Dad Explains Why He Encouraged Son To Fight

A Florida man was arrested for child abuse after authorities claim it was his voice on a viral video encouraging his son to fight another teen.

Now he’s explaining why he offered that encouragement.

Take a look at the original story and video by clicking here

And see his interview on Good Morning America by clicking here

  • Children of children

    Let me’s to help his son learn to “stick up for himself” and “become a man”. Not because his father probably loves the thrill of watching two people bludgeon each other. ….Riiiight.

    When stupid people do stupid things and then try to come up with a good (usually stupid) excuse for doing it…

    I can tell you why he did it. He’s a bully that NEVER grew up. He’s a grown adult with the mentality of a teenager and an overly large inferiority complex trying to raise another person to follow in his foot steps. He wanted his son to fight because he wanted his son to fight and he wanted to watch it.

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