Warm Weather Allows For Annual Assault On Mosquitoes

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The combination of warm temps and light winds allowed the Metro Mosquito Control choppers to begin their annual assault on summer’s main pest.

When the weather gets nice, these guys get serious. Aerial treatments are underway in the metro — and this is the second season the mosquito control district will be dealing with a relatively new bug.

“It’s a japonicas,” said Jake Lindbeck of the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District. “It’s a type of mosquito that has an unusual breeding habitat, anywhere from containers to permanent water sites. It’s coming into the states. Last year, we did a pretty good job of surveying it and this year, we’re continuing to survey it and just get more up to par on the breeding habitats and hopefully work on treatments.”

For now, the treatment for all mosquito species remains the same: helicopters drop this granular mixture over wide areas of breeding habitat.

“And it floats on top of the water, and it’s impregnated with natural soil bacteria that is very specific to the DNA of a mosquito,” Lindbeck said. “Nothing in there that could hurt anyone, or animals, whatsoever.”

These guys say they should be able to control mosquitoes quite well this year. As always, you can help fight the invaders right in your own yard.

“About once a week, maybe you want to go around your yard, empty out buckets, bird baths, things like that,” he said. “Change the water in pools — just be conscientious with standing water.”

The experts say they think they’ll be able to get a pretty good handle on the mosquitoes this year — so it shouldn’t be any worse than last year.


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