ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota’s transportation and public safety departments are urging motorists to share the road with bikes after the state’s first bicyclist fatality of 2011.

A 25-year-old bicyclist died Thursday when she was struck by a dump truck near the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

With the snow gone, bicyclists are back on the road. Officials expect the number of bicyclists to continue to rise in 2011, and they’re urging caution for those new to bicycle commuting.

Preliminary figures show there were nine bicycle fatalities in Minnesota in 2010, slightly lower than the 10 recorded in 2009.

Most bicycle crashes happen during afternoon rush hour.

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  1. M says:

    You need to be smart when riding a bike on public roads. Travel on side roads and bike routes; especially when during heavy traffic in the morning and evening. If you are riding into the sun rise or sunset motorists will have a hell of a time seeing you. Don’t wear headphones. Wear a helmet. Be smart and aware of your surroundings. Always assume vehicles have the right of way. You won’t win if they hit you. Listen for cars coming and make eye contact with drivers so you know that they see you. Don’t run red lights; its as illegal as doing it in a car.

  2. M says:

    Drivers. Pay attention for bikes in the city. You should be paying attention to what is in front and to the side of you anyways. Give a bicyclist a little bit of room on the shoulder. All they need is an extra foot.

    1. SR says:

      M, have you driven on some busy roads in St. Paul and Minneapolis where there are cars parked on the side of the road? It’s IMPOSSIBLE to do such that! Bicyclists need to pay attention and understand that the traffic laws APPLY TO THEM ALSO!!! Don’t just put the blame on drivers there, M.

  3. Al says:

    It is unfortunate that our roads are far from biker friendly. Motorists need to watch and be alert and bikers need to understand they are often in blind spots of vehicles.

  4. Jackie says:

    I think it’s great that people are biking to work however I’m very tired of watching bikers break all the road rules. I’ve come to think of them as a dangerous addition to the streets and truly wish I wasn’t sharing a road with them. Yes, a red light means you have to stop too = you can’t just glance to the left and right and speed on through; no you can’t decide to drive on whichever side of the road will get you there faster, let alone moving up to the sidewalk while riding at a fast clip; no, please don’t weave in and out of traffic; and, please, if there’s a bike lane, use it.

    1. joey33 says:

      I AGREE.. This is exactly what I run into all the time…
      they should be licensed, insured and pay the road taxes too….

      1. Joe DeLory says:

        We do pay road taxes in the form of property tax, income tax, sales tax and any other form of tax that goes into the general fund. The fuel taxes and licensing fees (what you call “road taxes”) go help maintain/repair the roads. When you consider the amount of wear and tear that cyclist cause to the road and the ammount of our taxes that subsidizes the petroleum and auto industry, as cyclists we pay far more taxes than the typical motorist ( BTW, most cyclists are also motorists)
        One point made is quite valid, cyclist must use common sense and we MUST obey ALL rules of the road.

        1. pat says:

          All bikes should have to be licensed, just like a car.

  5. tuna-free dolphin says:

    We keep hearing this from “officials” to share the road. How about tell bicyclists to watch out for the 3000+ lb. vehicles who are sharing that road? These people are arrogant about their “right” to the road to the point of being careless with their own lives. Hence they are being hit and killed by motor vehicles. If you are on a bicycle, don’t be a fool- WATCH OUT! The life you save may be your own. If we need to talk about passing new laws then consult a physics book first on the laws of mass and inertia. Everyone obeys those laws.

    1. joey33 says:

      NICE.. ! when ever I ride my bike.. those 3000+ lb vehicles have my attention..!

  6. Trev says:

    I believe all need to be more careful. Drivers need to be more aware and bicycists need to follow the rules of the road. I see so many bicyclists blow through stop signs.

  7. red says:

    Even if you are riding a bike you need to ride and obey the rules of the road as thoough you are driving a motorized vehicle and DO NOT WEAR HEADPHONES. If you are happen to be riding at night, wear light clothing, have reflectors and some bike lights. I can’t tell you how many times I haven’t seen a biker til it was almost too late cause they did not have lights, reflectors and wore dark clothing. This is for everyones safety.

    1. Joe DeLory says:

      Lights, reflectors and bright colored clothing is a good idea no matter what timwe of day you are riding.

