ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A House panel has voted to invalidate ordinances preventing Minneapolis and St. Paul police from asking about a person’s immigration status unless related to a crime.

The bill from Republican Rep. Bob Barrett of Shafer cleared the House Public Safety Committee and Crime Prevention Thursday on a divided voice vote. It has one more committee stop before reaching the full House.

Supporters say the state should be tougher on illegal immigration.

The proposal would overturn local prohibitions against enforcing immigration law or giving federal authorities information about immigration status.

City codes in Minneapolis and St. Paul separate policing from federal immigration enforcement in most cases.

Top police officials from both cities testified Tuesday that the policies help officers build relationships with immigrant communities and their repeal would hurt public safety.

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Comments (23)
  1. SR says:

    It’s about time some lawmakers have some sense and see that ILLEGAL IS A CRIME, NOT A RACE!!!

  2. Mike says:

    Why wait until you catch them driving a car before checking their status? They clearly are here working, check places of employment. It would save on fuel consumption and then when you catch them being illegally employed, throw the UN-American employers in jail and send the alien back home at the employers expense.

  3. Carp says:

    Let me get this straight, the law says that any cop can stop anyone on the street and “ask” them about their immigration status. What if I tell them it’s none of their business or I say that I am a legal resident. Will the officer then say, ‘Ok, just checking’? What the heck, release the rednecks!

    1. Elmo says:

      Cop – Excuse me, Pedro, Jose, whatever hombre, you’re looking a little too tan for this area. Are you from here?

      Antonio- Well, I live and work in Dallas but I’m from Wisconsin originally.

      Cop-Really? I don’t think so. We just don’t have your ah, type around here.

      Antonio-I’m from Wisconsin. I grew up as Packers fan. Well, until I got out of college and started working for my employer.

      Cop-Oh, your employer. Taking a job away from an American, huh? And what job would this be?

      Antonio-QB for the Dallas Cowboys.

      This is why this law is a problem. US citizen, Hispanic citizen Tony Romo gets deported for mistakenly being here illegally as opposed to being booted for being a Dallas Cowboy.

      What is OUR country coming to?

  4. M says:

    “Top Cops”, if we actually enforced the law and sent illegal aliens/ gang members back to their own countries….that would take even better care of public safety.

  5. Fair, is Fair says:

    Are cops of color afraid to confront people of their own race?
    Whites have been confronting whites forever.

  6. MARK says:

    If a cop ever asked me to prove that I was a legal resident I would respectfully tell him to buzz off.

  7. dan says:

    It is illegal to be in this country if you are an illegal alien. Pure and simple. I fought for this country and its citizens, not for some lazy illegal who feels its just easier to sneek in rather than go thru the process like all of our ancestors did at one time.
    Pay your dues and we will welcome you with open arms, even Tony Romo!

  8. Brittanicus says:

    Why is the “Rule of Law” not adequate for the Liberal Czarists in the Obama administration, but they can intimidate the State of Arizona by dragging them to court. It seems remote that this legally correct for UTAH, to enact its own Guest worker program. Utah will be noticeably joining the other Sanctuary States of California and Nevada. These two states have high illegal alien concentrations and out-of-control State general public deficits. California is drowning in a Gov. Jerry Brown’s massive 26 billion dollar debt, followed by Senator Harry Reid’s Nevada with roughly $3 Billion. Reid was the perpetrator who eroded E-Verify, the illegal immigrant electronic business verification system; stripping E-Verify of its mandate. How many more States will be overrun by millions of illegal immigrants, running from the restrictive States of Arizona, claiming they have no need to halt the encroachment?

    Hopefully, I do hope the citizens and legal residents, who will be financially harmed, will throw out the lawmakers who decided to do nothing? As they did in California and Nevada, who are now paying a heavy penalty, as even more economic foreigners start stealing jobs, compliments of dishonest businesses and then applying for public benefits with stolen ID. Then all the children of illegal parents crowding into school classrooms, and whole extended families filling up seats in the hospital emergency rooms will be slowed to a dribble. The story is the same throughout this country and the only hope we have to not prolong this sick carnival is by joining the nearest TEA PARTY. We must rid ourselves of Liberal, Democrats and Republicans who stealthily would arrange amnesties, behind the public’s back. There are many good Presidential candidates who have the TEA PARTY agenda at heart, which will rid us of this unconscionable epidemic of this alien invasion. Ruben Navarrete has quickly forgotten the hundreds of thousands of jobs of the less educated, that has no prejudiced against a persons color. That blacks, whites, brown had their jobs stolen by the illegal immigrant invasion, caused by unfair competition as foreign nationals who come here could exist on lesser wages or benefits, living four families to a home.

