By John Lauritsen, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — An Eden Prairie mother is accused of texting and talking on her cell phone, with her two kids in the car, and causing a crash where she hit a motorcyclist head-on.

Amanda Elizabeth Manzanares, 20, faces six charges including criminal vehicular operation, endangerment of a child and driving without a valid license.

According to the criminal complaint, police were dispatched around 8 a.m. to the scene of a car accident involving a motorcycle and a vehicle on Oct. 7, 2010 at Excelsior Boulevard in Minnetonka.

Upon arrival, police found a motorcycle with extensive damage and the driver of the motorcycle seriously injured. The driver of the vehicle, identified as Manzanares, was stopped in the oncoming lane of traffic with her two kids — ages 1 and 3 — in the back seat of her car.

In an interview with the motorcyclist, he told police he was driving east on Excelsior when he saw a vehicle, driving west, cross the center lane, headed straight towards him. He said Manzanares’ head was down and he could only see the top of her head as she was driving.

“If you would have seen me two months ago, you couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t get out of here,” said Barry Lawrence, the motorcyclist that was hit. “Six broken ribs, collapsed lung, my heart went kaflooey. I never had heart problems before.”

An investigation revealed Manzanares’ cell phone had received and sent 13 text messages from 7:39 a.m. to 7:58 a.m. on the morning of the crash, from two different individuals. Calls from that cell phone were also made at 8:02 a.m. and 8:04 a.m.

Manzanares told police she “blacked out” and could not remember what happened at the time of the accident but said she was not on her cell phone. According to the complaint, she said she heard the phone vibrating on the floor but couldn’t reach it.

She told police she may have “blacked out” because she did not take her prescribed medication that morning and was very tired. She also admitted that she did not have a valid driver’s license and was driving her mother’s vehicle that she knew was not insured.

Manzanares’ mother said that medication her daughter was taking caused her to black out. But phone records obtained by police show she had been texting just before the accident.

“It can save your life or kill you. Just like a gun,” said Jon Cummings, an advocate for safe driving whose son was killed by a drunk driver.

Cummings said texting while driving is no different.

“For what reason? Why? Just stupid convenience? You make a mistake and you ruin a family’s life,” said Cummings, who is the founder of Minnesotans for Safe Driving.

Lawrence agrees, but says he feels bad for Manzanares because she is young and made a mistake.

“I feel sorry for her. It was a stupid decision to make. Even though I know she didn’t mean it. A lot of people make mistakes when they are young,” he said.

Lawrence said he has had two surgeries on his foot and has nearly a half million dollars in medical expenses — but he could make a full recovery.

In this case, because there was a serious injury, Manzanares is facing a felony charge along with child endangerment charges because her daughters were in the back seat of her car.

It became illegal to text and drive in Minnesota on Aug. 1, 2008.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Susie Jones Reports

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  1. K Wilson says:

    Where’s her police mugshot ? I wanna know who to look out for the next time I’m on the road driving.

    1. not her brother says:

      josh, what is there to know? she was driving without a license and was texting on the phone, both of which are illegal. what part of illegal dont you understand? what part of she crossed over the median into oncoming traffic is unclear? i understand defending your family, but seriously, youre going to try and tell us it was “unavoidable”, or there were mitigating circumstances?

    2. Tom says:

      Josh, While some may admire and appreciate your loyality to your sister, the FACTS are that she was doing MULTIPLE illegal activities! She also does not have a liciense to drive!!! She NEVER EVER should have been on the road in the first place!
      As far as only reporting the “bad and the ugly,” not much good out of this event except the kids in the car are ok. Learn to take responsibility for your actions and the actions of your family!!!

      1. Josh Manzanares says:

        tom i do thank you but you have no right to post this stuff i think everyone so ready to fry the next poor person that the news can make it seem more this way but if you were in the hot seat would you want to curl things tro be said i dont think so

        1. Steve says:

          St DOWN, and SHUT-UP Josh!!

          1. APPLE says:


            1. ? says:

              Apple, it isn’t slander if it’s true.

              1. Kim says:

                APPLE, I’m sure thats a real name……and what is slader. who gets to pay the 300 K for the cycle rider she hit?

              2. Ron Burgundy says:

                If I am not mistaken I think a slader is an old wooden ship from the civil war era!

            2. Tony says:

              What an interesting “REAL” name you have…. Apple.

        2. Ann says:


        3. Tony says:

          i wouldn’t be in the hotseat….i don’t text and drive….oh, and i have a drivers license and insurance……live by the law or leave.

        4. Connie says:

          Josh, we understand you are looking out for your sister, but…do you realize she is lucky she is not charged with the death of this man? What are these so-called medications she is on that could make her black out (I would think that alone would keep my from driving around town with my KIDS in the car)? She blacked out but “heard” the vibrating phone? Sorry, but your sister is only trying to save her rear by making up these phony excuses. Fortunately for us, the cops have heard this nonsense before.

        5. RetroDude says:

          Josh, you’re a moron, just like your ignorant sister.

    3. Grandma says:


      I couldn’t agree with you more. Fry her A______! That’s what needs to happen so that maybe, just maybe, the next person will say “Ya know, I don;t want to end up serving years in prison like Amanda Manzanares!”

      1. BeckyGray says:

        The man didn’t die and will make a full recovery. She should be punished fairly not receive the death penalty. You sound stuipid as h e l l. This isn’t a capital murder case. Karma is a bytch and I hope you never make a mistake.

    4. Rusty Shackelford says:

      Look for ANY woman, besides, I would be more concerned with byciclists.

      1. Stan Charleston says:

        Rusty Shackelford, that is an awesome albeit fake name, I love it!

  2. markH says:

    There are already devices that block cell phone signals in motor vehicles but the cost to manufacturers is too great, and the buying public does not want to pay for something that they perceive (falsely) as “someone else’s problem.” The federal government must mandate these devices (as they do seatbelts, airbags, etc) in ALL vehicles because one thing is now crystal clear-the public will continue to use mobile communication devices in their cars as long as they will function.

    1. SB says:

      You can easily shield the passsenger compatrment of car from EM waves and pretty cheaply, too. It’s the same thing as a microwave oven. The thing is that no consumer would ever buy such a vehicle seeing as how connected we all are now. And I will give you one example why cell phones are an important tool in cars: calling in suspected drunk drivers! I’ve done it, and I hope you would do the same. You just have to use common sense, of which this lady obviously has none. Keep it safe out there people.

    2. whatever says:

      Unless there is a way for it not to block 911 calls a system like that will never be introduced.

