By Edgar Linares, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Brit’s Pub in downtown Minneapolis is expecting a large crowd Friday morning as they broadcast the royal wedding live.

“We’re opening at 4 o’clock on Friday morning,” said Shane Higgins, Brit’s Pub general manager. “The ceremony itself starts at 5 o’clock.”

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Edgar Linares Reports

Higgins is from northern England and is happy to see his country getting worldwide attention.

“It’s great. There’s lots of attention,” said Higgins. “We’re a small country and a third of the world is going to be looking at the UK, so it’s great.”

Brit’s Pub will hold a William and Kate look-a-like contest, give away a trip to London and at night, hold a wedding reception with a Beatles tribute band.

“It’s going to be a long, long day of festivities,” said Higgins. “I’m not a huge royalist but it’s a good time to have fun with friends and family … guests and the rest of the world,” he said.

Minneapolis brewer Crispin Cider is marking the occasion with a new drink called “The Union.” The company makes hard apple cider and says it’s well known that Prince William has a passion for the drink.

They say it’s a limited release cider that marries pure apple and pear juice using French champagne yeast, with organic honey and rose water.

Brit’s Pub will broadcast the wedding on several TV screens and on the side of a building next to its massive courtyard.

“The royal family is good for tradition and history. These are the times when we do appreciate them,” said Higgins.

Comments (9)
  1. Steve says:

    A toast to my good friend Col from Doncaster. A personel friend of Maggie Thatcher

  2. Bruce says:

    There will be a big crowd, unless we all get Royal Wedding OD Syndrome and opt to be anywhere we don’t have to hear the names Kate and WIlliam for at least a month.

  3. cindy says:

    Thanks for deleting my comment on how absolutely sickening this is WCCO!

  4. red says:

    I could careless also

    1. Sandy says:

      Then why are you reading or even commenting on it. rotflmao

  5. Stace says:

    If you don’t care, why did you read it then???

  6. Cindy says:

    Only the headline Stace! And only to report on how sickening this is – thanks blog monitor….

    1. Paul says:

      Get a life Cindy, You obviously don’t have one.

  7. SirDerwith says:

    Anglophiles suck!

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