Sony’s Online Network Hacked, Gamers’ Info Compromised

BLOOMINGTON (WCCO) — For the last week, some video games have been unplugged –literally. Sony’s PlayStation Network was hacked and, in turn, taken down last Wednesday. Now, Sony says key security information may have been stolen, some players are mad, and others are worried.

If you’re into video games, Discland in Bloomington is heaven. Rioko Sponslier works there, and plays games online. At least he did before PlayStation got hacked.

“When it happened,” he said, “a brand new game had just come out that requires you to go online to activate, and I was really excited, pumped up to play my friends, but of course, no luck.”

Now, he’s one of 77 million PlayStation users waiting for the network to come back, which could take weeks until it is fully secured, and worrying about information that’s been compromised.

“You have the online gamers who are really mad, being that they can’t play,” said Sam Nelson, who also works at Discland. “Or, the actual customers that have used their credit card information in the PlayStation store, worried about their information being stolen.”

Names, birthdates, email addresses, and log-in information are all at risk, so security consultant Neil Huotari says players should change passwords immediately, including security answers, and check accounts daily for unusual activity.

Huotari also warns about responding to emails or phone calls claiming to come from Sony.

“Since they have your phone number,” he said, “if you are receiving a phone call from Sony, and they ask for information, hang up right away. Hang up right away and call a main number.”

Huotari also says parents should always set up the game accounts for their kids. He also said to make sure your passwords aren’t obvious things, like birth dates or street addresses.


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