  3. Craig says:

    Wow – she is really screwed. Sounds like she decided to try and break as many laws as possible at the same time while driving. Lucky the kids weren’t hurt and lucky the motorcyclist wasn’t killed. Sounds like a total cop-out and taking no responsibility for her actions with the Medication excuse. Why does she have no license? What about the lawsuits she is sure to be facing for being such an idiot? Is she an Illegal as well?I am really looking forward to further details about this and hope they throw the book at her. People – HANG UP AND DRIVE for cripes sakes.

  4. red says:

    guilty what in the…..? is she 20, 2 kids, no license, OMG stay away from me

  5. RR says:

    Start lining up the lawyers, sounds like plenty of material for a lawsuit or two. Too bad he probably won;t get anything without any insurance involved.

  6. LAS says:

    Nice, No license, no insurance 2 babies in the car… obviously a lack of good judgement. I hope they throw the book at her and use her as an example. People need to put the phone down and pay attention to what they are doing or they should be charged with assualt with a deadly weapon.

  7. Fed up says:

    I hope they throw the book at her and her mother for letting an unlicensed driver take her vehicle. As a motorcyclist, this kind of thing is completely and utterly unacceptable. Lock her up for a long time and take her kids, she obviously unfit to be a mother.

    1. Bum Back says:

      yeah —- require her to be licensed as a mom too. lol
      1987 – on my Kawasaki. Broadsided by a mother. She was 36. Drunk. I have 2 rods in my back. She had no insurance.
      Being licensed didn’t do much there either. 😉
      You cannot legislate stupid nor license it either.

    2. Josh Manzanares says:

      your a terrible person thats not right in the head so this happen to you and you want someone to say this crazy stuff about your mom i think not she a good person and was not texting they have the phone for like 67 months and now there chargeing her they just wan t to make that money the corut the cops heyt look at my i caught there making a a big deal that the guy who gotr hurt did not want to press charges hmm look at that all the cops then you can post what you want becuse you hide behind it all all of you if this has nothing to do with you which it dose not then stay out of it you know better than anyone else

      1. Josh Manzanares says:

        i have some great parents thanks.So what if cannot write a proper sentence. A lot of people can’t., Your not god who will judge me at the end are you no one is. So all yall can keep your commits to yourself

        1. Parents says:

          Then apparently none of it stuck…

          1. apple says:

            what i learn in school has nothing to due with my parents and i will have kids someday! I hope that god can forgive all of these people of like you for the lies and deceit about people who you don’t know the whole story!!! thanks

            1. Jim says:

              Yes unfortunately you will have lots and lots of kids.

            2. Tony says:

              Apple…’re a real fruit. Why don’t you pack your bags and head south with Josh

        2. M B says:

          No Josh, we’re not God.

          However, if you want to be taken seriously, you need to take the time to learn to communicate effectively. People evaluate your credibility based on how clearly and effectively you can communicate to others. If you’re not even willing to do that, how can we take anything you have to say with anything but a grain of salt? Yes, that reality stinks and it may even sting a bit, but rationalizing it as “I dun need 2 speek well, their gunna understand me anyway” is just being lazy.

          It will be easy enough to prove whether she was on the phone when the Police subpoena the wireless carrier for times of calls and texts. If there’s either at the time of the accident, she’s guilty.

          Also, no matter how wonderful she may be, and no matter how painful it may be to hear otherwise, if she’s driving with 1) No license 2) no insurance 3) not her car 4) with young kids AND phoning and texting, she’s being horribly irresponsible and has little concern for others. Both to her kids in the car and to the other drivers on the road. There was a reason her license was revoked (or never granted) in the first place.

      2. Mindy says:

        Josh, I get that you want to stand up for your sister. But you might not understand how the law works. It can take awhile for all facts to be brought before a grand jury. You don’t know that she was not texting. You or your family was not in the car with her. She should have never been driving because she had no license, right there she broke the law. I don’t see your family saying sorry to the guy she hurt and has all these medical bills. I don’t see your family saying let us help. You sister needs to grow up and learn from her mistakes. Other drivers with kids or with out kids have every right to be mad at her and your family. What if she would have killed some one or killed her own kids?? Your family is lashing out at people for having a opinion. I am a valid driver with kids and I would want the book thrown at her if she killed or hurt my family. But I would also be able to in time forgive. Everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes. It is how we deal with these mistakes that make us a better person.

      3. Tony says:

        This has everything to do with all of us. Any one of us could have been the one she ran into. And if you don’t want people responding to your comments…..don’t make any.

    3. Scott says:

      She will never make it to court. She will flee back across the border for a while then hop the fence again somewhere else with a new name.

      1. me says:

        I don’t think she’s Canadian.

  8. Ed says:

    HF 68, the ABATE of Minnesota supported legislation that increases the penalty for careless driving resulting in death, passed the Minnesota House Public Safety Committee on Wednesday, January 26, and was referred to the Judiciary Policy and Finance Committee. On February 10th, the bill was heard and held over for inclusion in the Judiciary omnibus bill. This is a very positive development, lets hope it passes.

  9. Kent says:

    Will Racism ever end?

    1. Nope says:

      Are you serioulsy asking that? NO…no it wont. Its like asking if murders will ever stop. Humans are fearful, selfish, self-destructive creatures. As long as there is diversity, there will be discrimination.

    2. NRA Member says:

      Nope – not in good ol’ USA.
      Whats funny, or actually not I guess, is I know who she is. And she’s is a white Minnesota gal, not a swede but lilly white. I’d bet english descent

      funny eh!

    3. Dee says:

      Racism! What racism?? She is young and stupid thats not racism. Charge her and the mother, she let her use the car. What about that poor man on the motrocycle he deserves some kind of JUSTICE!!

    4. Debbie says:

      Seriously?????? We have a black president!!! I am so sick of hearing black people throw out the racism card. There is racist people of every color who are racist towards someone. Do you hear anyone else complaining????? Didn’t think so!!!!

      1. shannon says:

        Just because we have a black president doesn’t mean that racism is on hiatus. I’m white and I am more sick and tired of the broadly generalizing racist comments that have nothing to do with the story at hand.

        You can’t even say for sure that the person whose comment you responded to is black.

      2. Dubious Debbie says:

        OMG Debbie will you shut the F.. up. I don’t see or read black. If that’s what comes to your dirty lil’ mind first thing then yep …. you are a racist, lower than a dog in heat walking around freely tossing the stuff at anything that wants it.
        Did I say I dislike you? If not I meant to

      3. DO WHAT IS RIGHT says:


    5. shannon says:

      Really! Proven fact? Show me where it is stated that this is fact!

