Charges: Man, 29, Intentionally Struck 3 In ‘U’ Hit-And-Run

By Esme Murphy, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 29-year-old Roseville man said he had “no remorse” when he hit three pedestrians in a fatal hit-and-run in Dinkytown, according to police. Now, he faces several felony charges, including second-degree murder.

On Monday, the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office charged Timothy Ayman Bakdash with second-degree murder and two felony counts of second-degree assault. If convicted, he could face a maximum penalty of life in prison.

On April 21, six days after the hit-and-run, police spoke with a person, identified only as B.B., who said that Bakdash admitted that he was driving the car in the incident.

According to the criminal complaint, at 2 a.m. on April 15, Bakdash already had “quite a few drinks” at the Library Bar in Minneapolis. Inside the bar, he apparently got into an argument with Ben Van Handel, who died as a result of this incident, and two other women. Bakdash and Handel continued the argument outside.

When Hendel walked away, Bakdash got into his vehicle, a Mitsubishi Galant, drove the wrong way on a one-way street, then onto the sidewalk and struck Handel and three other pedestrians.

Bakdash allegedly told B.B. he intended to hit and kill three of the people, but said he did not intend to strike the fourth person.

“The victim … was involved in the altercation,” said Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman. “It appears, to date, that the other two individuals that were harmed were in a different bar and just happened to be in the way when the car came the wrong way on a one-way street at 30 mph.”

According to Freeman, additional charges might be filed.

“We fully anticipate taking this to the grand jury. We think, if the evidence continues to lead the direction it is, that it is first-degree premeditated (murder),” said Freeman. “That is life without parole, without the possibility, which means when the door closes, he’s gone.”

B.B. told police that Bakdash sold him the Mitsubishi for $1,500. He said that he overheard Bakdash talking with his mother, who told him to get rid of the car that night and that she would sign the title. B.B. later picked up the car and brought it back to his garage stall to begin repairs. He later received the car’s title document, which contained Bakdash’s mother’s signature.

B.B. told police that the car’s windshield was smashed and there were dents on the car, according to the complaint.

Handel, who was a senior at the University Of Minnesota, died from his injuries on Thursday. Two other women were struck, but suffered non-life threatening injuries. One of the women sustained injuries to her leg and is currently unable to walk.

The Hennepin County Jail said there is an indefinite hold on Bakdash’s mug shot, and they will not be releasing it.

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  • Kathu Nuest

    Throw away the damn key. This idiot needs to be put away for life.

  • Guy

    Put the worthless SOB up against the wall & shoot him.
    I see no reason to pay for this f-wit’s food for the next 50 years,

    • Mike Gipprich

      I think iy would be better if he were killed in the same manner as he did. Fing an old clunker and run his ass over.

  • Stephanie Krinke

    So sorry to the victims and their families. Deepest condolences.

    I hope with time this young man will stop and think about what he did, and the consequences of his actions.

    • DannyG

      Stop and think about what he did??? that’s it?? stop and think about it???? Really???? He admitted to intenitionally mowing down these people. Traveling at a high speed he no doubt knew they could all have been killed… We should make an example of him so we can all stop and think about what he did!

      Respectfully submitted

      • JC

        He didn’t admit to any crime – it was “overheard” read more carefully. The sensationalism of the Press strikes again!

        My prayers to the family and victums.

        • bluefaery

          “Bakdash allegedly told B.B. he intended to hit and kill three of the people” … no it says that he told the witness that he meant to … maybe you should read more carefully!

          • spaniel

            “allegedly”…I think you need to read more carefully.

  • MLL

    What a LOSER. He obviously is a product of excellent parenting.

  • Sue

    I agree, throw away the key and let him rot in prison for life and think about what he did everyday and they also should lock up his mother for being an accomplice and helping him to get rid of the car, you can see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • put 'em away

    sounds like his mother is a real great role model with helping him cover up his crime. absurd.

  • Jimbeem

    The Hennepin County Jail said there is an indefinite hold on Bakdash’s mug shot, and they will not be releasing it.

