Vikings 2011 Regular Season Schedule Released

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Vikings now know its 2011 regular season schedule.

After a year of facing dominating teams like the New York Jets and the New England Patriots, the Vikings have what looks to be an easier schedule.

Below is the schedule:

Week 1: At San Diego Chargers
Week 2: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Vikings
Week 3: Detroit Lions at Vikings
Week 4: At Kansas City Chiefs
Week 5: Arizona Cardinals at Vikings
Week 6: At Chicago Bears
Week 7: Green Bay Packers at Vikings
Week 8: At Carolina Panthers
Week 9: Bye
Week 10: At Packers
Week 11: Oakland Raiders at Vikings
Week 12: At Atlanta Falcons
Week 13: Denver Broncos at Vikings
Week 14: At Lions
Week 15: New Orleans Saints At Vikings
Week 16: At Washington Redskins
Week 17: Bears at Vikings

  • hockeyboy

    The Vikes will never win does it really even matter

  • Johnny Rain Cloud

    I thought the Twins were going to be the bright spot for Minnesota Pro Atheltics, looks like I was wrong! Maybe the Minneapolis Jaguars will help! This is the new women’s semi-pro league team. I could see the vikings winning 9 games next season, slip into the playoffs and winning it all with Favre at QB!

  • dem

    Let’s build a One Billion-Dollar stadium where the Vikings will play 8 friggen games each season.

    • Lando Lakes

      Yeah, and that’s just a fraction of the events that would be held in it year round. You really think they are only going to have 8 games in it from Sept – Dec and then the rest of the year it’s just going to sit there empty? Geez you’re dumb.

      • Gordon

        How many events at the dome can you name other than the football games last year? If you can, did they make any money for the facility.

  • seathian

    The loss of the money that the Vikings generate would hurt us so much worse than I think people realize. Quit whining, invest a small some of your tax money. It will come back to you, win or lose. Get them a stadium, big enough to try and grab a super bowl, we’ll all be better off for it

  • POOR but a football fan

    Why shoould I pay for something I will never see or get to be in???

  • Lando Lakes

    The Vikings need a new stadium!! The metrodome is a piece of crap and they are the only suckers still stuck in it. The Twins got their new field, and the Gophers got their new stadium. Let’s give our biggest pro team what they deserve and bring another Super Bowl to our great state.

    • S&MAN

      Yeah, you might as well play it here since the Vikings will never win it. It’s the closest thing to winning a Super Bowl that Viking fans will ever experience. Just move to L.A. already.

  • brandon

    Oh cry me a damn river people

    • Purple brandon

      there ya go brandon. now float down it with the Purple Prideless in tow and don’t stop until a stadium pops up for you to play in.

  • Mac

    I am a fat cat who goes to Viking games, you little people should just help pay for it because without things like the Vikings I’ll move away and take my good paying 250 job company with me. Do you see… not everyone spends their day standing in line for a government check or never bothered to get an education so their stuck in a dead end job. …Sorry, lunch time is over, have to work now, will not have time to read any replys….

    • Mac

      You mean your pipedream is over, now go bag my groceries biotch!

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