APPLE VALLEY, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Zoo’s snow monkey exhibit is celebrating an early Mother’s Day.

The zoo in Apple Valley has announced the birth of another snow monkey.

The baby was born April 27. Although the mother, named “Yumoto,” has been keeping her infant close, the baby is starting to become visible to the public.

Zoo workers don’t know the baby’s gender yet. The baby is on exhibit every other day.

The Minnesota Zoo says snow monkeys can only be seen at nine other accredited zoos in the U.S. Snow monkeys — also called Japanese macaques — are known for their reddish-brown faces, whiskers and beards, and long, dense brown fur.

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  1. Gloria says:

    Cute! Looking forward to seeing the little guy or gal. Imagine there will be a contest coming to choose a name. Congratulations, Yumoto, and Happy Mother’s Day! : )

  2. zoo fail says:

    Snow monkeys are cute and everything, but the exhibit is embarrassing. I was at the MN last month and the dirty concrete walls and the lack of animals (or anything for that matter) visible to the outdoor concourses makes the zoo look like a terrorist compound from northern Pakistan in my opinion. Minnesotans would go to the zoo to see farm animals. Huh? And has anyone seen the dolphin tank lately? Looks like they have a really bad algae problem that needs to be cleaned. The zoologist at the underwater sea exhibit said that the “coral reef” in the exhibit looks nothing like the coral reef found native to the natural habitat in the ocean. He said that after being in the exhibit for 20 years, the coral has lost most of its color, etc. And the IMAX theater is still OUTSIDE the zoo grounds in the parking lot? Why bother? I can also gripe about the zoo hours, you know, not everyone can get up at 8AM in the morning to go to the zoo. Who’s going to pay $100 for a small family to see a few animals for 3-4 hours in the afternoon before the place closes? And that monorail… you suppose it’ll stall out again and require another fire truck rescue like it did in march? How about a restaurant or place to eat instead of a dumb little hot dog stand? Have you ever been to another zoo in this country? Why is this soooooo far behind? Geez. But hey, that bear exhibit is something. really great staring at a few bears 100 feet away lying on the grass at the top of the hill. awesome. fail. At least we can look at horses and see how to milk a cow, as if we’ve never seen that before. Really, i have nothing better to say. Defund the zoo. Go Twins?

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