    6. Me says:

      Wow, you conducted this study where? Mexico? Because that’s where Mexicans are. Don’t equeate Hispanic with Mexican. It isn’t the same.

    7. brother says:

      you dont like mexicans why dont you put your whole name scared to be judge?

      1. Lyla says:

        Oh boy. Another victim. There’s plenty of hypocrites to go around, probably including you too. The victim mentality always has to point out the faults of others then paint themselves as the perfect little angel. It gets old.

    8. Tony says:

      No, it won’t. It’s a fact…..unfortunate, but still a fact.

  10. DeathToOffenders says:

    I get so mad when i drive and see these women (and men too) on their cell phones, texting and chatting away. So oblivious to the dangers of losing concentration, even for a couple seconds, while operating a moving vehicle at 65mph. They are either too stupid to realize the danger they are causing or too caviler to care. Either way, these people need to be eliminated from the gene pool.

    1. Josh Manzanares says:

      wow you must be white or the worst person in this earth evil is your name what its the devil? to eliminated from the gene pool? wait hitler said the same thing you would make great friends dont leave a post so harsh that would make someone end there life your a bad person!! i would love to meet you and throw the book at your for telling someone should be offed. in court and haVE behind bars for such threats!!!

      1. apple says:

        What you said is . Either way, these people need to be eliminated from the gene pool. that makes you right in the head? yes i do speak english and your the devil in the flesh

        1. Breaking the Law = Punishment says:

          Wow. I love how you both consistently talk about not how people should not judge this woman for violating the law and causing severe injury to someone, but yet you call someone else “the devil” and equate him to Hitler. She broke the law plain and simple. When people break the law, they deserve to be punished accordingly. It’s how society works. Perhaps if you attended high school you would have taken a government class and learned that we have a judicial system and legislation that addresses situations such as this.

          Since you are on a computer typing your responses, I’d suggest writing in a Word document first and clicking the spell check button. Not really that hard and yes, spelling is important throughout all life situations so you might want to work on writing a proper sentence so people take you seriously.

        2. Ann says:

          WTH, Josh and Apple
          Instead of being on this blog and running your mouths off, you should both be in school, Its like a puzzle trying to figure out what your trying to say. Are you people from down South? Sounds like it!!!!!!!!
          By the way, your Sister needs to spend some time behind bars and think about what she did. Maybe they will have a typing class for her.

          1. Trisha Gentry says:

            It sounds to me like Josh and Apple are the same person. Josh doesn’t have anyone to agree with him, so he started replying to his own comments with another name so it looks like his ridiculous comments are justified.

  11. KracktUp Kooks says:

    Eden Prairie is no longer known for their Soccer Moms, rather now they have their Texting Moms.
    sorry – hard to resiste soccer moms. I know – she was a texting soccer mom. Me bad

  12. KY says:

    Stupid – yep
    Evil? doubtful
    Your comments – damn evil

  13. I Agree...kinda says:

    Ummm….guess she’s white. Where you gonna deport her to…England?

    1. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

      Josh Manzanares sais: “wow you must be white” to another commenter. THAT infers he (therefore, his sister, too) is NOT white. Thus, the person saying he knows her may well be lying. That’s how it sounds to me.

  14. Sue says:

    You should need a license to spread them

  15. Mary says:

    Who are you people? Is she Hispanic, do you know? Do you know if she is guilty of what she is accused of? How dare you slander someone you don’t know. Remember those are the charges filed doesn’t mean she is guilty of anything. Are you evil now for having an accident? I would love for someone to accuse someone in your family of something when it isn’t true and see how many comments come your way. She is a wonderful mom and person. She has never been in trouble for anything her entire life. The news is just a bunch of headlines to grab the readers attention. I am glad that when we have to account for all of our actions in life, that all you get to be judged as you have judged Amanda

    1. Mary is a JOKE says:

      SHUT UP MARY….no people aren’t evil for having an accident.

      But they are EVIL for driving without a license and insurance…and crossing the center median and hitting a motorcyclist oncoming because she was on here phone….THESE ARE FACTS…you cannot twist them!! Are they not true? Did she really have a license?

      She maybe a nice person, but she is NOT a good mom. She could have killed her kids because she was too selfish to hang up the phone!!!

      Agreed: the racist comments are not ok

      1. White says:

        I didn’t know the difference between good and evil was having or not having car insurence or a license. I better stop going to Church now and call Gecio. Unless you were there or GOD how do you know the fact? Where you there? Did Jesus talk to you and tell you the facts? Let me know

        1. Trisha Gentry says:

          The difference between good and evil is irrelevant in this case. The fact is she is irresponsible and put herself, her children, and everyone else in danger because she made poor decisions. She knew she didn’t have a license – she shouldn’t have been driving. She knew the car she shouldn’t have been driving was not insured – she admitted this fact, and again, she should not have been driving. The no-phone-while-driving law has been in effect in Minnesota for over two and a half years, so she knew about that, too. This was not an “accident,” it was a string of terrible, conscious decisions, and she needs to answer for them.

    2. Tony says:

      The only reason she has not been in trouble is luck. This is just the first time she got caught up in something stupid she did. Of course she’s responsible. How do you see the road to drive when you keep your eyes so tightly closed?

  16. Mitteness says:

    Hey Josh Manzanares,
    Is English your first language? Your comment consisted of one long “run on” sentence without any capitalization or punctuation.
    What level of education did you complete?????
    PS: Your “sister” does not have a valid driver’s license and she should NOT be driving any vehicle.

    1. White says:

      It’s funny to me that first you attack a woman that you don’t know. And now you attack someone trying to protect his sister. I don’t see how that has anything to do with what’s going on right now nor the situation at hand. How do you know someone with a valid driver’s license wasn’t in the car with her? Because it wasn’t reported as the “facts”. How many people have have been in the lime light of the news reporting the facts got out of jail because they were innocent?

      1. Ben Perrier says:

        Its very honorable of you to stick up for your friend( Amanda) but YOU need to get a serious reality check. The facts are quite obvious.

        Just admit she did wrong and BROKE the LAW and is now going to PAY dearly for it and all your crying fowl WON”T help change that! Instead you and Josh and the rest of her family should be helping her over come HER stupid and Illegal act!

  17. v says:

    Throw her AND her mother in the clink and TAKE THE CHILDREN AWAY to spare them a lifetime of being subjected to stupidity and poor judgment. Unreal.

  18. Enlighten says:

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to know WHY SHE DIDN’T HAVE A VALID LICENSE in the first place….Come on Mary, Josh…enlighten us.

