Dayton, Republicans Still Circling On Minn. Budget

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton says he’s still waiting for legislative Republicans to send him a budget so they can start negotiating.

The Democratic governor held a news conference Friday to push the GOP majorities for their fix for a $5 billion deficit. Dayton says he hopes budget talks will pick up speed as a May 23 adjournment deadline approaches.

Republicans want to balance the budget through spending cuts while Dayton seeks to raise top income taxes.
In an unusual move for a legislative leader, GOP Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch (kohk) attended Dayton’s news conference.

Koch says Dayton’s plan lacks the votes to pass the Legislature.

She says lawmakers hope to gain Dayton’s support before they send him their budget bills. Conference committees are still working on the bills.

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  • HooDatIS?

    Minnesota does not need the GOP
    we are tired of these lousy tea baggers and box cutters
    God Bless the Democratic Governor may he lead Minnesota to prosperity

    • You like spam

      HOODat….your just a POS SPAMMER……go away!

      I would lke to “pray you away”!

  • TEA drinker

    This HAS to be my favorite picture of Gov Dayton….

    Confused…..board…..deer in the headlights……I am starting to think ALL are ture!

    • Hey TEA drinker

      Typical Tea bagger, doesn’t know how to spell? It’s spelled bored!

      • You are LEFT

        WOW! Your correct…..The 1st time a lefty has been correct for a WHILE! Maybe it was a Freudian slip (if you’re smart enough to know what that is……) as I am building a deck in my spare time! I’m thinking you would know nothing about doing anything for yourself though….I’m sure someone still dresses you and cooks your meals….

        • Cache

          Tea drinker…has it correct… it’s board… for block head of Wood!

          • It all works out in the end...

            LOL….THANK YOU Cache! ;-)

        • Proud Lefty

          Obviously, “You are LEFT,” you are not as smart as you’d like everyone to perceive. It should be “you’re,” not “your.”

    • Will

      Of course he’s bored. He’s tired of waiting for the Republicans to get done with their anti-gay constitutional amendment waste of time so they can start doing things they should be doing. Meanwhile, our property taxes will keep going up….

      • gay or left?


        Anti Gay = Higher Property taxes….Huh?

        I am 100% FINE with Gays marriage to be honest with you (and I’m on the right side..) BUT…..the bottom line is could it be the Dem’s are using this to side track the budget issue and make the rights look bad? So it goes BOTH WAYS….unlike gay people….

    • Gordon

      Frustrated with gop look to me, but you are free to be as misguided as you want teas drinker.

  • Roto Rooter

    Not to mention the tired of the antics of the GOP. They’d call for a constitutional amendment to go to the bathroom.

    • REALLY

      Hey Roto….I guess I would rather have that than the normal way Dem’s handle things and try to “hide” things and pass taxes and hikes we are unaware of….

      Funny SOMEONE would NOT want transparency in how our govt works…..

      • Governator

        You mean like how the GOP panders to the rich and the powerful and you and I are left paying the bill?

        How are your property taxes doing after 8 years of Pawlenty? Where do you think the majority of the deficit came from?

        The spending side or the taxing side? If you say one or the other, you’re seriously misinformed……

        • Cache

          Clueless bumpkin…What are your oh so high house taxes $2500…How many kids do you have in school 2, 3, 4, 10? Its $10,000 cost to send 1 to school—got 3 x $10000 = $30000 – $2500 = $27500…. Who makes the difference up…. Aye?????? Not you of course…some other poor snook! Illegals pay NOTHING in Take big $dough out…Who make that up???? Guess???? What about …Welfare, roads, bridges, subsidies i.e. ethanol and other nonsense..Aye? Corrupt politicians borrow it $$$$$$$$$ and charge it to us…idiots…morons!!!

          • Nigel

            unfunded republican mandates for education. state school funding withheld, gop plans that cost you money. Bush tax cuts and wars that drove up the deficit. If it cost you 10000 to send your kids to school it would have to be private. That is your choice. Deal with it.

  • LD Swanson

    The GOP is too busy working on writing discrimination into the constitution.

    • follow up


      I would LOVE to her your explination of this one… can NOT make a statement like this and just walk away!

