The process begins as we pick up the Dome roof fabric with the help of Air Corps Mechanical Contractors from Roseville.

Roger and Joe make it look easy but this fabric is heavy stuff. The fabric is ready to cut and distribute.

Keep listening to the John Williams Show weekdays 9 a.m. to noon on how and where to get your fabric as we raise money for charity.

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  1. Marian Thronson says:

    Hi John, I live in the community of Strum WI., and I’m a big fan of the Twins. I would like some of the Metrodome foor fabric. I would appreciate it if I could get some by mail as I seldom get to the cities.Ilisten to your show every day and enjoy it very much. Thanks much,Marian

  2. Devoided says:

    And the proceeds are going back to the insurance company that is paying for the new roof right?

    1. v says:

      Is the insurance company going to refund the premiums?
      Doubt it.

  3. TD says:


    I live in Marshall, MN and rarely get to the cities but would like to purchase a piece of the Dome roof. It would be great if we could order it via mail!

    Also, I know you were talking about doing a contest with the squares people order and putting the winning square in the Dome. However, what if a Twins theme or baseball theme wins? Since the Dome is only used for football, the baseball and Twins fans would never be able to see it at the Dome. I was thinking perhaps it could get hung up at Target Field?? Not only would it fit well with the baseball theme there, but I think it would also be a great piece of history for everyone there to remember the Dome by. Just a thought.

    Great show! TD

  4. Mj Comstock says:

    i went down to the dome for an understanding that only two thousand squares were goine everg to be sold….so i went down and got a piece of the dome after i went through a tour… your saying that these squares are going to be every where….what a fool i was….

  5. Donald J Hobson says:

    I have a idea for the 1ft square of fabric for charity. Since the Twins won 2 World Series under that very fabric, I think a baseball hat made out of this material would be perfect. And when the people go see the Twin in there new home at Target Field. They could sport their new Dome Baseball Cap. DHobson

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