MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) –- Police arrested the mother of the man who purposefully plowed into three University of Minnesota students, one of which died from the injuries he suffered.

Diane Bakdash was at Hennepin County Jail Monday night visiting her son, Timothy Ayman Bakdash, when police arrested her. No charges have yet been filed against her, but a criminal complaint released Monday said that she told her son to immediately get rid of the car with which he hit the three students. The complaint said she also signed the car’s title document in an effort to repair and get rid of the car.

Timothy Ayman Bakdash was charged Monday with several felony charges, including second-degree murder. He said he felt no remorse after hitting the students, police said. If convicted, he may spend the rest of his life in prison.

Comments (31)
  1. Pavel says:

    Prison for both and throw away the key!

  2. HooDatIS? says:


  3. Bill says:

    It’s like the Texas Chain Saw Masacre Family!

  4. jp says:

    She did what all moms would do to protect her son. not saying she was right but she shouldn’t have to pay for his actions. He should spend the rest of his days in prison for taking away another human being life.

    1. JL says:

      Really, all moms would do this?! If she had taught this boy right from wrong in the first place, she and her son wouldn’t be in this predicament. However, it’s quite obvious that she, herself, lacks the morals necessary to properly raise a child and was a tremendous failure as a mother. She should be locked up just for that because she indirectly caused this tragic event.

    2. KM says:

      So you would have no problem helping your child cover up a crime where an innocent person was killed and others injured? WOW!! She’s not paying for his actions, she’s paying for her own actions for helping him try to cover up the crime.

    3. mom says:

      shame on you for thinking all moms would do this, you are wrong, I am a mom and there is no way I would ever cover up any crime for my son. I love my son more than life itself, and if my son ever did something like this I would feel I failed him as his mother because obviously he wasn’t listening to me when I was teaching him to have compassion for others, or to treat others the way he would want them to be treated and to never ever get in a car when he has been drinking or with someone who has been drinking. The last think I would be doing was telling him how to cover up something like this, the first thing I would do is calling the police and turning him in, it’s called tough love and maybe if more parents lived by this rule there would be less crime and it would be safer to walk out your front door. I didn’t raise my children to be criminals and I don’t expcect them to act like ones if they want to do the crime they will face the consequences of their actions.

    4. Pickwick says:

      BS! She should pay for HER actions. She aided and abetted a stone cold murder. Doesn’t matter if it was her son. If she had been the kind of mother who would drop a dime on kids gone bad, maybe her son wouldn’t have gotten to the place where he could conceive of doing something like this.

  5. cb says:

    Life in prison is just another form of welfare. We pay to take care of them the rest of their lives. Institute the death penalty!

    1. wbkrnw says:

      The death penalty is actually much more expensive than life in prison (due to 10+ years of appeals, lawyers, etc). Plus, there have been several instances in which innocent people have been put to death. Are you willing to risk that? Death should not be a criminal’s way out. Life in prison without parole is the way to go.

      1. Lower Middle Class man says:

        Then I say we send you the Bill

    2. dphilips says:

      Yeah! Thats it! Just have a public lynching! What a hillbilly!

      1. Lower Middle Class man says:

        Sound good to me. I’ll bring some popcorn and come watch!!!!

  6. Mike Hunt says:

    Hey “jp”, I hope you’re not a parent because you just don’t get it. If it needs explaining you never will.

    1. Ann says:

      Hey Jp your a loser, I can’t believe anyone would think that way. As for the mother and son the death penalty is a good start, here is a good example of killing off the gene pool. Let’s hope she did”nt birth any more monsters.

      1. snowman says:

        Loser? You toothless mouth breathers that support the death penalty
        are the losers Thank God there will never be a death penalty in Minnesota

        1. Lower Middle Class man says:

          We can now split that bill to keep these people in jail – We can now send you just 1/2 the total Bill – Anyone else cate to help out??????

  7. Mary Elfstrand Kubes says:

    I agree with cb 100%!

  8. red says:

    Jp she does need to pay for HER actions cause she help her son get rid of the car by signing the tiltle over. She was wrong. She should have told the loser to turn in himself in

  9. mn says:

    I would like to see the numbers you’re using to back that statement up.
    This guy deserves the firing squad. A roof, bed and three square meals a day are too good for him. Death penalty in Minnesota!

    1. dphilips says:

      Hey rube! No other country in the world has the death penalty! Take off that tin foil hat and have your trailer tested for lead!

      1. Richard in Minneapolis says:

        Several other countries in the world have the death penalty, Saudi Arabia and China among them. Most, if not all, European countries have abolished the death penalty.

      2. fred says:

        no other country in world has the death penalty?….what color is the sky in your little world?…..several mid-eastern country’s would behead you for even lesser crimes.

  10. Earthman2020 says:

    No dad in the picture apparently. What a shame. I read reports on this story yesterday indicating alcohol played a huge factor in this senseless death. People who can’t drink responsibly shouldn’t drink at all.

    1. fred says:

      the dad probably had enough of these nutbags and took the train….good plan.

  11. joe says:

    There was a Dad in his life, a surgeon and the wife is a nurse. They were always to busy for him. They gave him everything he wanted, except the most important item, there time and love.
    I guess there careers where more important to them then the son.

  12. All for it says:

    The death peanlty for a senseless act – Especially in a cut and dry case like this is reasonable punishment – This might even help us dig out of our deficit by not supporting them in prison the rest of their lives. We need the death penalty fo rsituations like this- Period!!!!

  13. DanE P says:

    I’m surprised the police has not taken the car in as evidence already.

  14. You sux at Parenting says:

    Diane Bakdash

    I understand you were trying to protect your child but what about the MOTHER OF THE VICTIM WHO DIED? Where is her support? And the FATHER? What about the other parents of the people involved that were severely injured.

    I hope you go to prison with your son and you two can carry out your meaningful relationship behind a prison wall.

  15. l says:

    protect you child from what? going to jail, cover up his actions? what mothering? your are wrong, mothers should not protect their children from prosecution if they have committed a crime

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