Environmentalists Launch Wild Rice Hotdish Protest

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Environmental Partnership is sending a tongue-in-cheek message to legislators: Enjoy your wild rice hotdish now – before Minnesota’s waters are too contaminated to produce the official state grain.

To celebrate Earth Week, the statewide coalition of more than 80 conservation and environmental organizations asked Minnesota voters to send their favorite wild rice hotdish recipes to their legislators.

The groups want to focus attention on a host of policy proposals moving through the State Capitol that they say threaten Minnesota’s waters, natural areas, wildlife habitat, and parks and trails. They include pro-mining bills that would weaken sulfate pollution standards for wild rice waters.

Earth Day is Friday. The first was held in 1970 and it’s credited with helping to launch the environmental movement.

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  • tuna-free dolphin

    Happy Earthday People! Here’s some funny man-on-the-street interviews at an Earth Day Festival in California. It’s good fun.

    • lib

      Hi Tuna, loved the video clip, many scientest and climatologists disagree with global warming, but no debate is ever allowed.

  • MARK

    Another enlightened post from Rusty. Keep it up, your ridiculous posts do more good for liberals than liberals ever could on their own.

    • Amy

      to MARK: DITTO!!! Rusty does more good for the liberals than any amount of money ever could!!

  • Ed

    The fact that there are more than 80 conservation and environmental organizations in the state is alarming.
    Rusty, go take another hit and check on your hotdish.

    • pat

      Ed, I agree with you, 80 groups!, how many are funded by my tax dollars I wonder? I am all for clean water and clean air, but these groups always go way past the practical and impose hardship on may people in the name of environmentallism, and bad science.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    You are a cult, so sheltered that you have created your own environmental religion.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    What a bunch of easily fooled followers you liberals are, your parents have truly failed you.

    • MARK

      It must be tough to live in a world so full of idiots when you yourself are so brilliant, Rusty. I feel for you.

  • Roxanne

    Please send me some wild rice recipes. I love wild rice. This is such a joke. Don’t these people have better things to do. How about getting a job. Geez people.

    • MARK

      I didn’t notice in the article where it says these people don’t have jobs. Which paragraph is that?

      • Roxanne


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