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By Adam Thomas, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Department of Revenue has completed a study on how much money potential taxes would bring in for a new Vikings stadium.

The four-page document released on the state’s website breaks down each tax and how much money it would generate over the next four years.

Legislators are expected to soon reveal an amended bill that would include these proposed taxes:

• 10 percent tax on sports memorabilia

• 6.5 percent tax on suite rentals

• 6.5 percent tax on satellite TV DVR

• 5 percent income tax on Vikings employees earning more than $250,000 per year

The sports memorabilia tax applies to wholesale sales of sports memorabilia. It’s estimated it would generate $15,500,000 the first year.

The tax on suite rentals turns out to be one of the smaller taxes, generating about $650,000 per year after the stadium is built and the suites are actually used.

The document explains that DVR services are already taxed in Minnesota if they are through cable providers. The bill would expand that tax to cover DVR services provided by satellite.

Players would pay too. The extra 5 percent income tax applies only to top earners of sports organizations that occupy the stadium. That would, in effect, boil down to the top executives, players or anybody who earns more than $250,000 per year.

A special lottery game would also generate money as well.

The document puts the stadium cost between $700 and $900 million.

Comments (91)
  1. mIKE d says:

    Ok, before all of the anti-stadium IDIOTS come out of the woodwork, please read the article as to where the taxes will be coming from. If you do not want your money to go towards a stadium, then don’t buy sports memorabilia, get rid of your DVR, don’t get a luxury suite at a game, don’t work for the Vikings and make a butt load of money and don’t buy the lottery ticket. NO MONEY WILL COME VOLUNTARILY OUT OF YOUR POCKETS!

    1. Hmmm says:

      You could say that about pretty much anything except food or other essentials. Let’s say they put a tax on cell phones. Well don’t use a cell phone. Or they put a tax on McDonald’s, then don’t go there. You don’t need it. DVR’s are used for way more than Viking’s games.

      1. Special Sauce says:

        all luxuries…. I wish the government would really jack up the taxation on fast food and buffets and put that $ towards our debt. It’d probably be paid down in a year.

    2. Jim says:

      I was against the stadium until you called me an idiot. Now I’m convinced that you’re right.

      1. Mike D says:

        Jim – They are idiots. They go right to the comment section without reading the guts of the story. All they see is the headline of taxes/stadium.

        1. Jim says:

          Mike, I think people can disagree with you without being an idiot. I’m sure people on both sides of this issue rush right to the comments without understanding the whole picture. I guess my point is that if you’re trying to convince people here that public funding of a stadium is a good idea, calling them idiots in your first sentence is probably not a good first step.

    3. Curtis says:

      @ mIKED. The state portion is still only one third of the total cost. The Vikings have said that they would pay for one third of a non domed stadium. Where is the rest of the money going to come from? Dis you ever take a math class so you could add the numbers. Did you ever remember a thing you read. Before you call people idiots again, look in the mirror.
      Will a tax on players stand a court challenge as you are singling out one group for taxes? The player’s trade union might have a problem with that.

    4. Lara says:

      OMG does yhe bo new taxes GOP know about this??? Rather than raise taxes to pay for education we should build a bigger sand box for grossly over paid adult children to play. The Viquenns are not worthit and never will be

    5. randys says:

      Why should my DVR be taxed? Ganging up and passing legislation to confiscate my hard earned money to fund someone else’s recreation is not constitutional. It’s just that clear and wrong.

    6. Dale says:

      I have a DVR but it is NOT for sports. The only sports I follow at all are NCAA level. I have no time for over paid arrogant babies who think taxpayers should subsidize their playpen

    7. Mike says:

      mIKEY duh-Get rid of the taxation on satellite/cable DVR subscriptions and find another avenue of revenue like sports license plates. I don’t have a problem with another sports stadium, but I am already paying for three that I have and never will attend.