  19. Darren says:

    First thing i noticed about this news story was the fact that it mentioned that the motorcycle was damaged, that was said before the victim was injured. Guess they care more about the motorcycle, must have been a nice ride.

    And as I have said before, I would rather be on the road with someone that had 3 or 4 beers in a few hours then half the people on the road who text,eat,drink,put on makeup, talk to their kids in the back seat, etc.

    1. Josh Manzanares says:

      so you must be the one that drinks and drives darren

  20. Donthate says:

    Shame on you all! Just because she lives in poverty and can’t afford car insurance, driving school, or a bluetooth that you can say this accident was her fault! Innocent until proven guilty! She was probably trying to get to the National Hiring Day at McDonalds and now this!?! BTW, She doesn’t have her license in protest of the proposed law that she would need it to vote. The motorcyclist is required to have insurance to protect himself against under and uninsured also!

    1. Hate Hate Hate says:

      You are so dumb i dont even know where to begin!!!

      If she cannot afford car insurance…she shouldnt drive..PERIOD. Millions of poor people get around just fine without car insurance…..its called public transportation.

      2nd, if she is so poor…why did she have 2 kids before her 21st birthday? Again, not real smart on her part.

      3rd, that is not true about her protesting the a law. She got her license SUSPENDED!!!

      4th, i doubt even McDonalds would want the human trash that is this woman to work there. And plus, the woman with no money, no career, no license, no insurance…suddenly got the motivation to go apply at McDonalds….yeah right.

    2. Tom says:

      Really? Really….. If she wsa “so poor,” how could she afford a cell phone. Let me guess you bleeding heart, it was the motorcyclist fault for being in HER way. Oh yeah, the Motorcyclist is lucky to be alive but yet its his fault and he is required to have his insurance cover the costs.

      1. JM says:

        If she can afford a cell phone…she can afford insurance. If you’re mature enough to have two kids you’re mature enough to know you don’t drive without a valid license and you only drive when you have insurance. PERIOD!

      2. JM says:

        I hope the motorcyclist sues. If she’s in school now and according to her brother has potential to be a decent human being….then she should be making money. I hope he sues and I hope she pays for this for the rest of her life.

        My husband was run over on his motorcycle by a woman with no insurance. She now lives in TX and is evading the cops…even 10 years later. What’s really cool is our insurance company is still after her 10 years later. That’s awesome! She needs to pay for her actions!

        1. Head trauma says:

          JM, my friend was hit by a guy who ran a red light and who had no insurance and no assets. She has permanent brain damage and can no longer work; she’s 30 years old. Her insurance only covered the medical expenses and the value of the car. The guy got a fine for running a red light, that’s it! Some of the top lawyers in the city said it was pointless to try to sue someone with no assets (house, car, job). So, she will have to live off disability and social security for the rest of her life. We are very grateful she survived, but based on what happened to my friend, I doubt this guy is going to get any compensation other than medical. I hope he can recover and continue working to support himself. I’m really curious to see how this case pans out, but lets all learn from this: Put the phone down if your vehicle is in motion. Sometimes I’ll send a text when I’m stopped at a light. Is that also illegal/dangerous? Just wondering

          1. ? says:

            Yes, texting while at a light is illegal.

            1. Head trauma says:

              Thanks, I won’t be doing that anymore!

    3. artist says:

      Ah, excuse me, But I don’t think the word “poverty” exists anywhere in Eden Prairie. And next, -no license, no insurance, she has no damn right to do more than walk down the sidewalk. If she hadnt been on the road in the first place, the accident never would have occured!

      1. ? says:

        EP resident here. You’re wrong. Don’t be fooled by the million dollar mansions. Not only are there poor people in EP but it’s a growing demographic. My own home was $200k. Yes, yes, I live on the poor street in EP. I kid, there are two poor streets.

  21. Spelling and Grammer 101 didn't well all take that??? says:

    !@#$@*@&#*$(@)$*$* is all I got from Josh’s post. Spelling and grammer 101 is a basic tool(maybe try Word). I guess this all makes cents now!!! Yes I spent sense wrong on purpose.

  22. cyclist says:

    “gooshgalongasota means always live in the moment”
    josh, if youre living in moment, i hope youre at least paying attention to the road.

    1. Josh Manzanares says:

      to who this is means i know you so plases pick up the phone and say it i love to chat

      1. cyclist says:

        i have no idea who you are, i just googled your name and your facebook prof popped up.

        all i know is that i get hit almost daily by chicks on cellphones blowing either red lights, or stop signs, and its getting really old.

        driving is a privilege…remember that

      2. G. Mibalzitch says:

        Huked on fonix werked fer me

      3. Tony says:

        i would love to talk to you on the phone, give me your number

  23. Still Waiting Josh....Mary says:

    Hey Josh still waiting on enlightenment…..

  24. White says:

    Racism at its finest. “Throw the book at her” you say. “Deport her”.. Its funny how quick people tend to want to stone someone for their actions. And I’m sure most of the people leaving these nasty comments are the good old fashion Christians. Or the Good Ole boys and girls. Rednecks with a little money in their pockets. But let me say one thing. This WOMAN is a great mother. Working a full time job and a full time student. Doing a lot more then a lot of 20 somethings now a days. But that will never matter to shallow minded people with so much time on their hands then to pass judgement on a person whom they don’t know.. (Let he who is without sin throw the first stone) Before you judge someone make sure your life is 100% on point. If not…. Let’s work on us before judging someones life and situation.

    1. Fed up says:

      Well, I, for one, stated to throw the book at her. And I’m racist how? By saying she should be held fully accountable for her actions? Get real, you’re right, she is doing a lot more than most 20 somethings, for example, attempted manslaughter, gross wrecklessness, and a massive lack of judgement. For you to be upset that this kind of thing really pisses another motorcyclist off, go ahead and get on a motorcycle, see how careless driving is a REAL TRHEAT CONSTANTLY. And yes, some of the comments made could be construed as racism, which I’m not an advocate for. As far as I’m concerned, her race makes no difference in this story. Instead of defending such a SELFISH person, maybe you could learn from your “friend” here. BTW, if you knew this person, why didn’t you make any attempt to stop her from driving?

      1. White says:

        I’ve seen just as many careless motorcyclist. Speeding! Going through traffic like madmen and madwomen! So its a REAL THREAT CONSTANTLY FOR EVERYONE! Not just the cyclist. Get a grip on reality. Depending on whos behind the wheel or the bars is whos making the situation a constant threat. Again, pass judegement when your 100% sin free. If your that scared of the REAL CONSTANT THREAT while on your bike… PARK IT! But take your fears out on someone else.

