New JFK Conspiracy Theory

New information has surfaced that leads some conspiracy theorists to suggest that the assassination of President Kennedy might have been tied to his request to the CIA for information on UFO’s.

Check out the story for yourself by clicking here

  • Victim Du Jour

    Math and Science says a pinko shot JFK with an Italian made bolt action rifle. Scored two hits, including a head shot, by firing his weapon 3 times in a few seconds from the snipers nest in the book building.

    • Tom

      The math and science of a 2 year old. As an avid hunter that uses a bolt action rifle, there ain’t no way, no way that this was possible. I cannot emphasize how impossible this would be.

      • valyntino

        @tom I agree with you , now on to victim du Jour if what you say is true then you can answer this one question right? how is it that if all three or four shots can from the school book biulding then why did’nt the one that entered the neck not explode but the one to the head did ? just asking

  • Victim Du Jour


    You can win a million dollars if you play the video game JFK reloaded, and prove it wasn’t Oswald who shot JFK.

    The History Channel showed how the made a 3D computer animated model of Dealy Plaza, and all the details left out of that Oliver Stone movie.

    Only a dumb pothead with a political agenda attached to a conspiracy believes it was someone else.

    Who cares if you are a whimpy hunter in Minnesota. Shooting a deer is easy, the real hunters go to Africa.

  • Victim Du Jour

    The History Channel debunked all you potheads.

    You are only making a d-bag out of yourself by pretending it wasn’t Oswald.

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