    8. StraycatStrut says:

      Stadium would RAISE revenue for the LIberal Open Pocket Politicans MN sports. One other note…… one should consider the revenue on income taxes paid by other teams, team players etc who visit and play at the new stadium….. for the next 30 years+. Consider the missed revenue should the Vikes leave the state for greener stadium grass.

      1. Liberal says:

        Straycat-We don’t want your to fund your hypocritical, socialist sport stadium.

    9. Sophie says:

      Yes, these are the taxes that will help the VIKINGS pay for their portion of the bill, it fails to mention that whatever city this atrocity is built in will face city tax increases, not to mention a gigantic eyesore of a stadium plopped in the center of town. Just let them leave.

  2. Mike D says:


  3. Jack B says:

    Makes sense, so why not get this done now or does it not benefit our legislators enough?

  4. mark says:

    I believe we should also consider a special license plate similar to the dnr plates. Most don’t realize how much is generated from that. Special plates for all our professional sports teams would lesson the burden, only the tax payer who chooses to display those plates would contribute a little more annually.

  5. Hmmm says:

    Fine with me except the DVR part.

  6. Question says:

    Does this mean a tax on a DVR whether or not a Vikings game is recorded? So it’s just a tax because I may have a “DVR” recording device hooked up to a satellte receiver? I for one turn off Vikings games when they are on. If it’s a tax on a DVR so the Vikings can have a stadium then I guess I would be an anti-stadium IDIOT coming out of the woodwork and against it. Guess I’m a believer in “cost causer, cost payer”.

    1. Joey Joe Joe Shabadu Jr says:

      What does it cost you? $10 a month for the LUXURY of having a DVR? 6.5% would be what? 65 cents out of your pocket a month? Maybe you could cut back and eat one less candy bar a month?? Wow!

      1. Jim says:

        You’re right. I should cut back so you can enjoy a sports stadium. That makes a lot of sense.

        1. JJJ Shabadu Jr says:

          Jim – no, you’re right. I should cut back so you and your kids can go to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts that I have no choice but to pay for

          1. Yep says:

            Sports over education….right…

          2. Jim says:

            Can you point me to where I wrote that I think tax dollars should be used for the MIA? Thanks.

            1. JJJ Shabadu Jr says:

              Jim – the point is, our tax dollars go to a lot of things that we may or may not agree upon, but we have no choice. All the state funded theaters, museums, zoos, etc are all places I do not visit, but my tax dollars still go to them and I don’t complain. Economically, it makes more sense for the govt to invest in a stadium as it’ll bring in more tax revenue than any of th stuff listed above.

              1. Jim says:

                You’re right for the most part of course, but I think you’re wrong when you write “but we have no choice.” We have no choice if we sit back and take it, but if you don’t want your tax dollars to go to a theater or a bomb or a stadium, then we should speak up. A poster spoke up and said he didn’t want his tax dollars to go to a sports stadium, and you basically told him to shut up and cut back on candy bars. Lame.

              2. M B says:

                Hmmmm… Underpaid Cultural Enrichment vs. Overpaid Guys Beating the Tar Out of Each Other….
                Wow… that’s a tough one.
                No, actually, not really.
                I’ll take the cultural enrichment. When was the last time watching a Vikings game inspired you to do anything but drink beer and get aggressive? Were you inspired to draw art for others to see of the guy getting hauled off the field on a stretcher? No? Thought not.

                Your comparison is just like saying: I don’t want my tax dollars to go for education!

      2. Question says:

        I don’t eat candy bars and think my time is much more beneficial communicating with my state rep than spent here, so you can take your shots… I won’t be reading them.

  7. Bob says:

    Racino should help pay for it! The tribes are stealing from the elderly!

    1. Jim says:

      I thought the elderly showed up at casinos and voluntarily handed over their money? But casino employees are actually sneaking into area nursing homes at night and stealing little old ladies’ coin purses?! This is an outrage!

  8. Staubitz says:

    There is NO WAY taxpayers are going to be COMPLTELY free of not paying for this. I dont use all of the lakes in MN or drive the entire highway system in MN but I still pay for the lakes to be restocked and whatever else the DNR does to them and I still pay for county road blah, blah blah up in the back woods of Warroad, MN to be built and repaired and whatever else MNDoT does to the roads around MN that Im no where near.