    We can only hope they are not releasing it because he is severely disfigured from the repeated “falling down on his face” incidents that happened while he was resisting arrest, OR, they are trying to avoid a huge public outcry of the added charge of hate crime.
    What kind of parent covers up the criminal behavior of their children? Obviously they had no ties to their community other than what they can take and no ambition to work and contribute to society. This would be a good candidate for execution.

    • mel

      rich, rich and more of the rich, that is why. Family, money, who you know. I will be surprised if he gets any time. If will come out soon for those who don’t already know. I assume he has grown up in the type of life where responsibility is not too much of a factor. Hopefully the courts will finally give him some.

  • Workings of an Idle Mind

    Send him to Peru. He’d make a good roomie with Van Der Sloot.

  • red

    No remorse and this was intentional? His frickin mother ought to be thrown in the slammer to for trying to cover this up. He deserves life in prison

    • 56001

      Maybe obstruction of justice charge? She does need to be charged with something too.

  • sad

    Ayman Bakdash? Was this a hate crime? I posted earlier about his religion but cco took it down.

  • We Miss You Ben!

    I knew Ben, the student killed, and I feel absolutely sick that not only was this sorry excuse for a human driving drunk, but he intended to hit and kill people! I have always been in the middle for capital punishment, but this POS deserves it.

  • red


  • lib

    Both mother and son are terrorists, full of hate to have committed such a foul deed, and then try to cover it up? uggg! both should see the death plenalty, they destroyed a better man then Bakdash could ever hope to be. Sorry to his family and I hope the other victim has a full recovery.

  • truth

    If Bakdash were a Christian who deliberately plowed his car into Muslims this woiuld be national news as a hate crime, but the opposite has happened so no big deal to the news media.

    • Michael

      It would have been national news as a hate crime, because that’s what christians are KNOWN for.

    • Todd W. Olson

      How do you know that the victims were Christians? Were they personal friends of yours?

      • Pat

        Where he was a student at the U probably not Christian. I don’t think that would be allowed would it?

        • pat

          What…? it is called tongue in cheek Todd, and I would never wish death on anyone, not even the perpetrator of this terrible crime.

          • Dubious Debbie

            I don’t wish death upon anyone either.
            However, in this case, he wished death upon himself by actions
            I will offer to pull the trigger

          • Hope he dies

            I hope he dies

    • JC

      Doesn’t fit the “profile” of a GOOD news story that some people have poor judgement AND are of a less than majority/mainstream group.

  • We Miss You Ben!

    How has religion even entered into this? I don’t see anywhere in the article where a religion for either the suspect or victims is mentioned. Regardless, does it even matter?!

    • sad

      Of course it matters if it is a hate crime.

      • We Miss You Ben!

        While, you’re right, if religion was involved, it would be a hate crime, but where in the article does it mention religion or hate crime? To me it just sounds like a guy with anger issues who chose to run over people intentionally because whoever he was arguing with just walked away and he didn’t like that. And regardless of what this guy’s motive was, a man is dead!

        • sad

          You just keep thinking happy thoughts about the brute who killed Ben, anger issues? Hate issues more like You don’t want to look at this truthfully because it goes against your belief system that all of Islam is good.

          • bk

            I’m just asking you to provide evidence that this is about religion or a hate crime. I’m not saying it wasn’t a hate crime, but I don’t see evidence yet that it was, besides you saying it was – where do you get your information? I knew Ben and I am not “thinking happy thoughts about this brute” and am in fact devastated by Ben’s death. So don’t accuse me of sympathizing with this guy. And thank you for letting me know what my beliefs are.

            • Michael

              A majority of the people who post on here are paranoid. It’s best to just leave them alone so they don’t start throwing stuff in their parent’s basement. They represent the branch of conservative christianity that enjoys marginalizing gays, liberals, muslims, hispanics, blacks, and the poor -all the while trying to make us feel like THEY are the ones being victimized. What they don’t realize is that being called-out on their b.s. doesn’t make them a victim, it makes them CAUGHT.

            • sad

              This killler should get your name so you can be on his jury. Save your bleeding heart for Ben.

            • lib

              They won’t release a picture of this guy because it may cause community anger and look at his name… I realize that some may be making assumptions about this killer, but they may have some validity. I do know that to provide any kind of sympathy for this monster is grotesque, I don’t care what Ben may have said to anger this man, nothing warrants what he did, and I don’t care how drunk a person is, they may accidentallly hit someone but to aim for them? No way, deliberate.

