Minn. Lawmakers To Hear From Ex-Gov. Bush Of Fla.

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — When Minnesota lawmakers return from a holiday recess, they’ll have a guest from Florida waiting to address them.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush plans a visit to the Capitol on Tuesday to talk about education measures he championed in his state during his two terms. He’s the brother of one former Republican president and son of another.

Republicans who control the Minnesota Legislature are pursuing several substantial changes to state school policy, including some that would alter teacher tenure and revise the way school progress is assessed.

Bush left office in 2007 and has ruled out a campaign for president next year.

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  • Murph

    Maybe he could pressure the needy? GOP to pay it’s bills too! GOP has had great success down south in keeping the electorate down and dumb by shortchanging schools. Their biggest donors love the work they have done to drive down everyones wages.Plus,by constantly faking some holier than you reverance and piety.They have managed to hoodwink enough people to still be in the running for the top job.Not to mention hold on to coal states ,all the while stifling the algae research and developement funding that would make coal king again by recycling the co 2 to pure oxygen! So yes,he is one of those marvelous magicians. But,just ask about the money,it,s chump change for any one of THEM! GOP plan for you and me? Yeah,you guessed it ,it’s a cook book!

    • grizzley man

      Oh whatever. More spewing of divisive, prejudiced, fear mongering prattle by an insecure lefty.

      • Owen

        Another lame retort from a righty. Notice at no point did he say Murph was wrong.

        • Dev

          Murph is wrong. His writing skills are at a 4th grade level.

          From the middle

      • Murph

        Griz,the truth sometimes hurts.But the GOP has made a dynasty out of hurting those who can’t fight back.Now that their niche is shrinking,they want you and me and everyone not rich to be in their torture chamber world.If you make millions you are smart,if not you should be fighting the GOP slobs yourself! Your friends and neighbors know you are a dummy if you vote GOP and don’t own a mansion and a half dozen super luxury cars! They laugh behind your back.So remember that when you brag about your GOP vote! You ain’t fooling anyone but yourself!

        • Dev

          Come on Murph! There is little difference between the two parties excepting rhetoric. Obama has proven that to even the least of the intelligent.

  • getaclue

    Why???Florida’s educational situation is a mess! Ohhh…I get it, republican way means the only way. Even if it’s a disaster. Come on people.

    • ask4j

      this is your usual repugnican approach–lie, lie and more lies. washing all those uneducated minds clean of any thought of self-thinking and realization that what is being pushed into their faces is just a power push with more lies than truths. I cannot believe that this idiot was chosen to come to MN and push for putting down public education or an programs that benefit the MAJORITY of the people in this state. this man is part of a dynasty that has done no good.

  • Tim Thomas

    What’s the topic of his speech, “How to manipulate an election and put your brother in the White House”…………..

  • Joe Schmoe

    Which would you choose, the education system in Florida or the education system we have here in Minnesota? Teachers from Minnesota are in high demand in other states, including Florida. Perhaps he could learn a thing or two from us.

    • cal


  • cal

    why is it that only idiots (dems.) seem to make stupid remarks ?

    • Dev

      Are you a dem?

    • Mandrake

      cal you must be a dem

    • ask4j

      well then there is YOUR stupid remark.

    • bob

      You must tune out Palin and Bachmaan

  • Char

    All you folks out there waiting for those two Unicorns in every garage to show up …. take a break from the class warfare and go see a great movie!

    • Mike

      Char-Great movies don’t show up on Rotten Tomatoes with a rating of 6%.
      That number indicates that just six percent of movie critics found the movie to have any merit. It is a dud, just like the book………..

      • Char

        Of course the critics (in large part, the MSM) doesn’t like it. No surprise there. However, 85% of moviegoers liked it. Go figure.

  • getaclue

    Look where Florida ranks….look where MN ranks. It’s right there in black and white. Those are the facts…otherwise you’re just another teacher basher with no rational.

    • grizzley man

      getaclue did you mean rationale? Another example of failure in our schools.

      • ask4j

        go back to your cave–springs not here yet.

  • getaclue

    Wow, that’s so smart. Did you use your spell check to figure that out. You might want to look up the word to your own name, grizzly.

  • wtdbuck

    Florida’s SAT scores for 2008 were virtually the same as last year’s, once again placing them below national averages.

    The state’s average score is 993, unchanged from 2007, according to results released today. The national average also remained unchanged at 1,017.

    The latest scores are from students who graduated high school in 2008.

    and why is he coming here again.

  • Char

    In Minnesota, where relatively few students take the SAT, average scores exceeded the national average in all subjects. The 4,685 Minnesota test-takers averaged 595 in critical reading, 609 in math and 578 in writing.


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