    Oh and I pay for teenagers to have babies I dont father….called welfare.

    Take 0.65 cents out of my pocket and get this built.

    1. Jim says:

      According to the last census there are 5,266,214 people in Minnesota. 5,266,214 x $.65 = $3,423,039. At that price this is going to be a pretty crappy stadium by anyone’s standard. Unless we’re actually paying more than $.65 each?

  9. what if? says:

    What happens if they don’t meet their forecasts? Where does the money come from then? Us? What alternate means of payment is there? I just don’t want to see 3 yrs down the road, our legislators coming to us for more money for their mistake/miscalculation.

    1. Jenf says:

      If the Vikings can sell out every game, even when losing in a crappy facility, I’m sure they will do just fine in a state of the art stadium. The NFL is the most popular sport in America. Home fans only have 8 games to go see their team play a year.

  10. Stan says:

    These four taxes would be acceptable to most, not all, if they were the only taxes involved. What the article does not discuss are the other taxes which will also be imposed, e.g. 0.5% sales tax increase, 3% lodging tax, 3% food and beverage tax, etc. Certainly changes the discussion when all the tax increases are brought to light.

    1. Freddy says:

      can you show us factual evidence these taxes will be raised too or is this just a conspiracy theory on your part?

      1. Jim says:

        If every taxpayer in Minnesota paid $.65 for the stadium as Staubitz posted above, that would amount to just over $3 million. So where is the rest of the money going to come from? (Honest question.)

        1. Staubitz says:

          read the article, Jim (honest answer)

  11. No public money of any amount for a new stadium says:

    Screw the Vikings stadium. The government has no business being involved in private enterprise. You’d squeal like a pig if government got involved with a church so what’s the difference? Is football more important than Jesus?

    I don’t care if it’s ten cents a year, if public money is used to help build a new stadium, it is absolutely wrong.

  12. No public money of any amount towards a new stadium says:

    NO to the Vikings stadium. The government has no business being involved in private enterprise. You’d squeal like a pig if government got involved with a church so what’s the difference? Is football more important than Jesus?

    I don’t care if it’s ten cents a year, if public money is used to help build a new stadium, it is absolutely wrong.

    1. Randy says:

      Public money is used every day to subsidize business. Tax increment financing is used to bring jobs. States fund eceonomic development through taxes including Minnesota. Counties and cities give money all the time to bring manufacturing and sometimes even retail jobs. If they didn’t, those jobs would go somewhere else – just like the Vikings will.

      1. Mike says:

        Randy-We need to get rid of corporate welfare too. Less tax, not more.
        When the Vikings leave, sell your possessions and follow them………

        1. Randy says:

          Mike – Unlike you, I won’t be rude in my reply. It’s very simple. States, counties, and cities must remain competitive in order keep good employers and companies and get new ones. A person doesn’t have to agree with it but it is reality. If the Vikings leave Minnesota, lots of states, cities, or counties will stand in line to take them. Do you remember the Lakers and the Northstars? The city and state will survive without the Vikings but it will diminish the entertainment choices. If the taxpayers of Minnesota had drawn a line in the sand before now, the Twins would be gone and the Minnesota Wild would not be in Minnesota. Is that the kind of city that you want? A city without entertainment? How about the arts? How about other public supported entertainment like zoos, libraries, museums? Clearly the Vikings are different in that they are owned by a billionaire and are not a public entity. This does not diminish their entertainment value or their impact on the local economy.

    2. no public money for a stadium says:

      Yep times 10. To me it is immoral to fund a stadium with public money. The Twins stadium really angered me and I have full access to season tickits for any and all games. I won’t even go because it is so immoral that we Hennepin county residents paid for it without voting for it. If you want to go, you pay for the stadium.

