Somali Forum To Probe Roots Of Radicalization

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A forum organized by central Ohio’s Somali community will explore the roots of crime and radicalization among Somali youth and look for ways to prevent future problems.

The gathering Friday afternoon in Columbus is expected to draw more than 200 people from Ohio and Somali communities in Minnesota and Washington state.

Somali leaders in Ohio and nationally have long been concerned that too many disenfranchised Somali boys leave school and join gangs or in some cases are recruited by overseas terrorist groups.

Local Somali youth and religious leaders will join Homeland Security officials, FBI agents and federal prosecutors to discuss obstacles faced by the youth and ways to overcome them.

SomaliCAN, a Columbus community advocacy group, is sponsoring the event along with the Horn of Africa Community Center.

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  • Allah Loves Tasty Virgins

    Instead of SomaliCAN….lets make an adcocacy group called AmeriCAN….then we can meet and probe how to get all the Somalians OUT OF THIS COUNTRY!!!!!

  • John Carifidy

    After reading the Koran, Ahadith and The Reliance Of The Traveler, I have to laugh when I hear the phrase ‘radical Muslims’, or misunderstanders of Islam. They are doing just what Mohammad prescribed, in the books. And there are no ‘moderates’, just varying degrees of Islamic compliance.

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