MN Woman Charged With Threatening VP, Fed. Officials

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A federal grand jury has indicted a Minnesota woman on charges of threatening Vice President Joe Biden and other federal officials.

The indictment expands the case against 47-year-old Kim Rolene Hutterer of New Prague, who was charged in a criminal complaint last month with threatening an FBI agent who arrested her 20 years ago when she threatened to bomb a passenger airliner.

The indictment filed Wednesday accuses Hutterer of mailing letters last October threatening to kill the vice president and FBI Special Agent Dean Scheidler in Minneapolis. Prosecutors say Hutterer sent an 11-page, handwritten letter, with five additional pages of drawings, threatening to injure and kill Scheidler and others.

The indictment says Hutterer mailed similar threats to Scheidler on March 29 and that she made a telephone threat to an employee at a federal prison in Welch, W.V., last September.

An attorney from the Office of the Federal Defender did not immediately return a call seeking comment on Hutterer’s behalf.

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  • John Q Public

    When I saw the headline I thought, “Now Michele Bachman has gone too far!”

  • NObama

    The admin has made alot of people mad with all the foolish games they are playing!

    • Bob

      Just like how the Bush Admin made people mad about starting a war all based on lies. You Replinuts have a short memory problem.

  • Help

    Let me guess this wacko is another tea-party supporter!

    Wacky republicans!

    • Help

      I’ll leave that pedofile stuff for you little man… not my bag…

    • Baby "Boomer"

      Nope another Liberal with no sack……wacky 47% that dont pay taxes….who can honestly say thay have looked at Biden and not made threats…..????

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