        1. Fed up says:

          Wow white, your ignorance is pretty thick, huh? As far as your comment goes, yes, I’m am 100%, so what? Your logic is I should not drive because I am concerned that a situation like this occured? I didn’t say that all people on motorcycles are saints and drive within the law, heck, I probably get more upset than you do to see idiots on bikes flying in and out of traffic, speeding, ect. So what? That doesn’t take any validity from the fact that I’m concerned about distracted drivers in cars while on by motorcycle. Also, people who ride motorcycles USUALLY understand what their chances are in a crash of any type, much less another vehicle. Remember, those who protect criminals are just as bad as the criminals.

        2. Fed up says:

          Oh, and I should point out that, unless her vehicle had some type of unpreventable failure that caused her to go into oncoming traffic, she is at fault here, that is not even in question. That is, unless, the biker crossed the centerline. So, regardless of what happed with the driver, she is to blame for the biker’s injuries. So why do you believe that people here are wrong to judge for that aspect of this. Reality is that too many people growing up these days take no accountablilty for their actions, and with “friends” like White here, I can see why.

    2. Minnesota Nice says:

      I understand you going on the defensive, it would seem that most agree she did something very wrong by these posts. I am sure she will have her day in court to let her side come out. however, like everyone else….your name calling also is uncalled for……your statements about “these shallow minded people”, “good old fashion christians” “good ole boys” and “rednecks”… hypocritical, and you judging others, or at the very least, stereotyping others, as you condem others for doing exactly that!, in your last 2 sentences. and yes, i agree …lets work on us ..maybe a bit more..shall we.

  25. Disco says:

    I have a solution for idiots talkink or texting while driving. If I come up alongside someone talking or texting on the highway, I move into their lane about 2 feet infront of them. The look of horror on their faces is PRICELESS!

  26. White who???? says:

    White….you are a clueless as Josh and Mary….Perhaps you can enlighten us on wy she did not have a licence or insurance…..And exactly how was she getting to all those other activities?????

    Quit hiding behind this good mother, good person, salt of the earth nonsense and answer the question.

    1. White says:

      I’d love to comment! Thank you for the questions and comments.

      I’m not hiding behind anything or anyone. I’m speaking the facts. Not once did I say she made the right judgement call. But that doesn’t mean she’s evil or deserves the comments made by people like yourself.
      People that DO have licences and insurance get into accidents. Some even kill people. That doesn’t mean they are evil. It means…. (OMG)… Things happen! I guess having those two powerful, magical things protect us from harm on the road. I don’t drive but I think I should invest in them. So when I’m walking across the street I don’t get hit by a car. Wake up! There is always more to a story! Or did you not learn that in grade school.

      1. Ben Perrier says:

        What is your point White? That because Legal drivers sometimes get in an accident that she is magically forgiven? She broke the law, FACT! She caused the accident,
        Get a life and stop acting so “high an mighty”. My guess is YOU are more racist than MOST!!

        1. White says:

          I never thought I was actting high an mighty. But thank you for feeling that I might be. And racist… Thats the first. But again just like the rest of the fools on here.. get a little infomation and you try to fill in the blanks with what you think the answers might be. So to you BEN get a life and stop trying to pass judgement on someone you don’t know. lol loser!

          1. Ben Perrier says:

            I listened to the man whom she hit. He said it quite clearly. ” She was looking down and just kept coming at me, i was all the way to the right in the bike lane when she hit me”
            She is guilty and YOU just can’t accept it, nor can you stop anyone from voicing their opinion.
            My guess is you’ve been called a Racist Many times. Loser? Every morning when You wake up it must be very sad & painful to realize YOUR STILL YOU!

            1. White says:

              I have a great job and someone at home that loves me. I love waking up to my life everyday. But thank you Mr. Perrier for taking time out to keep in contact with me. Even by you.. I feel wanted! But the whole racist situation. You can and will think what you want. It’s not my job to change your mind. It was my job to state the facts. While the only thing you can do is assume. Which comes easy for you it seems. Misery loves company. So I think it is due time for you to listen to your own comments in your mind. And me walking away from reading them on this screen. I have someone waiting in bed for me.

  27. Disco nuts says:

    Disco someone needs to put you away too…..

  28. WHINER says:


  29. red says:

    Josh there are alot more people then you think who feel the same way as many people here do PS GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND LEARN HOW TO WRITE A SENTENCE AND SPEAK ENGLISH SORRY YOUR SISTER IS A LOSER

    1. APPLE says:


    2. Mr. Do! says:

      Don’t be so hard on Josh because he is illiterate. He went to a public school.

  30. Artist says:

    20, Two children, no licsense, no insurance??? While I can say this doesn’t surprise me a bit, I gotta ask– What charges were filed??? I mean, is child endangerment overlooked today if the children don’t get hurt? This is a bunch of BS!!! Every day I see people texting or chatting while on the road. Maybe the state needs to start comin down on these folks as hard as they do the drinkers. Hey, wouldnt this at least qualify for a DUI? That little piece of technology seems to be a bigger influence than any amount of drugs or alcohol today!

  31. Common Cents says:

    This person made a HUGE error in judgement but I don’t understand why so many of you are saying “deport her!” No where, no where at all, in this article does it say she’s from another country. Amanda Elizabeth is hardly a name you’ll find in Mexico, as most of you are inferring. If she were Mexican, her middle name would be something like Garcia or Lopez, not Elizabeth. Sheesh, Elizabeth with a “z” isn’t even how it would be spelled in Mexico.

    Just accpet that this was a young, immature bad driver, nothing else.

  32. Tom says:

    Josh, I do have a right, it’s called the 1st Amendment!!!! your sister displayed VERY poor judgement and if found guilty, deserves everything comming to her. If she had simply put the phone down, this may never have happened. And NO, I wouldn’t want to “curl things tro be said.” I take responsibility for my actions. If you don’t like it, go back to the country you are from, live your opressed life, and quit enabaling others!!!!

  33. Lee says:

    It’s crazy out there people, pay attention.

  34. JOE says:


  35. Little Ann says:

    Need not blame these people for the way they live. It is our counrties fault! Our laws on the books are so easy (not to conform to). They know the system and how it works! People who have been raised with at least some morals, will obey the law. People who have not, will do everything they can, not to conform to the law. They are lazy!! They know even if they are caught, not too much will happen. We have to change our laws and adjust the punishments to the degree of the crime. I say,WE because me and you are the ones getting the short end of the stick. WE need to start running our country!!!!

