2 Possible Minn. GOP Candidates For Senate Emerge

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Two Minnesota Republicans who ran on the party’s statewide ticket last fall are weighing whether to jump into a 2012 Senate campaign that so far lacks any declared GOP candidates.

The party’s nominees for attorney general and secretary of state are considering taking on Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Lawyer Chris Barden told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he’s been approached about running after an unsuccessful bid for attorney general. An adviser to Dan Severson told the AP the secretary of state candidate expects to decide in May if he’ll jump in.

In contrast to recent Senate races in Minnesota, the 2012 race has been slow to take shape. Several big-name Republicans have ruled out campaigns.

Klobuchar won the seat in a 2006 blowout and has $2.5 million stockpiled already.

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  • John Q. Public

    Good luck, Chris.

    Amy Klobuchar has earned the respect of his colleagues and of her fellow Minnesotans.

    She listens, she acts, she reaches across the aisle. We need less partisanship and more cooperation.

  • Curtis

    Losing candidates are possibly trying again. Who is next, Tom Emmer?

  • Murphy

    Norm Coleman has a pension and health care benefits for life, he will not run,

  • Rusty Shackelford

    If one of them cannot defeat Amy Klobuchar, I think we need a new approach from the right. This shouldn’t even be close, Amy Klobuchar is an ametuer opponent.

    • Rep who supports Amy

      Maybe – and one with some integrity, honesty, open mindedness and fairness that is seldom seen in politics.
      I was not a fan of hers in the beginning. I sure as hell am today and willing to cross my party line to support her.

    • RedTip

      She gets my vote against almost anyone and I am a Republican by nature.
      Honest, fair, open minded and she has integrity. That doesn’t often happen in politics.
      Good luck to anyone who opposes her as you will need it.

      • Rusty Shackelford

        BS, typical liberal voter. Amy is so undiverse, sheltered and regional, I know your intelligence right away upon admission of your voting record. You are as confused as they come. All you need is a smile and someone you can relate to, and you will vote for anyone.

        • Gordon

          As a centeristist she will get my vote because she does appear to be more in the mold of Arne Carlson and Judi Dutcher. Bore BS spewed by Rusty

      • al walker

        Ur A Republican by nature but you think a liberal like klobachar (Who votes like she borders on socialist) is your candidate? No wonder you Minn morons elected a imbecile like Franken & a braindead Gov like Steroid Dan?
        Not too long from now after we get rid of the RINO’s in the GOP & elect true conservatives you will either stop electing commi wannabees or we will kick Minn out of the union!


    where is my comment?


    I’ll try this again… It would do our state well to find hand chosen candidates who don’t have an ambition for political office, but do have the capacity to serve the best interest of Minnesotans with moral judgement and common sense.

    GOP opposition isn’t a good idea, but an intelligent non-partisan candidate is.

    • Walker

      The GOP kicked all of those people out of the party as RINOS. Partisanship and toe the line at all costs is the motto. If any of you do not believe this go to your next GOP precinct caucus and only be neutral on abortion

  • John Q. Public

    Climb out of your cave, Rusty. You are living in Hannity land – where conservatives have chronic myopia.

  • Murph

    No GOP needed this time around. My shih tzu makes better decisions than those clowns.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    Murph is a vandal/liberal terrorist supporter. John Q. is a utopian athiest dimented progressive. Sure folks, listen to these clowns. By the way, who is the one who has my comments deleted? Obama, Liberal voters. So thank you, give me some more, I love proof of hypocracy.

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