  13. VikingFan says:

    The focus here is on the cost of building a stadium and it seems to be minimal and fair. Now for those that don’t feel this way, I believe you should figure in the cost of NOT building the stadium. The economic loss (cost) would be devastating to this state, when the Vikings move their billion dollar operation to a different state!!

    1. Jim says:

      I’m a Vikings fan and I hope they stay, but I have to say I think this threat of them moving is a smokescreen. Where are they going? LA? The ESPN show Outside the Lines recently did a show on the NFL in LA and identified four possible teams to move there, including the Vikings. Their conclusion was that of the four the Vikings are the LEAST likely to actually move. The reason being we have such a strong fan base and our only issue is really a new stadium.

      The teams they identified as more likely to move were, in order: San Diego, Jacksonville, and Buffalo. These teams have stadium issues AND fan base issues.

      1. Staubitz says:

        Baltimore Colts had a strong fan base too.

        Not that, that matters anyways…Vikings will get their stadium, Thanks for using your DVR.

  14. Kim says:

    It’s great that the document shows exact numbers for the estimated revenue generation…but the estimate for the stadium has a $200 million spread ($700-$900 million). Shouldn’t it be the other way around? As in, we should have a better idea for the cost of the stadium and have an estimated spread for the amount that the new taxes MAY generate?

  15. Greg says:

    The statium costs $900 million dollars. The cost of the statium according to this article will generate approxilmately $15 million dollars per year. If you do the math most of us tax payers will be dead before it is paid for. Let the NFL and the Vikings owner pay for the whole thing if it is such a good business investment.

    1. jay says:

      read the entire article, before you post a comment.

    2. james says:

      The taxpayer are not paying 900 million… The taxpayers are payin a third. Thats 300 million. I would estimate around 15 to 20 years at most. The dome is almost 30 years old. That means that all the revenue from the dome went into the state budget as profit from the stadium. Wow… Wonder where that money went. Thats probably what paid for the twins, wolves, and wild to have there stadiums.

  16. Matt says:

    I have been a Vikings fan since I was three years old. I might not be from Minnesota. Though I know for a fact, that if the Vikings move to Los Angeles or elsewhere, it would be devastating and football fans from the other 49 states, Canada and around the rest of the world will view the state of Minnesota as a joke.

    Keep the Vikings in Minnesota. Build the new stadium. Get it done.


    1. S&MAN says:

      Trust me…they already view the Vikings as a joke. From 12 men in the huddle, to missing a pick in the draft, to “take a knee,” to 41-0, to the “boat ride,” to being 0-4 in the Super Bowl, to the “whizzinator,” to the infamous “Herschel Walker trade,” this team is the laughing stock of the NFL.

    2. Mike says:

      Matt-Cry us a river and when you finish, come up with a plan for taxation that only includes sports participants not cable/satellite DVR subscribers who may or may not watch the Vikings lose each season.

  17. GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    I say this to you all!!!!! Go Pack Go, Go Pack Go…….. Enough said!!!!!!!

  18. M B says:

    Read the 4-page document.

    There’s something in there that’s fishy. The bill creates a Minnesota stadium Authority to provide for the construction, financing, and long-term use of the football stadium. The cost of this will be taken from the General Fund, to the tune of 16.7 million the first year, and up to 27.7 million by year 4. The Metro Sport Facilities Commission will be eliminated. I don’t know how much they got before, but this certainly sounds like Public Funding to me.

  19. Trudy says:

    With more and more Internet enabled tv and cloud storage. DVR will no longer exist. Vikings employees will turn down $265k salary and accept $249,999 salary to avoid 5% taxes. So on and on. People will evade these taxes!

  20. Randy says:

    Wow. Lots of animosity over this issue. How about a rational approach? In a perfect world, taxpayers would not have to support billionaires and millionaires. However, if Minnesota will not support this stadium through taxes, the Vikings will go somewhere that will. Businesses have choices and will go where they can get the most help in terms of tax subsidies. The Vikings are no different. If the Vikings go, so does all the revenue and jobs associated with visitors – gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and bars to name some. How many other jobs will go with them? If the Vikings leave, so will the income taxes on players, other team employees, the media assigned to cover the team, dome employees… The list goes on and on. Just say no Minnesota. Some other state will say yes. They always do. Remember the Lakers and Northstars? I live just over the border in Iowa. I won’t bring my dollars with me to Minnesota once the team is gone.

