Cardiff City player Kevin McNaughton is involved in a new controversy after he collided with female referee Sian Massey. He is being asked to apologize for his actions.
Watch the video by clicking here and judge for yourself.

Comments (3)
  1. PT says:

    It’s clear he kept the ball in play and tried to turn the corner to go and get it. Seriously, people think he did something wrong here? She happened to be too close to the field of play and there was contact.

  2. Swamp Fox says:

    This one is too close to judge/call!!! It looks like the female linesperson had her back to the action. However an apology might be diplomatically in order to put this matter at rest.

  3. Nothing to see says:

    Occupational hazard. He shouldn’t have to apologize and my guess is she doesn’t expect one. Sian has refed games before and is semi-famous in England for being made fun of by two commentators on open mikes who then rightfully got fired. She seems to want to do her job and wishes people wouldn’t pay so much attention to which parts she has.

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