  36. MNBorn says:

    It’s very troubling when you realize that this is a 20 year-old woman with not one, but two children, driving without insurance, and without a valid license. I just thank God that she didn’t kill anyone. Seems that stupidity runs in the family once you look at a couple of Josh’s comments, no?

    1. APPLE says:


      1. Fed up says:

        Then how did this crash occur? If she had a prescription, then why was she driving after failing to take it, especially when she knows it could cause her to black out? Or was she actually texting? In either case, she showed neglect by getting behind that wheel.

      2. Sporty007 says:

        The driver of the car was very lucky she and her children are not dead – a head one with anything other than a motorcyle could have possibly killed them all. The motorcyclist is lucky to be alive , but the guy on the motorcyle have to for her bad choices the rest of his life. Whether or not the accident was caused by a medical condition will be decided in court, but if it was medical it still comes down to the fact that she chose NOT to take her meds. If it was in fact due to inattentive driving than the penalties need to be swift and they need to be severe – whats the difference between a gun and a car – nothing as both are deadly when used improperly.

      3. Mindy says:

        I have one question for Apple and Josh. Were you in the car with your sister? I am guessing no because it stated that only her two kids were in the car. You can not say what she did or didn’t do because again you were not there. Plus she is being charged so that means that the police are not the only ones who think she was texting. I am not sure you two understand how bad this could have turned out. What is someone killed you, or your kids, you would be upset and angry too. Look at it from all sides. This has nothing to do with race or how rich some one is. This has to do with someone doing something against the law.

      4. Artist36 says:

        Excuse me, but was it not documented through phone records already that she was texting at the time of the crash? She needs to start taking some responsibility! Thats all there is to it!

  37. sparky says:

    Ok, how about checking the immigration status of the driver and her entire local family……..

    1. ? says:

      Why? What’s your justification? Because her name isn’t Johnson or Anderson? Tell you what – let’s see your immigration status first?

    2. sparks stiks says:

      sparky you sick puck … she’s a white girl. You are as stupid as your name I see

  38. I haf zee solution for Herr Josh says:

    I suspect Josh could use a brain transplant. Unfortunately, we are unable to locate a monkey dumb enough to volunteer to trade brains with him.

    Sorry Josh, maybe we’ll have better luck if wel start looking for a gnat.

    1. Minnesota Nice says:

      you know, this family has enough to deal with as it is, and yes josh has been on here posting and defending his sister, and even though the majority feel his sister has done something wrong, that is no reason to attack any other member of this family, simply for sticking up for his sister. there is thing called taking the higher road, and throwing digs out at josh, and the name calling is wrong. just saying.

    2. Ann says:

      Ha Ha, this is the funniest comment I’ve read on here yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. applesauce says:

    I think apple got a concussion when she fell out of the tree and dented her head.

  40. Hells Angle says:

    Give up, your not helping anyone by proving that “stupid” runs in your family!!

    1. Hells Angle aka Hells Angels says:

      I guess stupid runs with you and your family.. or just you alone.

  41. Michael Clark says:

    The Lady deserves to have the book thrown at her. In addition, did her mother LET her use the car, or did she just take it? Either way, there’s going to be a lot of trouble for some people coming up.

    Folks, keep the personal comments towards Josh out, please? They don’t fit in with this story. Thanks

    1. Gary R. Meyer says:

      Are you from Owatonna Mn.? Did you serve in the US Navy ? I’ve been looking for a person with the same name since 1973.

      1. Michael Clark says:

        nope, from Central Illinois and no Navy involvement 🙂

  42. red says:

    So Josh have you changed your name to Apple now? Are you trying to hide?

  43. whatever says:

    Too bad something like this happens. Ruins or severely hurts both drivers lives…

  44. Old Guy says:

    First off, her surname is Italian, portugese, or Spanish.

    Secondky, it was her mothers car. Her mother is responsible for having it insured, not her daughter. She may not have even known it was uninsured until after the accident.

    Yes, she shouldn’t have been driving without a valid license, but she isn’t the only one out there.

    I’ll wait for the facts to come out.

    She has a job, is going to school, and taking care of her children. That sounds responsible to me.

    I’ll wait for the facts to come out before passing judgement. Thank You.

    1. Thor says:

      I have insurance that covers me even if I am driving someone else’s car. Just good old common sense!

    2. Trent says:

      your stupid, why defend TRASH?! You must be trash too? And it IS her responsibility to MAKE SURE the car is insured!!!! Read up on the law before posting. I’ve had MANY people towed for not providing proof of insurance on a car that was not registered to them. In the least a no proof ticket would be issued. Know what your talking about.

      1. Minnesota Nice says:

        @trent…..your comments are also uncalled for……stupid and trash? really? I almost hope you’re just young and ignorant, rather than think you are an adult who, in my opinion, uses poor judgement when choosing which words you use.

    3. Ann says:

      Ya right, she’s going to school full time, Who do you think is paying for that?
      Let me guess–ME the tax payer. I’m sick of paying for White Trash babies and their families.

  45. sparky says:

    OK, how about we check out the sources of her ‘cash flow’. Productive member of society or not?

  46. Old Guy says:

    Sparky, if you had that information, then you would have more facts.

    Some of the comments made on here are based soley on the limited facts in the news article, but those are definately not all of the facts.

    I just think all the facts should come out before someone is judged so harshly.

  47. James says:

    I was hit by a girl when I had my son and niece in the car with me. My niece was a newborn at the time. My son was only around 2. The girl that hit me told me that she had been texting when she hit me… I don’t get why someone would text and drive. How stupid can a person be?! And this lady, what a POS no license, no insurance, why was she even on the road? But you know Minnesota, the charges will all be dropped or lowered. It’s the way of this state.

  48. Generation Sux says:

    No license? Kids in car? On phone? And she takes out a biker! Then its off to “it’s not my fault ” land. I ride…..if she hit me…I would track her down like a dog….and make sure that she never hit anoher biker again! Put her away…pull the switch….

  49. Old Guy says:

    Yes, Thor. My insurance covers me if I drive someone else’s car, too.

    The problem is they won’t give you insurance unless you own a car. There is nothing that said she does own one.

    Her mothers insurance would likely have covered her daughter using her car, if she had insurance.

    There is an expensive blanket insurance you can buy that will cover you no matter what or whose vehicle you drive. It is very expensive and most people can’t afford it.

  50. Shiella says:

    JOSH – You really shouldn’t be on this website and having to read comments like this. It’s only going to make you upset. People can be very ugly. It sounds like you’re trying to protect your family’s honor but this is not the place to do it. Whether your mom was right or wrong is for the courts to decide, not these people. Don’t engage them, you should protect yourself at this time and not be frontal about this.