  8. Michele says:

    Are bicycles considered a vehicle or a pedestrian in Minnesota? I’ve come close to hitting a biker as I’m turning right and he/she passes on my right. I’ve also been cut off walking across the street, by bikers. I think there needs to be a clear-cut law about what a bike can and can’t do, and those laws need to be enforced, for everyone’s safety.

  9. Deep says:

    Yes and there’s plenty of REALLY bad car drivers out there also…… personally I know I’m more fit and a far better in hand to hand combat than 95% of the people in this country….. one day a construction worker yelled at me, said he was going to hit me and kill me! After I caught up to him at the red light I told him to hide his license plate so he has a better chance of getting away with murder and that he looked fat and soft and that if he wanted to keep running his mouth I could drag him outta his car by his fat neck and beat the crap out of him and stuff his fat self with broken legs in his trunk! Then asked how would he tell his buddies at the construction site that he got his butt kicked and locked in his trunk by a guy in tights!? Be careful out there some people are far angrier than You and have nothing to loose. Peace and love-get off the phone and drive!

  10. s says:

    People on bikes please obey taffic laws as well. When there is a stop sign or red light that means you need to stop.

    1. joey33 says:

      YES.. it really p i s s e s me off that when they want the road they act like a licensed/insured/tax paying auto.. then when they are done acting like a licensed/insured/tax paying auto they do whatever they want …

  11. bubba136 says:

    Amen brother !!!!!

  12. Deep says:

    Car drivers! PLEASE get off the phone and DRIVE! Remember many bikers are more fit and some have more anger than you can imagine. So be careful who’s life you threaten, ya could wake up with broken bones KO’ed locked in your trunk wondering what happened to your teeth….. Or bikers like me, when an angry (usually fat) car driver yells at me I ask them if they need a hug……. peace and love. What is up with people with baggy pants that walk out in front of traffic on red (don’t walk) signs? ! ? Personally I would LOVE to see one of these jerks get mowed down! I would never report that lic’ plate! It would be like community service….

    1. tuna-free dolphin says:

      What ever you say, spandex wearing tough guy. I don’t care how fit you are, or how fat I am. In a battle between you on your bike, and me in my 5000 lb Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, the end of that story was written before it began, and it doesn’t include you knocking in anyone’s teeth. When is the last time you read about a motorist getting killed in an accident with a bicycle? Yeah we’re all pretty worried about tangling with you guys. Frankly I can’t understand why any self-respecting straight male would don spandex and step outside. But hey Dieter, it’s a free country. Dress up and pedal around all you want. Just try not to become road kill. I don’t want to be late for work.

      1. Deep says:

        You won’t be late for work. You will be in prison charged with homicide.Personally I don’t don the spandix…. I prefer to ride in American Made Diamond Gussett Jeans and shorts. Im not all that tough but if a biker bounces off your truck and lives with no broken bones and deduces that the “accident” is your fault and there are no witnesses…. any biker could be angry enough to be violent towards a driver…. would you be a hit and run type? It takes me 15 minutes to ride to work and 30 to drive…. I don’t want to be late for work either. Good point tho. Bikers be careful out there, these car drivers can be deadly.

  13. swerver says:

    People who ride bikes think they are saving the world, by biking to work your hardly making a difference, they ride around like their sh%t don’t stink, I could ride a bike also but why i like driving my car, I don’t want any biker to be hit by a car, but im not going to change my driving habits so they can ride 20mph in a 40mph zone, get the fok out of the way you look like idiots

    1. Joe DeLory says:

      “40 mph” (or any speed limit) is a maximum speed not a required speed.

      1. R.D says:

        And impeding the flow of traffic is a ticketable offence !

  14. Strat says:

    I have to agree with some others here, there is a real arrogance that seems to be growing with riders who ride with larger groups. Riding 3-4 people wide on a higher speed road is folly and discourteous (must be the strength in numbers scenario that gang members feel). Not too many people riding alone would do some of the stupid things that group riders do. As for car drivers, talking on your phone while driving, e-mailing,texting is the epitomy of stupid, deadly and just a matter of time before you are responsible for someone else’s or your own accident. If you need to talk or text, pull over, is that not worth prventing a possible fatal accident?

