White Castle Now Taking Online Orders

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The 90-year-old White Castle fast-food chain is embracing cyber era technology by introducing online ordering at all its restaurants.

The Columbus, Ohio-based company said Tuesday that customers with a hankering for its square “slider” burgers can use an online menu to place an order that can be ready when they arrive at their nearest White Castle restaurant. The chain says the service is particularly useful for people with large orders.

White Castle says it tested online ordering in Minneapolis in March and decided to expand the program to all of its more than 400 locations in 11 states, from Missouri to New York.

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  • JT

    Old news. I have been ordering online for months.

  • Joey

    Why? Why preorder a 15 sec burger

    • JT

      Walk in an order a couple of crave cases sometime, and you’ll understand.

  • Yuck!

    I would like a Laxative to go please!

  • Hmm

    I do this for carry out pizza. I would do it for a large order but that’s about it.

  • red

    it’s better then a frickin yuco pizza

    • K.

      I don’t know what is so “yucky” about White Castle. My husband and I go a few times a month. If you haven’t been to one recently, you should try it. They have many more menu items (besides the famous slider) that are quite tasty. And, compared to other fast food places, is a real bargain.

  • Don Antonson

    I sure miss White Castle, they are not here in Florida yet. The frozen ones are not too good, no pickle.

  • glenna

    what i woul d really like to see is the availability to place an order on line for a box and have them sent to me in north carolina. i miss them very much and i might share with my family. so , please , please, consider.

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