  51. JamieinMN says:

    Maybe Apple forgot to take her medication too. Sorry but your sister did some SERIOUS damage. And she now gets to pay the price.

  52. Jeffrey Kline says:

    Just another liberal Minnesotan who thinks that you have no business telling her what she will do or not do.
    I see this ALL THE TIME here, and the cops cannot stop it. You stop at a light, and look in either car to your left or right, and you see people thumbing their phones texting…

    1. S&MAN says:

      So, no “conservatives, WHAT SO EVER, text while driving??? Really?? HOW on earth would you know this?? I’m neither Rep. or Dem (Libertarian)., but just HOW does her political beliefs figure into all of this (and how do you know what they are)??

      So, let’s hear it…. how ALL liberals sit home all day and collect welfare, while ALL conservatives have jobs, how all liberals hate America, love socialism and how our education system went to hell when they took God out of schools (interesting how Chinese, Japanese, South Korean, and many European children excel WITHOUT religion in schools) and how everything is a conspiracy, and that Fox News really is fair and balanced.


  53. Shannon RS says:

    Ahhh! The wonderful race of humanity rears it’s ugly little head again! Let’s all take a look in a mirror for a minute……..

  54. SendHer to Prison says:

    I hope the judge makes an example out of her.

    She hit and nearly KILLed a man and endangered her own children and then has the audacity to LIE about what happened. Keep your stories to yourself. We dont feel sorry for you.

    I am a motorcyclist and fear this each time I hit the road.

    My heart goes out to the man and family involved.

  55. Coolbreeze says:

    You clowns need to stop proclaiming people “don’t have the right” to post comments. It’s clear that not only can’t you spell or put a sentence together, you don’t know anything about “rights”. Sis is up to her eyeballs in trouble, and she obviously doesn’t have two dimes to rub together. So us taxpayers will be paying this guys medical bills. And I’m pretty sure the little tramp is on welfare and food stamps, not a surprise. Will mommy watch the kiddies when she goes to jail?

  56. Coolbreeze says:

    …and her hair is so greasy it’s a fire hazard.

    1. Minnesota Nice says:

      @ coolbreeze…..I agreed with you untill you said “little tramp” and then the greasy hair comment….both were out of line…..she did wrong, I am sure she will be in some serious trouble resulting from this. calling her names is just as wrong. and we want our kids to learn by example. I hope your children have someone else they can look up, or at least learn by example of how not to act.

      1. Coolbreeze says:

        Minnesota Nice. Well said. My bad. I hope she gets her life in order and that the poor guy she hit gets well.

  57. Ruth says:

    Until the laws are actually enforced, this type of idiotic, irresponsible behavior will continue – people texting and/or talking on their cell phones, driving without a license and insurance. Here is Minnesota’s chance to make an example of this moron. Before she goes to prison, sterilize her so she can’t add to her already bad gene pool.

    1. Minnesota Nice says:

      Hrrm, maybe someone should sterilize you? again, we are talking about a very young mother….who did something very wrong. how about all us ADULTS, stop with the name calling. there is this old saying……that has relevance more today than it ever has……..if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

    2. at Ruth says:

      Ruth – my guess is they already performed a lobotomy on your brain. To bad. Maybe you would have something intelligent to say if they had not….still, it’s doubtful even then I guess

  58. HDMC says:

    Apparently, what was on her cell was more important than her CHILDRENS LIVES! her new cell should get pretty good reception WITH ALL THE BARS shell be looking at!
    Get well Biker guy,prayrs be with you, not Miss Manzanares. Sue! sue her homeless! her parents too.

  59. S&MAN says:

    People have the “right” to say whatever they want. Just because you do not like it and/or approve of it does not change that. It is too bad some people can be so callous, however, it appears your sister did commit a very serious crime. How, EXACTLY, would YOU feel if it was your sister who had been hit by someone, who was accused of doing the same things your sister has been accused of doing??? You would be FURIOUS, and rightly so.

    Bottom line is that your sister HAS to take responsibility for her actions. It is NO ONE else’s fault but her own. Trying to pass the blame only makes things look worse. Help your sister….that is honorable and respectable. She is human and made a mistake. But she HAS to take responsibility for her actions.

  60. Tyrone DeShawn Jackson says:

    It is totally the man’s fault for driving a motorcycle. Can’t blame a smart and loving young mother for just wanting to stay in touch with her friends.

  61. Dana says:

    I had no idea that hispanics are not Mexicans. What’s the official definition of a hispanic then? This is what the dictionary says:
    1. Of or relating to Spain or Spanish-speaking Latin America.
    2. Of or relating to a Spanish-speaking people or culture.
    I think that qualifies.

    1. Common Cents says:

      Hispanics are people from or descendant from a Spanish speaking culture. So Puerto Ricans (who are US citizens), Cubans, Colombians and El Salvadorans are Hispanic. Also Hispanic are Chicanos (males) and Chicanas (females). These are Americans of Spanish descent – Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Martin Sheen, QBs Mark Sanchez and Jeff Garcia, George Lopez, former Atty General Alberto Gonzalez are Chicanas/Chicanos.

      The southern portion of the US has strong Hispanic roots, from St. Augustine, FL to San Diego, CA. Try Gonzales, Louisiana. The tan, Spanish speakers are the indigenous people in these areas of the US.

      Yeah, I like history and pop culture.Too much.

  62. Daughter says:

    I am living this nightmare on the other side. My mom was killed by a truck driver who was driving on a revoked license. Josh, I don’t think this is some kind of witch hunt. Cell phone records aren’t just handed over; they need to go through the subpoena process. Toxicity screens take months. After the police complete their investigation, it goes to the District Attorney and with a huge caseload, it takes still more time to put together a case. We are waiting to see what charges are filed against the truck driver and it is a slow, painful process. No where did you express concern for that motorcyclist. Your sister may well be a nice person, but she broke the law. Had she not driven without a license, he would not be dealing with this pain. That is a fact. When people don’t respect rules and laws, then they deserve to be punished. My heart goes out to the victim, and to her family as well, but her decisions are what led everyone to this point.

