Despite $4 A Gallon Gas, Boat Sellers See Rising Sales

By James Schugel, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The ice is barely off the lakes, fresh snow is on its way, yet spring fever is in the air.

Boat sellers say they’ve seen a jump in sales after the long winter. In fact, they’re making a record amount of sales this season, and they say the economy has a lot to do with it.

Justin Ditrich and his wife have recently come across some good fortune in the economy and are now in the market for a boat.

“She got a promotion, and I got a full-time job,” said Ditrich, who was looking at buying a fishing boat with his wife on Monday. “We get to make the fun choices now if we want to add a boat to the budget.”

He had his eye on a used 17-foot fishing boat at Hannay Marine. It’s the boat he wanted, and since he felt confident about money and his job, he was ready to buy.

Other Minnesotans are feeling the same.

“Everybody that comes in the store the last couple years, you see a lot of the, ‘I’m looking for next year,'” Hannah Marine’s Sales Manager said. “I think this year we don’t hear that as much.”

He said new boat sales are driving the increase in sales and that fishing boats and pontoons are the most popular. Along withe Hannah Marine, there’s another Twin Cities boat dealer that has seen a 30% increase in sales this season.

Newer boats are more fuel-efficient and dealers don’t think the high price of gas is keeping people from buying. It certainly isn’t swaying Ditrich.

“This boat doesn’t come around used that much, so that might make it affordable,” he said.

It’s the right time, he believes, to buy and finally enjoy summer on one of 10,000 lakes.

  • Tom

    he better hope he keeps his job.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    Hey liberals, we can afford gas no problem, this is not an issue for us. I’m sorry most of you Democrats are so underpaid, but it is your own faults.

    • George

      It’s their own “faults?” Wow. Not even sure what this comment is supposed to mean – the article was about boats, not overused, political cliches.

  • Michael

    Does the reporter have spell check or even good spelling skills? If I had handed this in while I was in middle school, I would have gotten a ‘D’.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    Envy is a very ugly thing Michael and George. Today is McDonald’s national hiring day, go do something useful. You are mad because you cannot afford gasoline, yet others are buying boats. Not our faults for your misfortunnes.

    • Mike

      Hey Rusty Shackleturd-Spite is equally an ‘ugly thing’.

  • Justin

    I am the person in the Video. Yes my last name is spelt wrong and no I didn’t buy the boat like the editor of the tape and the reporter wanted it to look like. I am all for buying a boat… but I did not buy the boat and I am a little frustrated that he twisted it to look like I did. I usally watch Kare 11 I will go back to doing that.

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