The Navy Seals and special operations military force that took down Osama Bin Laden included a highly trained dog.

Here’s a link to the story from the New York Times.

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  1. michellefrommadison says:

    Turns out that binLaden was unarmed and was not attacking any of the team who broke into his residence, but they shot and killed him anyways. Guess I missed the trial where he was sentenced to an immediate death by firing squad. Are the team members going to be charged with crimes they did for the murder?

    1. marilyn says:

      OMG….I can’t believe you actually wrote this.

    2. Islam Is Evil says:

      I bet you are a f@@kin terrorist or at best a terrorist sympathizer. What are you? An American? We doubt it. You are probably a nom de guerre Ahmad Muhammad or something like that. Glad that OBL died by American bullets. He died easily though, we should’ve cut him up and feed him to the pigs. I am proud to be an American.

  2. gladyouarenotfromMN says:

    It would have been nice to have trials for the thousands of innocent people OBL killed before he decided their guilt by association. I’ll bet you wouldn’t have felt the same way if you lost a loved one on 9/11.

  3. bob says:

    Only a Cheesehead would come up with that. NO trial needed,

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