    1. Staubitz says:

      How do you think they became billionaires and millionaires to begin with???

  21. Quentin says:

    There would appear to be a misunderstanding by most of the posters that other sites clear explain better. This is the states way of paying their share. 300 million. That does not get a stadium built. Estimates are that the Wilfs will pay 250 million. Mike Opat the Hennipen county commissioner has said they are not going to push for the stadium. That would leave the Arden Hills location and the 900 million dollar figure., and 350 million to come from somewhere.In regards to additional taxes on the players, better hope there is no salary cap so players won’t be taking a pay cut to play here.

  22. S&MAN says:

    Who cares??? Get rid of this worthless excuse for a football team. Just move to L.A. or somewhere else already. Besides having the biggest bunch of bandwagon jumping fans, the Queens are just simply an embarrassment. From 12 men in the huddle, to missing a pick in the draft, to “take a knee,” to 41-0, to the “boat ride,” to being 0-4 in the Super Bowl, to the “whizzinator,” to the infamous “Herschel Walker trade,” this team is the laughing stock of the NFL.
    They might be considered the “Chicago Cubs” of the NFL, only the Cubs play in a wonderful stadium. Just go away…FAR, FAR away. I certainly do not want any of my money going toward this God forsaken franchise.

    1. Staubitz says:

      your obvious attempt at trying to pick a verbal fight with someone is rather pathetic.

      1. S&MAN says:

        I can see how it could be misconstrued as being an attempt to pick a verbal fight, however, it’s just the truth. I’m not looking for an argument, I’m merely stating facts.

        1. Staubitz says:

          well you posted here twice within a 5 minute period saying basically the same things that the tens of Packer fans have been saying since 1961 so theres no misconstruiing, your looking for an argument. We get it, you dont like the Vikes. Nobody really cares. We’re bored with it. Most of the fans think they suck too.

          Its off-topic anyways, so why are you posting here? (rhetorical question, no reply needed)

    2. Zach says:

      S&MAN, we sell out a stadium every week that shouldn’t even be called a stadium. I wouldn’t exactly say we are bandwagon. Why are you commenting on this article anyways?
      Sticking with a team through hardships is part of being a true fan. And by the way, when we missed a pick in the draft we ended up with Kevin Williams. I’m not going to complain about that one. I would guess you are a fan of the LA Lakers, NY Yankees, and NE Patriots. Am I right? I mean they are the best, why not become a fan? Thats called bandwagon. When a Minnesota sports team wins a championship it will be that much more special for the true fans.

      1. S&MAN says:

        Sorry Zach, can’t stand nor do I watch the NBA. Being born in western PA, I’m a Pitt fan throughout. The reason I’m commenting is because if part of my tax $ is going to go toward this so called franchise, I’ll have my say. I’ve lived here for over 40 years and love it. I’ve been to my share of Twins, Gophers(b-ball, football, hockey) and North Star/Wild games. The fans are civil and well behaved, and I really enjoy going to the games. I can take a good natured ribbing when my team what? I’m not going to call in sick to work or launch into a profanity laced tirade. What gets me are Viking fans. (cont)

        1. S&MAN says:

          I have NEVER seen fans of any sport, or at any venue, act so childish and moronic. Verbal threats, beer/soda and food being thrown, and actually seeing a Viking fan telling a CHILD wearing a 49ers jersey that his team sucks. A CHILD!!
          I was also witness to so called fans throwing plates and glasses on the floor and against the wall at a local sports bar after the Vikes choked against Atlanta in the NFC title game. WHY don’t I come across this behavior at Twins, Gopher or Wild games? NEVER!! I’ve been to plenty of each. It’s just sad. It really is. You have my sympathy.

