Prince Avoids Foreclosure On Chanhassen Land

CHANHASSEN (WCCO) — Prince has apparently avoided foreclosure on some land he owns in Chanhassen.

The land had been up for auction in a few weeks, but that auction has now been cancelled.

A Prince representative says the singer has paid the $369,000 balance on the mortgage.

  • Rick S.

    I was out there yesterday and drove buy. The place looks abaondoned.

    Rick S.
    Apple Valley, MN

  • Ellie

    Whew. That would have been tragic. Thanks for sharing the “news.”

  • james

    must be nice have more money then brains lol

  • jackson

    so just because he is what he is, he gets to do that,in other words special treatment, unlike the normal working everyday amercian, we have to fight tooth and nail when we are in the same position and get no brakes, nice govt we have, again who elected him

    • TheTruth

      He paid the ENTIRE BALANCE of the mortgage. Had it gone to foreclosue the bank would have gotten way less money b/c I ‘m sure no one would have bid $369k. It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

    • linda

      Jackson you are stupid. and as for as who elected him, i think your mama had something to do with it.

  • sick of whiners

    Anyone who has a foreclosure sale scheduled can have it cancelled anytime before the sale by working out a deal with the mortgage company or catching up on payments. He was not treated any different than anyone else. I didn’t realize Prince was elected to anything…

  • MJ

    Jackson……Prince received no special treatment. His property was going into
    foreclosure & put it up for auction. Anyone at anytime can either bring the
    deficiencies on their property current, or pay off their mortgage to avoid those
    steps, which is what he did. Yes, he’s in a position to do just that which many
    of us aren’t, but please remember, Prince worked hard to get where he is & with
    a career that began in 1976.

    • M

      Thanks for this. Some people are delusional and cannot accept the truth.

  • Victim Du Jour

    So I posted all that stuff in the previous thread for nothing?

    • Victim Ala Mode


  • pojo440

    Jackson, you need ot relax. Think first, speak later.

  • Calm down

    I myself don’t like purple yogirt but blue swirl is good. me thinks.

  • Gold runner

    Whole lotta peeps talking mighty few people know elected he royalty we don’t need know stinking erections

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