Movie Blog MSPIFF Spotlight: ‘Bill Cunningham’

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The photographer and his subjects in the poster for "Bill Cunningham New York." (credit: Zeitgeist Films)

The photographer and his subjects in the poster for “Bill Cunningham New York.” (credit: Zeitgeist Films)

(credit: CBS) Eric Henderson
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By Eric Henderson, WCCO

According to the MSPIFF website, the top-rated movie (as measured by audience vote) still set to have another screening is Bill Cunningham New York.

Why? Well, I have one theory.

To wit, the movie covers the life and times of a venerated albeit aging titan working in a field that typically favors the vitality of youth, the sheen of the new, the thrill of the bizarre, the beauty of the otherworldly.

Bill Cunningham shoots fashion, but does so in a way that’s more democratized, less elite. He’s something like a patron saint for returning an art form to the masses, for mining the underground for its untold riches. And yet he himself dresses like any other old schlub on the street.

Call me crazy, but does anyone else see a touch of MSPIFF godfather Al Milgrom in this guy? (Theater 1, 9:45 p.m.)



All shows are playing at the St. Anthony Main Theatre. For the complete festival schedule, click here. An alphabetical listing of all the movies being shown can be found here. Ticket information is here.

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