        2. S&MAN says:

          Apparently WCCO finds in necessary to censor my views on and experiences with Viking fans. That being said, all I can say is I love going to Twins, Gophers and Wild games. Great fans and good times. Not so with Viking games or their fans. It NEVER changes. I’ve seem more than my share of appalling and childish behavior by Viking fans in my 40+ years of being here. For some reason, I don’t find that behavior at Twins, Gophers or Wild games. Go figure.

          1. S&MAN says:

            Lets just say I have NEVER seen such appalling behavior either at the stadium or at local sports bars by fans of ANY team as I have Viking fans. I’ve tried in vain to mention them, but they will not let me post them. I guess the truth hurts.

            1. Staubitz says:

              Youre rather sheltered, naive and basically the kiind of person who sees what they want to see where they want to see it…theres idiots in EVERY football stadium.

              Anyways, Part of your tax $ went towards the WILD, TWINS, and GOPHER arena/stadiums but you say you LOVE going to their games which leads me to think that you didnt mind your $ going there…at least you dont mention your displeasure with those teams here…just with the Vikings. So youre basically basing your argument that because you dont like a team, yet you chose to live here, now you have a problem with your tax dollars being spent on a non-Pittsburgh football team not up to your standards. Youre arguments are emotional rather than rational in other words.

              I would suggest moving back to PA where your tax $ can continue to support your favorite team and quell perhaps some of your angst.

              What did you expect when you moved here??? The Steelers to move here with you?

              1. S&MAN says:

                Well, one can wish, can’t they?? Yes, there are idiots in EVERY football stadium, but I have yet to be hit with beer/soda or threatened in Chicago, Indy, Green Bay, St. Louis or Kansas City for wearing the opposing teams jersey. Nor have I seen fans of other teams telling children wearing an opposing teams jersey that they suck. So, it isn’t emotional?? Really?? Are you serious? Ask any serious Viking fan if this issue isn’t emotional. Viking fans are not basing their decision on emotions? If the Vikings move, or stay, the decision won’t be emotional?? The politicians are rational, and not emotional, in their arguments?? Sid Hartman is rational and not emotional? Sure, and more government is the answer to all our problems.
                Besides, choosing to live somewhere in no way is based on one’s like and/or dislike of team(s). I love it here, love my job, and yes, I do not like the Vikings. Am I the only one?? NO!!! I played college hockey very close to here. Was it emotional on my part when the Gophs built the new Mariucci? Yes. When the NHL returned to Minnesota? Yes. When the Twins got a new stadium? Yes. So what?? So, just because I’m not a Vikings fan somehow lessens my argument as opposed to someone who is? How?

                1. Staubitz says:

                  I guess MN fans are just a bunch of meanies.

                  Youre fine with your tax $ going to the WILD, TWINS and GOPHERS but gripe when its the Vikes turn…because your not a fan. You cant pick and choose where your tax money goes. Then you savage the team itself because of it.

                  Dont watch them if they bother you that much.

                  By the way…read the article…siince youre not a fan, you wouldnt be helping anyways since you wouldnt be buying the merchandice that will be taxed to help fund the stadium. Unless you have a DVR… you wouldnt notice the 5 or so cents on the dollar that would be taxed anyways.

                  Besides, since youre well versed in some of the shananigans and acts of hoodlumages in certain football stadiums…Im guessing for all the griping youre doing because a couple of pennys from your DVR payments is funding this, youll be one of the thousands of people tripping over themselves to get in when it opens up at some point..

                2. S&MAN says:

                  Relax. Obviously my comments get under your skin. I DON’T watch the Vikings games, and no, I WON’T be tripping over anyone to get into any stadium they play in. I just find it interesting that those who are in favor of it are seemingly in your good graces, and those who do not like them, are forced to suffer your wrath. WHY can’t those who oppose it, or are not Vikings fans, speak their peace?? I never said ALL Minnesota fans are “meanies.” Like I said before, I have NEVER had trouble at any other sporting event here…NEVER. However, when I have to worry about being hit by plates and/or glasses at a local Champps when the Vikings lose, I guess I just find it rather interesting why it fails to happen when the Wild, Twins, or Gophers lose.

