St. Paul Police Looking For Copper Thieves

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Police in St. Paul are searching for some copper thieves.

Authorities say city workers first noticed the thefts from the Crosby Park Farm this week. The area had been blocked off because of flooding. The park is located on South Mississippi River Boulevard near the Mississippi River and also near Hidden Falls Drive.

Police say someone apparently took apart light poles in the park to get to the copper wires. The damage the robbers caused is estimated at about $7,000.

  • Mr. Mark

    9 out of 10 times I bet copper theft=meth head

  • M

    My god are people that desperate? Get a job and do something that helps not makes things worse.

  • copper thief

    copper thieves rule maybe if people would hire felons then they wont have this problem

    • tom

      2 things, should not have committed and crime and became a felon and if felons were given the proper sentence and were locked up longer we wouldn’t have to hire them.

  • jon

    I do not understand why they do not make sure people have to register who they are when they scrape this stuff? The stole the plumbing for oursprinkler system for the second year in a row now. If you had to register it would be way easier to investigate who these people are and where they are getting the items they are bringing in. Nobody just has that mugh copper laying around.

  • Todd

    How much copper did they get? 12 guage wire, maybe 100′? probably about $10.

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