  15. b says:

    Dumb bikes are made for sidewalks if the stupid state goverment wants people to ride bikes build them there own roads and stay off roads where vehicles drive dumbest article i have ever read

    1. Joe Schmoe says:

      b – The “stupid state government” doesn’t allow bikes to be ridden on sidewalks, unless the person on the bike is a child. I mean no offense in this, but judging from your post, you’re still under the age of 18, right? You can ride on the sidewalk, and so can your friends. But once you’re an adult, you have to take it to the street.

    2. Cyclist says:

      It is against the law to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk, look it up.

      1. tuna-free dolphin says:

        Great. If bicyclists can’t ride on the sidewalks, maybe the cars can. Beats getting stuck behind pokemon in spandex.

  16. Joe Schmoe says:

    MS 169.222 is the state law that requires bicyclists to ride in the street. Regardless of how pompous or arrogant you might believe a bicyclist to be, you have to move over a minimum of three feet when a person on a bike is riding in the right lane (which happens to be the correct lane to ride in–not riding against traffic as some people do). If you are unable to get around a person on a bike, you have to ride behind that person until it’s possible to safely pass. That’s the law.

    1. Joe DeLory says:

      AMEN Brother!

    2. creepybicyclegeeks says:

      uh nope…aint doing it….if spandex bike helmit geek aint movin’ their ass i’m bumpin’ ’em over…f*ck that!

  17. lyu yu says:

    please, please, please -bikers, wear light colored clothing – this goes for peds too!!! (Car headlights do not reflect off of dark colours; making riders virtually invisible.) Aslo, understand that a small flashing light is not very visible until car drivers are on your tail. So, during dusk,/nite,/ dawn rembember: Lighter clothing, lots of reflectors, and more / larger lights.

  18. Joe DeLory says:

    If a lane is too narrow to be shared by a cyclist and a motor vehicle it is safer to “take the lane” , the motorist can wait a few seconds until it is safe to pass. Usually a motorist will be stuck behind a bus or slow moving farm vehicle much longer than they would be held up behind a cyclist. I will however pull over when I can to allow motorists to pass. We all need to use common courtesy, although it ain’t that common!

    1. ohoh says:

      sorry buddy, the road is made for cars, giving way to a cyclist just because he can maneuver? I assure you my car is faster than your bike. so move
      I also think we should be able to do away with the upkeep for bike trails and the greenway since all cyclists want to ride on the road.

      1. Bicyclist says:

        Check the law ohoh, it states that you must give way to cyclists when they take the lane.

        1. ohoh says:

          I guess it is time to lobby for some common sense and repeal said law. You don’t pay license fees so the law needs to be changed so you do not have the right of way. If the roads were built for bikes the speed limits wouldn’t 30 mph they woulld be 5mph.

  19. tara says:

    bicystics also must—obey the traffic rules, take the headphones OFF!! stay on the side of the road—many riders are riding on the actual road in a lane as if they were a car—get off the !@#$% road and onto the side—if ya wanna ride like a car, you better be riding as fast as a car-drop the holy than thou attitude—cuz look what happens……..sounds like this person was riding her bike like she owned the place—was she watching for cars?????? NO!!!!!!

    1. lauren says:

      SIGH — tara, she was in the BIKE LANE. She had right of way.

      Your post is sick on a whole other level…a person is DEAD. Have some respect for this girl and her family.

  20. Uofmbiker says:

    I frequently bike and drive on campus. I often times am irate with the amount of jaywalking and bikers breaking the laws. I have said to myself that it will take someone getting hurt or killed for the lawbreaking and undated practices to change. Well it happened yesterday and it looks like it had no effect. Not 12 hours after te tragedy, a biker with no lights or reflectors turns in front of my girlfriend when she has the right of way. It was virtually impossible to see the biker in te rain and darkness. And don’t forget the fact she saw an accident on como with a guy getting taken away on a stretcher. I agree it’s going to take efforts from all parties to safely travel but common sense must be used. It’s sad that clearly the educated college campus can’t learn from past mistakes and follow the law

  21. Sporty007 says:

    When I started riding a motorcyle (years ago) and yeah I’m aware we have some idiots who ride motorcycles, but we were taught to SEE – Search, Evaluate and Execute – Search your area and evaluate whats going on and execute – meaning if you need to avoid something you’ve already checked out a safe route to do it in – in other words give yourself an exit (I know not always easy) but look at with the mindset that cars don’t see you – even if your looking eye to eye with a driver – chances are they aren’t seeing you. The only way to stay alive is to stay aware of your surroundings.