      If anything…it’s “reverse discrimination” for us “workin’ folk”

      • Follow Up Chuck

        Um dummy it’s all over the headlines if you pay attention to local current events. Defining marriage in the constitution which discriminates against every gay couple in MN. Shameful! GOP=Shameful Politics

        • Go UP Chuck

          LOL!!!! I quote….
          “Um dummy it’s all over the headlines”

          Then you cite an article about GAY MARRIAGE?

          I looked “all over” as you have stated…and there MAY have been something mentioned about a POSSIBLE shut down…But I also heard of an article that said people like you had valid points…..but as you can clearly see…they were WRONG!

  • worryfree

    It would be nice if they got a budget done before they went off on all the divisive social issues.

  • mpls guru

    And Dayton has experience how?

    He was an alocholic, and he is mentally unstable. Look at him.

    • Cache

      Experience? Ole’ cross eyes can hide under his desk…real good!

    • old nurse

      hateful jerk, glad you are an armchair psychiatrist.

  • Pat

    The GOP legislative leadership has already planned the government shut down in July. They think it will make our Governor look bad. They don’t care about Minnesotans. They care about power and saving money for their rich friends. They will not compromise. They would rather see poor and infirm Minnesotans out on the street begging for their lives than give the Governor an inch. They are the elites and they are mean hearted people.

    • spread the truth?

      Really Pat? Where do you get your info…If it doesn’t happen do you PROMISE never to post on here again and vote republican as it’s clear to me your being lied to by your left friends?

      • Gordon

        If the Republican had a budget plan why is it not done by now? Delay to shut government down. Get a special session to make more money for themselves. It is a reasonable assumption.

    • AshamedOfTheLegislators

      Yes, and the crazy thing is a government shutdown will most likely cost $$$$$ – not save money. The state government is an employer and have legal obligations to their employees. They are a business that uses other services from private business (basics like phone, internet, electricity as well probably weekly supplies to some departments) – who would pay, manage these? Would all employees be shutdown or are their services that have to continue – Prison guards? – and then what staff is needed to pay them? On-line services – the state manages many for other organizations – Would all these web sites simply shutdown?

      The last time there was a possible shutdown – hours were spent by management in every single department to try to determine who was “essential” and could not leave and who was not, what to do with services that were not to be met, how to let the possible customers/users know what was happening. Letters had to be sent to any employee potentially who was to be “laid-off” during the shutdown. If the shutdown was to be extensive, information needed to be provided about Cobra insurance, unemployment rights, etc. – all of the things any employer would be required to provide – multiply by 30,000 – 50,000 employees. To get this done, it takes staff time which translates to money and other work not getting done (as anyone in the private business world would know).

      What a waste of time and money – because GOP politicians want to play games?!?

  • Dar

    If legislators can’t get their work done during the time allowed they should have to do a special session AND NOT GET PAID FOR IT.

    • Derrick

      Thats telling em Dar. Those poo poo heads better get it done or else.

    • Right Tea

      I think BOTH sides are with you here DAR! I will say it…I’m more right….and I 100% support this!!! Any left siders want to chime in?

      • Karen

        Nice try lefty.

  • Cache

    Tell me boys and girls…PUBLISHED FACT by the Federal Government: 47% of the ‘people’ in the USA pay NO income tax…who are the ones who should have a tax increase???????????????? AYE! Get Real and wake up to the real world not La La Land Hooey or tax the rich nonsense!

  • tom

    hey crazy eyes, quit looking so bored, why don’t you find a way to save the state some money, like deporting the illegals out of the state, cutting welfare off to everyone and making them work for a living, like getting rid of the public unions. those are a few places to start, if you want more suggestions just ask me.

    • TiredOfHandoutstoWealthy

      Most of the people qualifying for state welfare are working! Why don’t we require private businesses to pay adequate pay, health and pension benefits – instead of minimum wages and no benefits? Then there would not be so many people requiring state help – and we would collect more income taxes if people were paid livable wages! It’s not the unions that is costing the state and us taxpayers money – but the private business who don’t there part and then pass off the care of their employees to the state (us taxpayers) while they pay their executives and stockholders big bucks! If they can’t do that, they should be paying higher tax rates!!!





      • william

        that was imaginative, I bet it took you an hour and a half to think that up.

  • Tim


    My property taxes have gone down over the last 8 years especially with the recession. Dayton is misguided and raising taxes will only drive rich people and companies from MN.

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