LAKEVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) — The people who fight crime for a living are taking it to the classroom early in the hopes of stopping crime before the patterns have a chance to get started.

Law enforcement leaders from the south metro visited New Horizon Academy in Lakeville on Wednesday. They are part of a national program called “Fight Crime: Invest In Kids.”

The group wants to invest in high-quality, early education to help at risk kids succeed. They say that will reduce the chances that those kids commit crimes, and save the taxpayers money.

“I have on occasion talked with Kindgarten teachers who tell me who I’m going to be seeing in the future in the courtroom as a prosecutor,” said Rice County Attorney Paul Beaumaster.

Minnesota taxpayers will spend $465 million on the corrections system alone in 2011.

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  1. successNOT says:

    You wanna prevent future crime, tie some tubes in the ghetto its the best solution

  2. Victim Du Jour says:

    I think greedy and corrupt media and entertainment corporations are misguiding younger people the most.

    Targeting young people with porn and graphic adult material.

    Kids are being taught to have sex for the wrong reasons. Just like how the media points fingers at “Joe Camel”

  3. Voice of Experience says:

    Law enforcement can be their own worst enemy when they make up, and try to enforce laws that don’t exist. We are taught from an early age that ignorance of the law is no excuse, but judges allow some law enforcers to be ignorant all to often.
    I’m not saying that educating kids in not important, but as soon an officer breaks the law all that education goes down the drain.

    1. successNOT says:

      Well im sure you were being a outstanding citzen and an asset to society, when a law officer randomly chose you and acted illegaly towards you, hey way to take resposibility for your actions also, do you know how easy it is not 2 get involved with law enforcement, very easy i havent had a conversation with 1 for 7years

      1. Voice of Experience says:

        There are plenty of examples of assault, and even murder by police officers on the web. Some are even dumb enough to be caught on their own dash cams. I feel sorry for the officers that do their jobs honestly every day. I was like many others who believed it would never happen to me, until it did.

  4. Norge says:

    “Minnesota taxpayers will spend $465 million on the corrections system alone in 2011.”
    Why not just teach marksmanship in high school then issue every law abiding citizen a .45 or .38, or a 12ga. at age 21…save a couple hundred million per year for sure. Probably clean out the gene-pool of a few turds also.

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