  22. Citizen of Minnesota says:

    The maneuver I really “enjoy” from bikers is the guy riding his bike in the right lane who suddenly cuts across moving traffic to turn left causing drivers to cram the brakes. You bikers need to remember that whatever you do a 3,000 lb. car trumps a 20 lb. bike every time. Just like the driver who cuts in front of a semi and gets hit. We all need to be courteous, but, I’m sorry, as long as bikes do not go as fast as cars and traffic remains as congested as it is in city streets, any law is stupid that allows bikes or pedestrians to have more rights than a car driver. The laws of physics are the laws of physics. And we can’t legislate intelligence in driving either bikes or cars, it appears.

  23. Uofmbiker says:

    Bikers have every right to the traffic lane as cars. Read the law before making a comment. What if there is no bike lane and it is a commercial zone so we can’t ride on the sidewalk? We have to bike in the traffic lane. Drivers must give bikers at least 3 feet. Oftentimes I go out in lanes when turning so I don’t end up in trouble like the girl yesterday. It looks like drivers and bikers need better education on the subject

  24. Citizen says:

    Uofmbiker. Educate all you want, but as I said in my post, you can’t legislate intelligence, or courtesy. Bikers, being more unsafely at the mercy of the laws of physics, need to be aware of their surroundings and very careful. Wearing of headphones by either bikers or pedestrians is insane. If you are a biker or a pedestrian that gets in the way of a 3,000 lb. car, I don’t care if the law says you have a gazillion rights to your attitude and position, you will get hit or you will get hurt. You may be right, but you may also be dead!

    1. j says:

      Yes, bikers need to be aware of their surroundings, but then again, so do the people driving the 3,000 lb cars. In fact, shouldn’t it be the people in the cars that should be more vigilant?

  25. Mark says:

    Spring must be here. A bicyclists once again gets struck and killed and a bunch of self-righteous motorists rant about how cyclists don’t follow traffic rules. A few points here (1) A lot of cyclists, in fact, the majority of cyclists in the city where these incidents occur, cycle to work because it is faster or as fast as driving and/or because it is expensive and/or difficult to park at work. My commute – Loring Park to the U of M, takes 30-45 minutes by bus, 30 minutes by car, and 20 minutes by bike door to door. Why in tarnation would I not bike when the weather is nice (2). Most cyclists follow the rules of the road to the extent that they ride safely. Yes, we don’t always come to a complete stop at stop signs though we do slow down enough to prepare to come to a full stop if we need to yield to a pedestrian or car and we always look both ways. And yes, every once in a while at a red light, I can see clear down the cross road straight down to Dixie and can tell that there isn’t any cars coming for blocks and I jump a red light. Its illegal sure, but don’t tell me it is unsafe. On any give day, I see about three cars run red lights (as in I see a light turn green in front of me, and a driver on the cross street is gunning across the intersection), one of these occurrences is always on Park Avenue across 15th street, and this is both illegal and unsafe. (3) I take the full traffic lane when I don’t feel like a car can pass me safely. This applies to roughly three blocks on my 3 mile bike ride and these are blocks to where in my experience I have been inches from being hit multiple times. I also take the left turn lane when I am turning left. (4) In every case (five times in the last three years) when I have almost been hit, it was due to a car turning into me, and always right after passing me, and always when I was in a bike lane. This is 100 percent the drivers fault and it is illegal. Drivers: Don’t pass a cyclist just to turn across them. Don’t do it, Don’t do it, Don’t do it. (5) Cyclists have the same rights in the road as cars. That means that we can take a lane, that we can change lanes, and that you might have to drive behind us.
    Really, both drivers and bikes break some rules of the road. From what I see, when bikes do it, it is usually in a safe and cautious manner, when cars do it, someone gets close to being killed (or gets killed). Sure, there is always a rogue cyclist out there, but that doesn’t exclude motorists from their obligations to share the road safely with cyclists. Stay safe everybody.

