MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Simple things you do everyday could be the trigger that leads to a stroke.

New research shows when people with aneurysms, or weak spots in blood vessels in their brains, are under stress, those spots are more likely to rip open.

According to the study, there are eight things could be big triggers.

Drinking Coffee is the worst, increasing a risk of aneurysm rupture by 10 percent. It’s followed by exercise, nose-blowing and even having sex. Other triggers include being startled, getting angry, drinking soda and straining on the toilet.

The problem with those activities is that they can cause sudden increases in blood pressure.

Comments (7)
  1. markH says:

    So, in addition to not yelling, screaming, drinking coffee or soda, or even boinking, now we have to avoid being constipated? I’m going back to my bubble.

    1. MauerJoe says:

      lol, this is a stupid article…. just go about life, don’t worry about death until after it happens. Have fun, drink coffee, have sex, and blow your nose alot!

  2. ElleElle says:

    Making (SERIOUSLY) certain to include at least 2 tbsps of olive oil (EVOO is best ‘quality) to our food at each day is a good way to avoid ‘needing’ to strain when on the toilet, plus it’s good for heart/blood vessels, etc. (my niece adds the EVOO to oatmeal eeach morning – also helps her to have blood sugar roller-coaster type feeling!) . ‘Learning’ not to have ‘rage tantrums’ (as another family has had/caused a stroke for him) – makes life far more tolerable for everyone with whom he associates!

  3. Stewpidd says:

    Yes, stupid! What is the annual death rate from automobile accidents? Does anyone think twice before they get into their vehicles? I don’t, but maybe I should. I am a coffee drinker, I don’t do ‘drugs’…what’s wrong with my life?

  4. Steve "The Drunk" says:

    Having sex? Wow, I better watch out! I have sex 5 times.. A DAY!! no joke…

  5. Randy says:

    Isn’t your blow up doll punctured yet

  6. DuH! says:

    WoW! everything will KILL you in EXESS. use COMMON SENSE

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