Constitutional Amendments could be something you see a lot of on your 2012 election ballot. Check out this story from Doug Grow of Minn Post.

  1. gtV says:

    State Constitutional amendments should only for be on the ballot if it an issue of last resort for huge changes, governmental changes, or expenditures that the Legislature feels is beyond its abilities to handle.

    State Legislators were elected to do the job of governing this state and to be pass meaningful laws for the benefit of all citizens. The inane politics, bickering, and bull-headed gridlock in the state capitol over every budget proposal or crafting new legislation is ridiculous. Since this political mess is stewing and causing great citizen consternation over why things aren’t be done judiciously and efficiently, it’s time to elect good folks who will get things accomplished!

    Governing by amendments is generally a wasteful political cop-out showing political and lackadaisical laziness in how to govern. Look at California and their amendment process, called ‘Propositions’, and how confusing things have become. Is that what Minnesotans want? Think about it!

    If a legislator I help elect doesn’t do his/her job to the best of their ability; or, regardless of my personal agreements or not with them isn’t forthrigh tand fails to represent their constituency, then I will vote for a replacement regardless of party who will do the job!!! Governing by amendment is a prime example of failure to do the job that they were elected to do!

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