MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin’s official dessert would be the oh-so-sweet cream puff if a bill being circulated in the Legislature gets passed and signed by the governor.

The cream puff movement is being pushed by a fourth-grade class from Mukwonago. The students convinced Republican Sen. Mary Lazich to introduce the bill, which she is now circulating.

The students started a Facebook page to generate support for the idea, which has gotten the backing of bakeries across the state.

Lazich’s office says in the past decade, more than 3.6 million of the delectable desserts have been eaten at the state fair alone.

There are more than two dozen state symbols already. Last session, attempts to make Harley-Davidson the official motorcycle and to recognize a microbe that turns milk into cheese failed to pass.

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Comments (11)
  1. Bart Starr says:

    Once again, a Republican circulates a “fluff” bill instead of addressing the real needs of the people.

    It’s the economy stupid!

  2. Jesse V says:

    So the birthers, neocon’s and tea baggers have stripped the working class of thier rights and this is all that’s left on thier agenda? Cream Puff’s! Good job Gov. Cream Puff.

  3. Barbie says:

    what a waste of time…voting, and reporting it!

  4. Yelper says:

    Yeah Republicans are such a joke!

  5. Citizen says:

    Cutting edge journalism here. What an appropriate dessert for a “cream puff” governor!

  6. mom of four says:

    Important issues at hand and we are passing a bill for a freaking cream puff!!Wow what has this world came to?

  7. Merlyn says:

    Why would anyone question that our country is so far behind others academically? This is “news”? Is this the best your staff can do to provide
    relavant information to your readers/listeners? Is it no wonder that our children are so ill-informed? This is what our Reopublican officials are debating???

    1. Jesse V says:

      That’s why it’s news. It shows what is important to the Republicans. They had a one item agenda. That was to bust the State Unions. now they have no idea of what to do while they waste the state’s time and money. Recalls are in order.

  8. JKB says:

    Is this what we pay our representatives for?? How friggin ridiculous! I live in WI and this is plain stupidity, and a total waste of taxpayer money!! I wonder how many hours they wasted debating this issue.

  9. WHAT????? says:

    To all of you people that think this is not something that should be report, read the next line of your post. Would you have known this is what the stupid politicians were doing if it had not been report on this web site? Then it is worth reporting so people can understand who is wasting their money with absolute idiotic legislation. If the story was not worth it why did you read it? Kind of an irony to take the time to read it, then post on it if it is not worth reporting on would you not agree?
    I want to see all you die hard GOPers give any kind of 2012 rally cry after the last few stories on what they have been wasting money on. No stories about jobs, or any other plans they were ranting about on the campaign trail. The only 1 that has been saying anything about what they did on the campaign trail is Bachmann and that has just been the mindless chanting about health care and the “shot heard round the world” being moved to New Hampshire. So where are you people that still think that the GOP is going to dig us out of the hole? Are you all out eating cream puffs?

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