                  So, I won’t notice where .05 cents of my money goes. No, that’s what they ALL say. Before you know it, you are being taxed at nearly .60 cents on the dollar for one thing or another that they say you won’t even notice. WHERE does it stop??

                  Look, you can call me any name in the book, rip apart my teams (Steelers, Pens, Pirates and Michigan Wolverines..because I played there) or swear at me under your breath if you wish, but rest assured I’m not going to threaten anyone, resort to name calling, call in sick to work, or launch into a profanity laced tirade. If you can’t accept the fact that not everyone agrees with you or sees it through your eye’s, well, I wish you the best of luck, because you are going to need it.

                3. S&MAN says:

                  Relax. Obviously my comments get under your skin. I DON’T watch the Vikings games, and no, I WON’T be tripping over anyone to get into any stadium they play in. I just find it interesting that those who are in favor of it are seemingly in your good graces, and those who do not like them, are forced to suffer your wrath. WHY can’t those who oppose it, or are not Vikings fans, speak their peace?? I never said ALL Minnesota fans are “meanies.” Like I said before, I have NEVER had trouble at any other sporting event here…NEVER. So, I won’t notice where .05 cents of my money goes. No, that’s what they ALL say. Before you know it, you are being taxed at nearly .60 cents on the dollar for one thing or another that they say you won’t even notice. WHERE does it stop??

                  Look, you can call me any name in the book, rip apart my teams (Steelers, Pens, Pirates and Michigan Wolverines..because I played there) or swear at me under your breath if you wish, but rest assured I’m not going to threaten anyone, resort to name calling, call in sick to work, or launch into a profanity laced tirade. If you can’t accept the fact that not everyone agrees with you or sees it through your eye’s, well, I wish you the best of luck, because you are going to need it.

  23. montana made says:

    I live outa state,,,and have season tickets for the Vikings like I have for the last 20 or so years,,,last year alone between plane tickets motel rooms and food spent more than $35,000 to watch the Vikes,,,,thats NOT including going shopping at the “mall” and all the other items we like to spend cash on when in Minnesota…my point is: Fans spens alot going to Vikings games….what will happen to all the jobs and revenue from fans like me quit, returning year after year,game after game,,,if the Vikes are gone??????? Seems to me all the taxes earned from “lost fans” like me will have to come from somewhere else….hmmmm maybe you`ll end up having to pay more taxes in the end to make up for the lost revenue
    As far as the Vikes being a looosing team,,,anyone thinks that way is just plain NUTS !!!! look closely at the Lions or maybe the Bills?????

    1. Jeremy says:

      This is the answer that people should read as he is spot on. This man is not from MInnesota and neither is probably I would say a quarter of the fan base for the Vikings. If you look at the Vikings in the five state area, there is Montana, Iowa, and the Dakotas that are to the west of us as if you were to go east or directly north in alot of cases makes the Vikings the closest available to go to a game. These people if there was not an NFL team in the area would result in lost revenue and an attraction for people outside would give these people less incentive to come to MN and go elsewhere. This is just one aspect of what could be lost. I don’t have the numbers in front of me but I’m sure the Vikings have as much if not more impact on the incomes of the people involved in the event as they would with the State Fair which a majority of those vendors I’m sure make enough money in those two weeks and be set for that entire year.

      If they put a roof on the stadium this would result in more revenue from events such as concerts, final fours, super bowls, Wrestlemanias, and other stadium events that draw millions to the area.

      If they can pull this deal off this would only affect a small percentage and not directly impact the common Minnesotan that does not watch football. If anything as he would say if the Vikings paid for the stadium themselves where the incentive? For example if you had a 50 cent coupon off of an item would you not use it? How are the Vikings any different? If they knew that they could get a better deal elsewhere they would take it as anyone else would in the same situation?

