A Closer Look at Seal Team Six

Here is an article that gives you a closer look into the elite team that took down Osama Bin Laden. The New York Times speaks with some former members of that team. Check out this very informative read.

  • michellefrommadison

    Turns out that binLaden was unarmed and was not attacking any of the team who broke into his residence, but they shot and killed him anyways. Guess I missed the trial where he was sentenced to an immediate death by firing squad. Are the team members going to be charged with crimes they did for the murder? Are they all now eligible for the death penalty themselves?

    • Mitch Rapp

      Wow, you must have missed 9-11 too, and the thousands of people he killed and claimed responsibility for. Feel free to go pay your respects to him.. If you “missed it” he’s at the bottom of the ocean. Ignorance is ignorance…

    • stupidcomment

      wanted dead or alive 1,000,000 bounty. umm dead means shoot him in the face

  • chinwhiskers

    To michellefrommadison — Were you there? How do you know so much more than those who were? Your remarks are inappropriate, as much as you do have a right to express yourself, you ought to temper it with wisdom.

  • Mikkel Knight

    Far better to keep your mouth shut and not appear to be ignorant than to open it and remove all doubt ms. michellefrommadison. We are all dumber for having had to read your comments, I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • Flander

    There is no Michelle can be for real. She is putting everyone on with comments like that. There is no way some one can be that ignorant. Don’t let her get you upset. It’s a fake post.

  • Flanders

    In fact I prefer to think he was unarmed. I hope it it was done execution style on his knees and begging for his life..

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