  • M B

    I really hate the thought of paying for this guy’s incarceration. This guy is one reason we should have the death penalty. Nothing else seems to work.

    The criminals obviously don’t fear God or the penal system, and their parents obviously stunk at being proper parents, so what’s left as a deterrent to crime? Neutering? Be a criminal and lose your right to procreate?

  • JKB

    Life without possibility of parole!! The Mother to this POS also desserves to be charged. I have adult children and you can bet, IF one of them committed a crime Id be turning their ass in! Makes us all wonder what has become of society that we think life has no value. I am so sorry for Van Handels family and friends, this news has to be a crushing blow.

  • JB

    You can look up this guys criminal record at: . He has four priors, with one in 2005 and three in 2008. Considering that a person is only arrested for 10% of their crimes, time to toss the key on this one and let his momma keep him company. IF he is not from here, can he be deported, post haste?

  • AML

    This animal who shows no remorse should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. His mother needs to face some music as well. And what about the person who bought his car – why did he wait 6 days to talk to police? They all knew what happened and yet did nothing. Disgusting. Meanwhile, there were 4 families in agony – especially the Van Handels who had to say goodbye to their son and these chuckleheads went about their business. I’m new to MN so I don’t know the laws here yet – why did Bakdash even have a license? Let’s not forget the victims of this senseless crime and hope they all find some peace knowing this beast of off the street. Thank you Roseville police for staying diligent and arresting him.

  • Missy

    When this guy admitted to purposely running down this group of people, I believe he gave up any chance for negotiations, so he will probably get the full punishment possible under the law. I’m not a lawyer though, so I’m not sure.

  • markH

    According to the sickly Christian doctrine, he need only ask for forgiveness and accept Jesus as his personal savior and all is forgiven.

    • lib

      Not quite,forgiveness requires True repentance and God knows a truly repentant heart.

      • Michael

        And only the people that are good, true, intelligent and competent can see the emperor’s new clothes.

  • G

    Unfortunately the US has one of the highest allowable limits of alcohol to still drive, lower the limit so intoxication does not effect the judgement of ones own ability to drive, once someone is around .08 their inhibitions have been lowered to a point where they may not care about the consequences of their choice to drive, or the legal risk.

    • successNOT

      .08 is nothing i could drive a school bus at that, im also surprised no1 bothered to mention maybe the victims were harassing him also and that made him snap, does it make it ok, absolutly not, but then it would be perhaps the hate that way that started it

      • Jeff

        Drive a bus @.08? Maybe you should plan your stay behind bars too successNOT. Arguements and even physical altercations don’t justify intententional murder.

    • sickofrepeatoffenders

      G lowering or raising the legal limit isn’t going to make any difference, it was lowered and people are still stupid enough to drink and drive. There is no excuse for someone to get a dwi other than they are dumb and think they can handle it! People know what drinking and driving can do to themselves and to other innocent people. The sad thing is that it is always the innocent people that are the ones that get hurt or die. If the legal limit were changed again people would still be repeat offenders because these people just don’t get it. And in this case it is looking more and more likely that this animal didn’t care, he just wanted to hurt these people and hurt them he did. I hope he has a slow and painful death because what comes around goes around.

  • anonYMous

    FYI Bakdash is not a muslim. So it is wrong to classify this as a race hate crime.

  • Mo

    Hate crimes don’t have to be about religion. I’m not sure this fits the letter of the law, but it’s obvious this guy has a lot of hate in his heart and took it out on these folks. This is what you get when kids aren’t held accountable, for whatever reason. Children need limits, as well aa rewards and consequences. This man has no empathy because he’s so special and he’s the exception to every rule. Only his feelings matter. If that type of parenting doesn’t stop this type of heartbreak will not stop.

  • MattGMD

    What a nice mother to help her son try to sell off the car so quickly. Perhaps charge her as an accomplice or something for cearly trying to get rid of evidence. One sociopath spawns another- end the cycle.

    • Superchik1017

      …and I bet you she goes to church every Sunday.

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