Liriano’s Next Start Could Be Pushed Back

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minnesota Twins are considering giving Francisco Liriano an extra day of rest after he threw a career-high 123 pitches in his no-hitter against the White Sox on Tuesday.

Liriano’s next scheduled start is on Monday against the Boston Red Sox. But manager Ron Gardenhire told reporters in Chicago that they may give the Dominican lefty an extra day and have him start at home on Tuesday against Detroit.

Liriano became the first Twins pitcher since Eric Milton in 1999 to throw a no-hitter. He admitted to be running on fumes in the ninth inning after the six-walk outing. But he said on Wednesday that he wasn’t any sorer than usual.

Gardenhire says the Twins will give him a couple of days to see how he responds after the grueling outing before making a decision.

The Twins were off on Thursday before starting a four-game series in Boston.

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  • Tim

    Gardy coddling the players again…shocker!

  • Sue

    This is why they will never win a championship because they have a coach who babies them rather than coaching them. Oh my god he threw 123 pitches and went 9 innings rather than his usual 80 pitches in 3 innings he is going to fall apart but look at any other pitcher in the league who does that on a regular basis and they don’t get a extra day off. BABIES! This is also why Mauer can’t play too much coddling.

  • Al

    Fire Gardenhoser. Liriano will go 2 inings or less next time out. Watch and see.

  • Al

    Fire Al

  • Kurtrix

    Be nice, remember, we are Minnesotans! Unfortunately, I have been cast down into the purgatory called Boston. I get to see how they do things out here. And for the $40M a pitch they pay their hurlers, they “take care” of them to the max.

    I would love to see Frankie pitch Monday night, but he is one of our (Twins) starting guys. We need him healthy, and psychologically, it would be negative for him to lose at Fenway! GO TWINS!

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