  24. Funkey Junkie says:

    Montana Made….good point my friend
    we have a whole bunch of REALLY NARROW minded people living here in Minnesota…its PUH-THETIC to say the LEAST about them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are more worried about a few Tax dollars going to a stadium,that the 100`s in return Dollars for this State!!! Whining Cry Babies!!!

  25. james says:

    I tell ya what everyone… How bout we let another pro team go. The mpls lakers, Dallas stars. Yeh., Do any of you have any idea what would happen to the state revenue if the vikes leave. Anyone against a new stadium for a team that has done 200 % better than the gophers or the timberwolves are idiots. The vikes have been a tradition in mn for a half century. The only reason why the stadium hasnt been built yet is because your elected officials and taxpayers want ziggy and the nfl to foot the whole bill then get revenue from the stadium without putting a dime out… Business dont work that way… If you check the stats on nfl you will find out that the vikings are in the top 5 for winning percentage in the entire nfl.. Be smart people. You built the dome and its older than met stadium is

  26. james says:

    Look at our educational system…. We put more money in education every year to get nothing from it. Every year and our scores dont go up.. Every year they say its because they need more taxes…. More taxes for all of this b.s that gets us nowhere.

    1. Mike says:

      James (note; capital letter) Minnesota has some of the top test scores and highest college placements in the country.
      If you don’t like taxes, why are you supporting a stadium that is riddled with tax increases?

      1. james says:

        Do they now…. Doesnt matter when The educational system in the whole country is going down. Dont do no good that our scores are some of the highest… Enough said about that. If you read my comment above, I am not against raising taxes. Actually, in theory, a perfectly run government, taxes would go down, What I am saying is that if we can fund an educational system that siphons millions of dollars. Why not build a stadium that actually brings revenue to the state.

  27. lars says:

    I vote NO on a taxpayer funded stadium.

  28. Pay For It Yourself, Ziggy says:

    Funny, but if Ziggy had skin in the game, he wouldn’t be thinking of moving out of state with his precious Vikings team. Ziggy, if you want a stadium, you pay for the entire stadium yourself – all of it. It’s the only right thing for an “owner” to do – unless that “owner” is a freeloader, like Ziggy.

    Until taxpayers get tough with these freeloading pseudo “owners”, these pseudo “owners” will continue to strut their stuff and walk all over taxpayers.

    1. james says:

      Freeloading huh? lol… Thats funny… Lets let ziggy build it himself. That means he gets 100% of the proceeds from the stadium. All he will pay is corporate tax and property tax. Your Idea really backfires when you think of it that way huh. He will build the stadium humself, the worth of the team will go up, and the state of minnesota losses millions of dollars in revenue… Think about what you say before you say it. In your opinion, WHO is actually being thr greedy person now.

  29. Lee says:

    Now is not the time. We are in a major deficit. Everyone is tightening their belts, so must the Vikings. Maybe in the future. I’d hate for them to leave but if they threaten to leave because they don’t get a taxpayer assisted stadium then we’ll have to let them go.

  30. Ron says:

    The best Idea yet. Make the vikings build there own stadium. Let them charge what they need to make a profit and see if anyone shows up. The vikings want a handout because their business model does not work with out a handout. This whole thing is a bailout for billionaire owners for millionaire players so someone else can make them richer. BAD DEAL!! NOT ONLY NO! BUT HELL NO!!!!

    1. Matt says:

      Right-On! Right-On! Right-On!

  31. richard says:

    Sports are a business. If a business wants to build a new facility they should…Pay for it with their own money….pay for it with investment from their wealthy friends….get loans from the bank(s). WHY should the public contribute anything to the wealthy owners???? It’s really funny. Many of these rich people complain about welfare costs for the poor. However they are quite demanding about getting their share of “corporate welfare”.

  32. bob says:

    Why if I were to buy sports memoribilia for the Twins or the Wild, would it go to pay for a vikings stadium? Doesn’t seem right to me.

  33. banking laan says:

    laan – Bank laan penge a site bank laan and things like that

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