White House Releases President Obama’s Birth Certificate

Wednesday morning, the White House released a copy of the long-form Birth Certificate from the state of Hawaii.  The release was done in response to requests by “birthers” which according to the White House, had become a distraction.  You can read the full release from the White House here.

President Obama Statement on Birth Certificate

Here is the image of the Birth Certificate:

obama birth certificate White House Releases President Obamas Birth Certificate

(credit: CBS)

  • Pork Chop Guy

    All presidential hopefuls should have to provide this BEFORE the election. I didn’t realize the president is actually “the 2nd”. (II)

    Not sure why this took so long to produce.

    • carlos

      Macdonald’s counter staff have to provide this basic info.
      You would think the highest office in the country might be held to similar standards,

      Oh wait, Obama is excepted from all former rules and laws, I forgot.

    • google-it

      he did provide it before the election.

  • Matt

    Wait a second, so Obama sent someone to Hawaii to pick up this birth certificate NOW, after spending 2 years in office and visiting Hawaii at least 2 times that I am aware of.

    He couldn’t just have it sent using the USPS? No we have to fly someone there ti pick it up?

    I’m guessing the Mr Obama didn’t pick up that cost, me and you did, and some people want MORE government.

    What a joke.

  • ron

    its mighty strange to me that when so called white people get in office no one seems to question their birth place the prejidice iss thick in this country so i guess every so called white person was born here (what a joke) and s soon as we get a black president oh he couldnt possible be born in the united states ..You people aare deep

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