  26. Cyclist says:

    Urging motorists to share the road? They should be demanding it, it’s the law.
    The truck driver must be charged with manslaughter.

    1. dangerbunny says:

      Isn’t it great that in Minnesota, a motorist can kill a cyclist and only be charged with a misdemeanor? Bike-friendly indeed.

  27. Citizen says:

    @Cyclist. We motorists appreciate that it’s the law. But, a practicable law? It’s only there to try to enforce motorists to be cautious and respectful of cyclists. Reality is that the laws of physics favor the motorist and his 3,000 lb. car. You, on a 20 lb. bicycle are the one who is at risk. The laws of physics do not care what the laws of Minnesota are. If you on a bicycle tangle with a car–legally or illegally, I don’t care–you, the bicyclist (or pedestrian, for that matter) are the most apt to get hurt or killed. I will say it ad nauseum: you can be VERY right, and you can be very dead. Just because you can and the law says you are right, doesn’t mean you should. Common sense, people!

    1. dangerbunny says:

      Good lord people, stop acting like that peice of the road you occupy is yours and yours alone. I’m so sick of all this vitriolic whining. “Cyclist look funny and don’t obey the laws!!!” Seriously can you generalize more? The count is one death on bike this year. ONE!!! How many people have died this year in a car? Check your math and pay attention. Cyclist have just as much of a right to travel as a moron with a cell phone in their ear doing 60 mph. It is the responsibility of every single person on the road to operate their vehicle of choice in a safe and sane manner. Sure, a person on a bike might do something stupid and get themselves killed, but they are not going to kill someone else. A person in a car or truck however can kill not just themselves, but anyone in their way. It’s time to stop whining about what that guy in the funny pants did and act like responsible adults. And that’s what common sense is all about.

  28. Strat says:

    We’re all saying hooray for our side, the outcome is still the same, riding bikes and driving cars is not going away, therefore, we MUST co-exist. Laws, Laws, Laws……Common sense and our DIVIDED attentions are needed.
    Both sides…courtesy, attention, compassion. Happy Easter.

    1. Melvin says:

      Well cars might be going away caise gas is going to keep going up. Plus we are running out of oil.

  29. Uofmbiker says:

    I agree completely. I bike as safely as possible but motorists often disregard us.
    If you can’t handle the physics of driving a car or anticipating a legal and clearly signalled intent of a biker, the you shouldn’t be driving. Just because your bigger does not mean that you should own the road. I agree with strat completely and was my original point. Coexist and have respect for both parties. I bike and drive often and understand both views. Jut use common sense and drive or bike defensively

    1. Citizen says:

      Uofmbiker. Just because you can step in front of a car as a pedestrian and have the right of way, does not mean it is prudent to do so when that car is going 30 mph and is only two feet away from you! The physics of that car is that it needs a long distance to stop to keep from hitting you while you as a cyclist need a lot less. That is my point in cycling, also. Because a car is bigger IT DOES OWN THE ROAD because that is the law of physics regardless of what is Minnesota law. Coexistence and respect are to be aspired to. Reality is quite different on the roads, as you well know. And reality is what I deal with–not “if onlys.”

  30. Wow says:

    Probably the most unintelligent statement I’ve heard in awhile. Good to see they let people with a 3rd grade education on here

  31. Cyclist says:

    I used to own a 4×4 Chevy Suburban, and came up behind a semitrailer truck that swung into the left lane, oncoming traffic, so he could clear a right hand turn. When he pulled to the left I started to pass on the right thinking he was turning left. All of a sudden the mirror on my 4×4 was slammed against the side of my truck, and the semi started to shear off my left fender. finally the semi’s rear tire pushed my 4×4 off the road as it drove away. I chased it down, and pulled the driver over, and when I asked him why he didn’t stop he said he didn’t know he hit me, he didn’t feel a thing. How did this dump truck driver know he hit a bicycle? Until law enforcement takes this problem of bicycles and motor vehicles seriously, and makes an examples out of violators this sad story will be repeated over, and over again.

  32. Cyclist says:

    The day is coming when we will all be riding bicycles, or walking.
    Start shaving your legs dally.

