Sarah Palin And Those Darn Journalists

Sarah Palin was asked if she could name any influential journalists of today. It took a lot longer to answer that question then her handlers would’ve liked. Her final answer is classic, it’s always right in front of you isn’t it? See the video and read the story here.

  • Phid

    Yawn….another Sarah Palin-bashing article. Please stop it, WCCO. Please.

  • Yelper

    She’s such a Bimbo!

    “Oh Gosh… Why do all these liberals keep asking me such hard questions… “

  • Victim Du Jour

    I’d get fired if I called a woman a bimbo at work.

    Notice how liberals make up all these rules and then act like the same rules don’t apply to their hate speech?

  • DEO

    What’s new…..$arah….YAWN

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