  63. Anthony Mellema says:

    What ever the ladies race is does not matter here. She not only broke the law she slammed it out of her way to hurt some one else. She deserves to have the book throne at her. Maybe 2 years in the slammer would teach her what the law is really all about

  64. Sarah says:

    This is exactly why they have made laws against talking and texting while driving! Obviously this girl doesnt know the meaning of : WATCH THE ROAD! I was in a serious car accident back in NOvember that almost killed me. My mom and I were on our way home, going 25-30 mph in a 55. It was the day of the first snow storm and the roads were really bad. The person who rear-ended us ad god knows how fast he was going. He also had a child in his vehicle with him. He wasn’t watching what he was doing it seems This girl needs her liscense taken away and charged with child endangerment in my opinion! She’s obviously not responsible enough to even watch the road while driving, and thats what causes most accidents. I don’t care what your ethnic backgroud, race, religion, or anything you are, but just have common sense! Thiis girl lacks that in her brain. People can hate what I have to say all they want, but those kids in that vehicle could have been seriously hurt, or worse. And just imagibe if there were 2 ppl on that bike…. So my advice to this girl is GET OFF AND STAY OFF THE DAMN PHONE AND WATCH THE ROAD WHEN DRIVING! Everything she gets charged with she deserves because of her own stupidity and lack of responsibility.

    1. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

      I believe the law prohibits texting while driving. Talking on the cell phone is NOT illegal. Just thought you should know.

  65. Lentz Otto-McMersing says:

    The law baning all phone use while driving is coming….and not a bit too soon…

  66. juan says:

    WHAT IF she never got caught

  67. scott says:

    No license or insurance. Automatically child endangerment.

  68. Mumstheword says:

    I don’t care what color this person was. She broke the law, plain and simple. I hope she learns something from all this, thank God no one was killed.

  69. HollyBell says:

    After reading these comments, my heart sank. So many things wrong here. Mostly with the hate-filled responses to the story. Quite sad, really. First, of course Amanda is responsible. She’s 20 and thus in her majority. Yes, she has children and is yet quite young. She made a bad choice and took her mom’s car with her children in it. She shouldn’t have been texting or talking or missing her medication, for whatever reason. She will suffer consequences that the State will determine appropriate. Amanda has to live with this the rest of her life (which I hope you all will let her get on with, by the way) knowing full well the injury and damage she caused. But honestly, who hasn’t made an UNDO moment they wish they could have back? Many of my lapses in judgement in my youth just didn’t stick to me as this one will for Amanda. But people, we are not a lynching society. We are reasonable people, and hopefully can care for one another. Let me also state that our children do as they see—rarely (sadly) as they are told. And how often is it we see someone driving down the road on the phone? 50% of the time? More? Less? And frankly, though they ALL scare me a bit, the ones I find the most dangerous are the people in suvs or trucks, often adult men, in some kind of service vehicle. But these people aren’t dumb (though we often mutter names under our breath)–they are following the norms of society. For some reason, we have a developed a theme in our society that we must always be in touch with SOMEONE. Business HAS to be done right away. Plans HAVE to be made. I say: not so. Just hang up and drive. So what is the solution? I wish I knew. I suppose we started down this slippery slope when we first put a radio in cars (or perhaps when we added the distraction of a PASSENGER). However, there’s no turning back, and we MUST come up with a solution. But believe me, the place to start is not on the back of a young woman whose gray matter is not yet all “cooked” (to quote Judge Judy). We as a society have to set better examples for our young people. Like it or not, when we’re out on the road, we truly are “all in this together.”

    1. MattGMD says:

      You’re right and that *is* my solution: I seldom answer mobile calls when driving and use a Bluetooth earpiece for handsfree just in case. Text msgs can wait until I park next to respond.

  70. Mitteness says:

    You can’t “fix” stupid! This won’t be the last “stupid” thing Amanda does, trust me.

  71. Jazerelle says:

    Hey, she got behind the wheel. The law against texting while driving is NOT new. And the fact she then proceeded to lie about it shows she knew she was in the wrong. People if you must text and drive. Do it when alone in the car while heading for a cliff (Grand Canyon would work) that way you kill and maim yourself not any innocent people and in effect would make the roads safe when you are no longer driving on them. I bet she is still driving and texting. Personally I would sue her and garnish her all her future wages so she never forgets how wrong she was and how lucky she did not actually kill that person or her children because of her short sightedness.

  72. Curtis says:

    Sounds like she should be held responsible for this. Open and shut case, does not matter if she was blacked out or texting. She caused an accident that hurt someone. She may be held criminal liable as well due to no drivers licence.

  73. Gooch Grande says:

    Throw the book at this punto…

  74. Alex says:

    This woman didn’t even have a valid license. I feel pretty confident she was texting while driving. The police will be able to tell if she was on her phone and if she was texting at the time of the accident. I hope she loses custody of her kids. She is a danger to them. Josh or Apple, I know you think lots of people cannot spell or write a complete sentence, but come on! Who are you kidding? The facts in this circumstance scream negligence and very poor judgment. The mother has no morals, class, or anything else. I feel sorry for her children.

  75. Walker says:

    She made a conscious decision to text and drive, therefore anything she did as a result was intentional. She should pay the same penalty as if she had deliberately driven her car across the road and rammed the motorcycle. This was NOT an accident. If she had taken her hands off the wheel, closed her eyes, and hit the gas, would you call it an accident? This is closer to attempted murder and she should be in jail for a really long time.

  76. Amigwyn says:

    A young person making another stupid mistake when there are dozens of examples of what happens when they take a certain action. And to do it while children around around? Really?! I agree it was an accident and a mistake, but I also think she needs to pay for her crime. She should do jail time, community service and pay restitution. She should also not be allowed to own a cell phone while on probation, though that would never happen… I feel bad for her children and the family of the victims. None of them had the choice … she made the choice for them and it was a horribly wrong one. And now she should deal with the consequences.

  77. Hannah says:

    I don’t really know how issues like “race” came into this discussion, but that is not the point here! She caused an accident and broke the law by not having insurance, texting and driving without a license. As far as the victim is, and I do hope he is all right, I am hoping that the victim’s insurance will cover him (both hospital and motorcyle insurance). Plus he can probably get on disability. BUT the thing is that his insurance company will pay the bills and the gal who caused the accident will have to pay his insurance company back! Also the mother is at fault here too, because she let the daughter drive the car when she knew it was not insured!

  78. Donna Sayles-Corbin says:

    I used to live in Minneapolis and know for a fact that driving without a license is illegal, just like driving without insurance. This woman has an excuse for everything she did illegal. She runs the poor man down and it’s…I blacked out, my meds make me tired. Yeah okay, whatever. Why in the hell would you drive if your meds do this? Especially with your young children i the car? This lying woman needs to go to jail and serve some time. There are so many holes in her story it looks like Swiss cheese.

    @ Josh..It’s a good thing to try to take up for your sister,but when she is in the wrong you have to face that too! And she is most definitely in the wrong in sooooo many way!

  79. fat loss says:

    That was a frankly fun read!

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