ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton is asking Minnesota’s Republican-controlled Legislature days to send him a full set of budget bills within 10 days.

The Democratic governor set a May 6 deadline on Tuesday, promising quick action on the bills so end-of-session budget talks can begin. The state constitution requires the session to end May 23.

Dayton says he will be less optimistic for an on-time finish if lawmakers don’t meet his deadline.

He says the Legislature has a responsibility to finish its budget before their talks start. Both houses have passed different sets of budget bills and named negotiators to reconcile the differences.

Republican Sen. David Hann says the Legislature’s deadline is May 23. He says GOP majorities are focused on the budget and don’t see the value in sending Dayton bills he’s likely to veto.

Dayton and Republicans remain divided on how to erase a $5 billion deficit. The governor wants high-end income tax increases, while GOP lawmakers oppose state tax increases.

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Comments (13)
  1. John says:

    That’s right republicans, stop playing with your yankers and get to business!

  2. Blue Dog says:

    The ability of the Republicans to meet the deadline is probably the equivalent of their desire to compromise and to have a special session so they can get paid more. Governor Dayton did submit his budget request in a timely manner. His stance is compromise, not one side or the other cave in.

  3. Bakk or Zellers? says:

    We already know this is going to hurt some people. If the governor has his way it will be balanced by taxing the wealthy. Who will guide us to a compromise and who will be the blame if they end up in a special session? Bakk or Zellers?

    1. TiredOfHandoutstoWealthy says:

      Everyone needs to work on the compromise. But you have to get it right. Increasing taxes on the wealthy is only part of Dayton’s budget. He also has cuts and layoffs of state employees. Most economists say the state or federal budget problems cannot be solved with new revenue alone or cuts alone. It needs to be a mix of cuts and new revenue.. Why are so many worried about having the high income people pay a little more. The gap between the wealthier and low/middle class people have grown in the last decade. Republican legislators say the lower end of Dayton’s plan are not “wealthy”. Remember this lower end is not base income but “taxable” income – after they have made all of their deductions when they file taxes. This low end is 2% of all Minnesotans for single people and 4% for married people. If the 2-4% of all Minnesotans making the greatest income is not high income earners – who is?

  4. Pat says:

    Letterman had a joke about Gates dropping a $1000 bill. It would cost him more to pick it up than he would have made letting it lie on the ground. Taxing the wealthy makes perfect sense to me.

    This economy sucks and you can’t balance the budget on the backs of the middle class, the poor people or the elderly. The wealthy have gotten wealthier in this economy but it will end if you don’t tax the wealthy their FAIR share. I would go one step further … If you don’t tax the wealthy … you will lose your job whether it’s Gov. Dayton or those misaligned corporate loving Republicans.

    And remember … “it’s a privilege not a right to vote” Cute Zellers

  5. Supermarket says:

    The top 5% pay 48% of all income tax collected.
    The top 10% pay 78% of all income tax collected.
    The bottom 45% pay NO income tax.

    I think the rich are paying their fair share. If taxes are to be raised, they should be raised across the board. The biggest gripe the tax payer has is how tax dollars are consumed and wasted. Which of the above groups do you think are the biggest user of social service tax dollars?

    1. JR says:

      So you are saying the top 15% of the earners in this state pay 126% of the taxes collected. Sounds like goernment math to me?

      Other questions is… 10 days or else what? Nothing. There is nothing he can do except send them home with no budget and wait for the shut down that is just around the corner.

    2. TiredOfHandoutstoWealthy says:

      The bottom 45%pay NO income tax because the top 5-10% running the businesses do not pay them adequate wages, benefits or provide pension options. So the lowest paid people become depend on government and all of us other taxpayers end up taking care of their employees while those earners just make more money. They should pay more taxes. Better yet. The top 5-10% business owners should pay their employees adequate wages so everyone could end up paying taxes and take care of their own health and pension plans. So if those 45% were contributing to the tax base maybe all of us could pay lower rates rather than having the majority of us help the wealthy get wealthier!

  6. Mark says:

    Supermarket – You are right on! There is absolutely no reason why EVERYONE who benefits from government services should not help pay for these services. If taxes really need to be raised, then EVERYONE should share the responsibility. Not just the successful. (Who by the way employ me. AND I thank them for that.)

  7. Huffington Post in here says:

    Other than Supermarket and Mark, it is like the Huffington Post in here. The lazy man’s way out seem to be the easiest. I really dislike the lazy people who want to confiscate other peoples money. If you want to tax the higher earners, you are lazy. It’s that simple. You want other people to do the lifting for you and that is why you aren’t one of the higher earners. Everybody went through the same education system and some rose to the top and other’s partied and did nothing with their opportunity. Now you want to punish the very people who already fund the gov and use the fewest services. Lazy, slackers!!

    1. Al says:

      jeezus what a moron

  8. Swamp Rat says:

    To the GOP:
    Put-up or shut-up. COMPROMISE and get Minnesota’s budget balanced in a sane way. Get the state’s work done.

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