  33. Citizen says:

    Cyclist. Who is the violator in some of these instances? Most big rigs have a sign on them that tells drivers they have a blind spot and to not be in that blind spot or what happened to you will happen to them. Again, the laws of physics apply here. Mirrors on vehicles do not provide a 360 degree view, and big rigs have to deal with many, many outdated roads and intersections that were never built to accommodate their truck and trailer. So, as we drivers need to be aware of the limitations of stopping and turning for trucks, so do cyclists for motor vehicles. It is just common sense.

  34. baron says:

    I’ll start watching for bicycle riders when they start obeying the traffic laws. Until then, stay out of the way.

    1. dangerbunny says:

      You are so smart and cool. Do you have more wisdom for us?

      1. lauren says:

        hah hah, best comment of the day, dangerbunny!

  35. silly says:

    My children were never allowed to ride their bikes on the road, all I need is a 8 year old in the middle of lthe street. We have bike lanes and trails use them. The streets are for cars, busses, trucks. Not children on bikes, nor a loonie in exotic exercise wear who thinks he is quicker than a car and doesn’t feel the need to obey traffic laws. The only reason they are allowed to ride in the middle of the street is because they are being politically correct and as usual with PC it doesn’t have to make sense.

    1. B says:

      Your comment doesn’t make any logical sense. PC people? as in eco friendly? Um, yes, they need to follow the laws as well. Your predudice and ignorance is quite apparent. Educate yourself and your children. Perhaps you would be avoiding a tragic accident in the future.

  36. uofmbiker says:

    i am not talking about pedestrians. i know some pedestrians are idiots too because they constantly jaywalk in front of my car and drive me nuts. i’m merely mentioning your ignorance for respect towards bikers. really how hard is it to be more cautious towards bikers? if you prepare yourself and be defensive when driving you wouldn’t have as many problems with them. i know that some bikers will break the laws (myself excluded) and i know that many drivers (just look at these comments) think they own the road. just oblige by what the officials and laws are saying and it will be safer out there for everyone.

    1. silly says:

      Why if I am in a 30 mph zone do I have to putt along so some cyclilst can dwaddle along. You do not pay a license fee as I do to use the road, so you should make way for the car. period either keep up to the speed limit or keep out of the middle of the road.

  37. lib says:

    Use the funds from light rail to pay for bike lanes. It would be a way better use of the money and I believe more people would ride if there were a lane designated for bikes.

  38. B says:

    That is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves. Motorists who think they have right of way over a cyclist. You wouldn’t know how many times I’ve been almost hit, and I follow the law. The LAW states that a motorist MUST give at LEAST 3 feet to a cyclist on the road. Also, in many areas (esp business/commercial) it is illegal for a cyclist to be on the sidewalk. Be informed before you kill a fellow human being with ignorant self righteousness

    1. schwinbentin says:

      why then you better move yer arse when a motor vehicle is behind ya then,huh?

  39. Citizen says:

    Three feet away from a cyclist. Interesting law because in parts of the cities you would have to cross the centerline in order to do that putting the motorist in danger of a head-on collision in the other lane. Ignorant self-righteousness seems to be more the attitude of the cyclist, to me.

    1. dangerbunny says:

      If you cannot pass safely, then rational intelligence says don’t pass.

      1. tenspeedstohell says:

        rational intelligence says” run ’em over”

        1. Dangerbunny says:

          Really, that’s what you have to say here? How amazingly inappropriate. This girl is dead, and you think you are funny by advocating “run em over”. You should really be ashamed. This was a young person killed by a dump truck. Can you imagine what her last moment felt like? And please, show some compassion and don’t reply with some immature comment about she shouldn’t be riding a bike. This is terrible and every single one of you people who feel so entitled to the road need to understand that the road was built to travel upon. Be it bicycle, truck, or car, travel is a right in this country. And not one single stupid opinion about red lights is relevant in this case because she didn’t even have the chance to run the light. The truck turned into her. I can say I would not have pulled up to the right hand side of the truck, because I have experience on the road. She made a mistake, and she paid for it with her life. My condolences to her family.

