Wis. Woman Fined $300 For Laxative-Laced Cookies

WAUSAU, Wis. (AP) — A Wausau woman who pleaded no contest to giving laxative-laced cookies to her college professor has been fined $300.

Thirty-eight-year-old Becky Riiser apologized in court Thursday for the December 2009 act. Her attorney read from a letter she wrote the following month saying it was a “stupid practical joke” that she didn’t think through.

She told police she put half a box of Ex-Lax in the cookie batter. She left the cookies outside the office of her University of Wisconsin-Marathon County biology professor.

The Marshfield News-Herald says the professor ate one cookie. Minutes later the teacher got a phone call from a student who warned the cookies might be laced.

The professor got slightly sick the next day.

Riiser’s attorney says the UW System suspended Riiser for the semester.

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  • CookieMonster

    haha, funny…. that’s not something you do to a professor though, that’s something you do only to someone who won’t get u in trouble. i hope she got back to school though.

  • reality usa

    She’s 38?!?!?………….the whole american culture has stopped maturing. We are a parody of ourselves.

    • Apes

      Yea who gives cookies to professors!?!?! We give them money to get us the good grades. lol

  • joe

    Like Forrest Gump’s mamma always said – stupid is as stupid does.

  • Sarah

    Did the cookies taste good

  • Gregory Johnson

    we need more humor in today’s world

    • Len

      And what is humorous about a grown woman pulling adolescent pranks? She’s obviously not matured beyond 10 and needs the book thrown at her. All sorts of people who should know better trying to relive their adolescence at the cost of whoever else. I’m not as irritated at the prank itself but if it weren’t for the fact that she was 38, I would think nothing of it.

      • Hugh Jorgan

        “And what is humorous about a grown woman pulling adolescent pranks?”

        Ummm, what isn’t humerous about this?!?! Hahahahahaha!

        For everybody else, ol’ Lenny was the guy who drank employee provided pee-coffee a few years back, and has never really got over it… Heh.

  • Swamp Rat

    Give me an—“E”; give me—“X”; give me another—“E”; an—“X”; a—“L”–“A”–“X”!
    That’s — “E-X”…”L-A-X”!!! What’s does it spell? ” EX-LAX”!!! What’s it mean? “GO_GO_GO”!!! How’s that for those get-up-&-go feelings???

    Yes, the joke was stupid and the prof suffered but why didn’t the perpetrator of this joke try it first? It would have definitely cleaned her out!!!

  • jeff

    a lot of people are getting the book thrown at them lately for pranks. we have went from becoming desensitized to hypersensitive. everyone is so damn serious. must be miserable not having an anus!

  • Mae

    Really?!? 38? C’mon now…why did she think that would be funny? And if I were the professor…why would you eat some anonymous cookies left outside your door…HELLO! Random food spells trouble!

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