    Foothold children to a large extent exhaust the social welfare programs in the US. This is serious intent to legally enter America in near full term of pregnancy, so the birthright law comes into effect. The anchor baby has now a nationwide term, defining an offspring of an illegal immigrant or other non-citizen, who under current legal interpretation becomes a United States citizen at birth; the law is ruthlessly used in apply for welfare programs. The female if allowed staying, gets even more benefits, when they become pregnant again, and again and again. This insures cash payments, food stamps, Wicca and federal Section 8 housing that shortly the whole extended family moves too.

    In one year Parkland Memorial Hospital Dallas, the second busiest maternity ward in the United States, 70% of the women giving birth were illegal aliens. That added up to 11,200 babies for which Medicaid kicked in 34.5 million dollars to deliver these babies, the feds another 9.5 million and Dallas taxpayers tossed in 31.3 million. The sheer numbers are phenomenal. In Stockton, California (2003), 70 percent of the 2,300 babies, born in San Joaquin General Hospital’s maternity ward were foothold babies. FAIR estimates there are about 363,000 children are born to illegal aliens each year. It’s a must read the report in a Pdf file “Illegal Aliens and American Medicine.” Just Google the whole text.

    This nation is crippled by entitlement programs, which has escalated the national deficit to 14.5 trillion dollars. Thanks to decades of uncontrolled spending, we can no longer afford the money expended on the world, or illegal immigrants flocking here. Billions go every year to foothold children, brought into America by poor families in every corner of each hemisphere. The costs must be reversed now, not later as we are heading to a monetary swamp, where America’s credit will be further downgraded by Standard and Poor. Before we reach the debt ceiling, we must force on our reluctant politicians cuts in discretionary spending and every niche of the ever growing government agencies. Many could be merged with others federal entities and all pseudo offices could be closed down. The country is broke and we are fighting wars for other countries.

    We should open up new drilling areas, including Anwar, Alaska. I’m only one of millions of moderate Conservatives who demand not being dictated to by environmentalist who have overwhelmed sane citizens, enforcing such laws as the endangered Species Act. Relocate the wild creatures along the border, or places where they can drill for precious oil. Give Communist China, Mexico an ultimatum that they play by the free trade agreement rules or the TEA PARTY leaders will renegotiate them. Whatever issue is involved such as Oil, Free trade treaties it smells of corruption, lobbyists Campaign Contributions and favors.

    1. me says:

      This isn’t a publishing house, you know.

    2. Mike says:

      Brittanicus the sanctimonious fool who never knows when to shut up………

    3. Sigh says:

      You’re not a moderate conservative! Moderate and Tea Party in the same paragraph… the ultimate oxymoron!

    4. fred says:

      all I heard was….bla…bla….bla………… you really know when to shut up

  9. Kendra says:

    Love it. Go republicans, lets get this country back on track.

  10. michelle says:

    Why is it that everyone Thinks its the Mexicans here stealing jobs?? You cant steal what no one wants!!! Border Patrol is a joke why are we patroling it? So the Mexicans cant come here?? yeah yeah its about drugs!! But what about all the other people who are here illegally who cant stand americans But want everything for free? Come here learn how to fly ect then turn around an try to destroy us???? HMMM Bet no one asks them for thier green card or their citizenship status!! Why not ??? Hmm because they have caught on to the American Dream Sue Them!!!!! I think if everyone wants The mexicans gone then I think Every single Person here from another Country Has to go to!!! Maybe Everyone should ask a Native American what they think about all the illegals here!!!! Just saying!!!!!

  11. Chris says:

    Who are they to dictate local ordinances?

  12. Chris says:

    Why would Minneapolis even listen to a bill from some dimwit from the boondocks? Its like the Feds raiding the medical marijuana dispensaries. I smell a revolution coming about.

  13. fred says:

    let the police do their job…..not letting them do their job is obstruction of justice.

  14. Amanda says:

    OK, so next time we have an armed robbery, or some other kind of crime and they call 911, the dispatcher would try to get the first responders, but oh wait, they can’t go, cause they HAVE TO PULL OVER THAT BROWN SKIN MEXICAN AND CALL IMMIGRATION ON THEM…. way to go Republicans, how is that creating JOBS…

  15. Wondering says:

    Does this mean I now have to get a USA passport and carry it wil me at all times? I didn’t think I needed one as I don’t plan to go to AZ.

    Both side of my family have been in MN since the mid-1800s but I am short, middle aged and gray. Clould be illegal.

  16. Nakronratchasima says:

    Thank god some bloggers can write. Thanks for this piece of writing…

  17. لینوکس says:

    Extremely well executed blog!!

  18. create free blog says:

    This definitely makes great sense!

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