  40. specialized hard rock says:


  41. ME says:

    From the above comments I can draw a few conclusions and inject a few other points.
    1.) A large chunk of the commenters don’t understand safety, courtesy, being neighborly, or any other term to describe treating your fellow Minnesotans with mutual respect. This is an obvious problem, be courteous.
    2.) An awful lot of people are here mad at cyclists for simply obeying traffic laws as written and behaving in a way to make themselves safer (excluded the lunatics who illegally weave and blow past traffic controls, if you constrain your comments to that alone then fine, although I would point out that there are unsafe idiots on both sides of the coin, I have come across three cars driving the wrong way on the busy one ways of University and 4th Street in the last week alone). The objections to the practicality of people getting from place without a car are naive and short-sighted. Please think beyond your own selfish motives before telling people how things should be.
    3.) A year or two ago on the UofM campus a cyclist was killed because they were riding on the sidewalk and when they came off to cross a street they were run down by a motorist. Generally speaking riding bicycles on sidewalks is incredibly dangerous for anyone but small kids going slowly. The average bicycle commuter is going 16-22 mph, pretty dangerous for sidewalks (pedestrians can no longer use sidewalks).
    3.) Quit using “the laws of physics” to justify a notion about the way the roads should operate. These are man made roads subject to the laws of man. Of course everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings and try to be safe, but it sounds as if your point is simply that momentum wins….and you’re subscribing to a dog-eat-dog world where, frankly, you’re asking to get run over by a semi who is the ultimate winner under the “laws of physics”. Your logic on this point is non sequitur. Please stop saying this nonsense. Using this you also seem to be excusing the 3 motorists who have run over pedestrians in the last week or so injuring some, killing others, and doing so to some while they were walking on a sidewalk! Simply having a big car doesn’t mean pedestrians on the sidewalk should be EXPECTED to dive out of a car coming after them or a bicycle out of their lawful place on the road. As an additional note I see that a sedan just hit someone in a crosswalk on the UofM campus. I point out the person yielding the deadly weapon has a much greater burden to ensure they do not hurt others, not for everyone else to get out of the way so they can do as they please.
    4.) A simple estimate for each typical year round bicycle commuter will alone stop a significant amount of money from going overseas to buy crude oil compared to a car commuter. For my commute this number is $2920. If you want cyclists to pay a $20/year bike registration and tell bikes to always drive in the middle of traffic lanes that is a perfectly reasonable solution. Bikes pay a registration, and then all car/truck drivers can stop complaining and treat them with respect and pass them (or wait behind them) as they would a car.
    5.) Cyclists save significant health care $$ as exercise is one of the silver bullets to maintaining health and preventing disease. Putting down people for trying to be healthy is just silly. If money is all that matters to you: I was recently told the number for yearly statewide savings for medical care if everyone would exercise is huge, nationwide its about $150 billion. Also, there are tremendous savings for road repair and maintenance with reduced motor-vehicle traffic.
    6.) Some cyclists need to be more courteous of traffic flow around them. Slow cyclists certainly shouldn’t be ridding on streets with heavy traffic or very large speed limits. They should also definitely not breaking laws (including but not limited to headphones).
    7.) Another possibility would be to ban all motor-vehicles except those that are hauling (tractor-trailers etc), emergency vehicles, transportation for those with limited mobility, and mass transit. This isn’t really practical, but it is another way to resolve things for those who don’t think the road should be shared.
    8.) Just a few thoughts.

    1. Jean-Paul Dangerbunny Beaulieu says:

      well said.

  42. tom says:

    As someone who used to put on about 30000 miles a year. I have to say the most cyclists are the rudest most irresponsible folks I have ever dealt wiht. I have seen Mothers with kids on the bike shoot thru stop signs, bikers who switch from the sidewalk to the street and vica versa and other things that go unpunished. When questioned about this most give the index finger response or use the F word to let you know that they are above any rules and the bike is all important and not subject to any rule except for me as an auto driver to get out of their way. Almost to a person, they do not stop at stop signs and usually run thru red lights on their merry way.

  43. Dude says:

    Don’t let the trucking industry off the hook too easily. I saw a photo of the kind of truck which was being driven. That kind of truck often seems to be very bulky and swaying & awkward on the road (with lots of apparent blind spots), and also looks old like it was built in the 1940’s. I haven’t been able to verify anything, but it turns out the truck IS outdated and/or overly hard to drive, perhaps they can also go after rich industry execs and not just the “middleman” individual truck driver.

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