a nurse). It’s the doctor who is on trial here for misusing these drugs. HE prescribed them and delivered them inappropriately and should, therefore, have his medical license revoked. This is a doctor who should be barred from ever practicing medicine again.

      1. Missing: Personal Responsibility says:

        Here we go again. Another poor, helpless victim who has no culpability in his own downfall. Now, I’m glad a life was saved on this flight (if, in fact, it happened). And I don’t want to turn this into a Michael Jackson death debate (but it looks like it is already). Michael was a great artist and I love his stuff, but what kind of moron sits idly by while an MD pumps them full of drugs. Personally, I don’t trust any medical professional enough to administer anything to me without knowing possible advserse effects. And with his money, I’d bet Jack-O was begging for the stuff and probably took it AMA.

      2. sc34441 says:

        K. – Thank you for your comment from a MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL’S point of view. I have visited quite a few medical blogs since MJ’s unfortunate death and I have not seen one Medical Professional, Doctor, Nurse, Anesthesiologist, CNR, or anyone who works in a hospital or surgical setting who would let Murray OFF THE HOOK for what he did to his patient.

        If anything, every medical professional I have seen leaving a comment on a web site, a medical blog or a news web site, Huffpo, etc. want Murray HELD ACCOUNTABLE for his egregious actions.

        Frankly, most of these medical professionals are disgusted with his behavior with his patient.

        Once again, thank you for leaving your comment. It’s nice to hear from actual medical professionals about what they think of the actions of one of their PEERS. I only wish that the Jury would be comprised of Doctors, Nurses, and other medical professionals so that they could hold him accountable for his incompetence.

  4. SC says:

    Michael was a grown man asking for those pain relievers because he didn’t want to deal with the realities of his life. It is an unfortunate tragedy and the dr should have known better, but if worse comes to worse and you are dying on an airplane and he is the only there, you would all want him to help save your life. Dr’s are humans just like the rest of us, humans make mistakes, this has been dragging on for 2 years already its time to move on.

  5. sc34441 says:

    This is very irresponsible journalism, where is the proof that this situation with Murray assisting a patient actually happened? Where did this ‘story’ come from? Where is the interview with the distressed passenger? I’m sorry I just don’t believe it ever happened.

    Murray’s defense team and PR firm (which he isn’t even paying for, he’s a million dollars in debt) are planting these positive stories in the news before his upcoming trial. How dumb do they think the public is that we would buy this?

    How about the news media doing a story on how Murray can afford his high priced legal team which is costing millions of dollars to defend him and who is actually paying for his defense?

    Murray was responsible for MJ’s death, he knew very well that giving anesthesia in a bedroom was a very risky medical procedure and he had no business doing it at all, regardless whether his patient asked him for this drug or not.

    Doctors are HELD TO A HIGHER STANDARD THAN ORDINARY CITIZENS. They are supposed to be professionals.

    His patient was a H.S. graduate. Murray went to medical school and is a medical doctor with a medical license.

    Stop blaming his hapless patient, he’s dead.

  6. Shejeawil says:

    So this man “saves” a life on a plane AGAIN? What are the odds? Either he flies around too much or this is staged. I think it’s the latter. He’s got a PR team hired and they’ve duped WCCO into reporting this as news.

  7. Blighty says:

    Conrad Murray seems to be flitting all over the skies saving people, but couldn’t save his one patient in Brentwood, CA.

    This would be laughable, if it wasn’t so tragic.

  8. Delta Passenger says:

    This actually happened…. It was on Delta flight 0750 from SFO to MSP. I know this because I was on the flight.

    1. juney says:

      Did you get Murray’s autograph? I’m sure he would have given it, IF this actually happened. This story is a clone of last year’s how Murray saved someone on a plane, turns out she was his sister, planted there.

    2. sc4441 says:

      Delta Passenger – What you witnessed was staged. Murray’s defense team planted the ‘sickened’ passenger on the flight so that Murray could ‘rescue him’.

      Don’t believe the bs story.

  9. Skeptical says:

    CBS, Where’s the PROOF THAT MURRAY ASSISTED ANYONE? There is no interview with the passenger, the airline or anyone else. Who is feeding these positive stories to the media about Conrad Murray? His PR team??????????

    Sorry, I don’t believe it, call me skeptical.

  10. J. Leone says:

    I don’t believe this was legitimate for a minute. However, I believe there were TWO doctors involved. Why isn’t he, or she, being given any credit for “saving” the patient? It sounds more like a case of fear of flying rather than a life-threatening emergency since the passenger was checked and was fine.

    As far as to the drugs administered by Murray to Mr. Jackson (not jack-o as he was so disrespectfully described by another poster), Jackson thought this doctor could be trusted and knew what he was doing. I could go to my doctor and “beg” for drugs, but is a legitimate doctor going to give it to me? Of course not! Jackson was anesthetized, how was he supposed to know what doctor Murray was doing?? Instead of calling 911 immediately, Murray spent his time hiding the evidence of what he had done and withheld the information of what he had given to Mr. Jackson from the EMTs and the hospital doctors. This lack of ethics is unbelievable.

    All I can say it is a good thing the passenger didn’t need CPR since Murray, a CARDIOLOGIST doesn’t even know how to perform CPR correctly- something children have been able to do just from watching it done on TV!

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