MANKATO, Minn. (AP) — A mall masseur in Mankato is accused of inappropriately touching a customer.

A woman told police that a male employee at Relaxing Message at the River Hills Mall touched her sexually over her bra and pants Wednesday.

Fengwu Li, of Eagle Lake, is charged with three felony counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

The Mankato Free Press reports the 31-year-old denied the allegations.

Public defender Mike Mountain said Li traveled to the United States with a tourist visa from China, then applied for resident alien status due to religious oppression.

Amy Zhang said she was working with Li when the touching allegedly occurred. The massage tables are surrounded by curtains so Zhang said the woman could have said something.

The victim told police she was afraid when Li started touching her sexually.

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Comments (38)
  1. Katie says:

    A Massage place called Li-Zhang Massage or something similar opened in my area and was closed due to prostitution (young girls also). The owners were felons, my City didn’t do it’s homework. Could these be same people and who checks these places out. You shouldn’t presume “massage” means the same thing to everyone opening these shops. Government needs to be on its game here.

    1. Born says:

      Katie, this is Minnesota where felonies are given out like food stamps. Just because someone has a felony, doesn’t mean they are a bad person.

      1. Hugh Jorgan says:

        Hahahahaha! Ummm, Mr. Brilliant, what then does it mean then when someone earns a felony – they’re swell, sweet, keen and groovy? Do us all a favor & STFU…

        1. larry says:

          ya you can have a felony and not be a bad person dumb ass

          1. swerver says:

            How hard is it not to get a felony? Um very easy, if you have a felony your a moron……………Larry look at your sentence you seem brilliant, probably a huge successful felon

      2. D.R says:

        So many creeps get away with this stuff. I wouldn’t want my daughter, mother, or sister to get “touched” like this. Why go to these places?

        Also Felons are people who do think they can get away with anything. They are BAD PEOPLE. Thats why we have laws to keep these behaviors out of the mainstream.

        Tell your daughers, mothers, sisters to stay away from these creepy places where perverts can take advantage of them.

        Don’t be stupid

        1. larry says:

          your stupid you can get a felony with just two dwi dummy it doesnot mean your a bad person you can get a felony with just weed are you then horrible

          1. successNOT says:

            No those things make you a good person, please don’t comment anymore on this, your english abilities are very difficult to deal with, your defending felonies and can’t even speak above a 4th grade level. You have proved our point. You can only get a felony for 2 dwi’s if there are aggravating factors.

            1. Steve says:

              You CANNOT aggravate to a Felony DWI. Read chapter 169A of the Minnesota State Statutes.

              1. swerver says:

                Your reading it incorrectly, Example if im driving at .20 or greater that is a gross misdeameanor, if I have a child in the vechicle also then it is a felony. So please tell me where in the 169a it tells me this is incorrect.

                1. Steve says:

                  I’m a police officer. I know that you CANNOT aggravate to a felony DWI.

                  Read the Felony DWI section of the following link.

                2. swerver says:

                  So then what is the charge for the example i just gave.

                3. swerver says:

                  Steve heres a quote from a large dwi attorney firm. “A felony dwi will consist of 3 aggravating factors and will be classified as a 1st degree dwi which is a felony”

                4. Steve says:

                  The most someone could be charged with for the two aggravating factors you listed is 2nd Degree DWI (a Gross Misdemeanor), even if they have 1 or 2 prior DWI convictions in the past 10 years. The vehicle is subject to forfeiture and the driver will get whiskey plates.

                  The only ways to get a Felony DWI charge are:
                  1. A conviction for DWI *after* 3 qualified DWI convictions or Implied Consent notations in the prior 10 years.
                  2. Any DWI conviction after being convicted of Felony DWI at any time in the past.
                  3. Any DWI after a conviction for Criminal Vehicular Homicide.

            2. Tc Radiodj says:

              Any DWI should automatically be a first time felony period. I have no second thoughts on this, as far as getting felonies easy, yes they do seem to pass them out easier every few years from a simple weed charge, to martha steward to a 18yo dating a 17yo to defaulting on a loan over $500. and several other more easy ways of getting one. Larry, calling everyone stupid here doesn’t seem to wear well… Maybe you are looking in the mirror while typing?

        2. Victim Du Jour says:

          She must be Ugly if she has to pay for a Massage. Can you show us an example of someone getting away with stuff like this, or are you just trying to make yourself sound important by bragging about paranoid schizophrenia?

  2. notreatifnotrick says:

    No “happy ending” in this story huh?

  3. Victim Du Jour says:

    I don’t get how it’s legal for the State of Minnesota can charge visitors from communist counties a felony, without any physical evidence of a crime.

    The next Story will be how bad it is to cut services for old people, and budget cuts to public schools.

    Hearsay is not valid evidence for a courtroom.

    1. Born says:

      Victim, this is Minnesota where felonies are given out like food stamps. Our “government” wants everyone’s DNA on file. So, they give them out like candy. It’s not even a foreigner issue.

      1. Victim Du Jour says:

        It’s Fascism for the media to put so much emphasis on sex offenses, especially sex offenses that don’t even involve the physical act of sodomy or intercourse.

        People get charged less for beating up someone with a baseball bat.

        1. Born says:

          Yea I agree. Sex is the new murder. It’s exciting to the media. But think, you can easily catch a sex offense now a days. It could be as simple as an 18 dating a 17 year old and getting a charge to as bad as a molester and anything in between. A simple “brush up” in the wrong area will get you a sex crime. So most likely this guy will be charged and become another “sex offender” even tho it could have been a simple mistake or misunderstanding. You can accidentally bump into someone in public and catch a sex charge. It’s the “IN” thing now a days.

          1. captainobvious says:

            Mr uneducated the state law for consent is 16 years old, as long as your not in a position of authority like a teacher. so your 18 with 17 year old doesnt hold water. Ive never heard of a simple brush in public being sexual assault, maybe your a creepy guy who has no idea, you’re a predator felon

            1. Victim Du Jour says:

              No one is talking about under-age stuff in this thread.

              People who use the word “Creepy” think on the same level as a dumb 14 year old highschool kid.

              1. stillobvious says:

                2 seperate people used the age stuff, perhaps read the comments b4 you comment on 1 of them, Besides most people here know you’re 1 of the biggest jokes here. You’ve obv. been referred to as creepy thats why you’re offended, the only victim is your parents for having to tolerate you

                1. Victim Du Jour says:

                  I’m rubber and you are glue, what ever you day bounces off me and sticks to you.

  4. SweetCaroline says:

    Funny, the state of MN hasn’t given ME any food stamps, I mean, felonies. Don’t act like having a felony is like getting a slap on the wrist. Also, I can’t imagine that a city has to do background checks for a mall business to be opened, but I’m not familiar with that aspect of the law either. It wouldn’t surprise me if these were the same people….

    1. Born says:

      Well you have been lucky to evade the law so far but wait, they will get to you at some point. But not all felons are bad people. People do make mistakes. Felons now are nothing like they were 20 years ago. Your pretty much had to rob a bank or kill someone to get a felony then. But now, you can practically look at someone wrong and get a felony. But that’s our government, making it so easy to get a felony now so they can have your dna on file.

      1. successNOT says:

        Only a true idiot would be afraid to have their dna on file, what are you hiding? also i got my mouth swabbed for a gross misdeameanor, but i wasn’t afriad to do it

        1. SPPD says:

          That is not the point. It is a matter of first losing our rights and the Constitution which is the highest law of this country but it seems most just don’t get it.

    2. larry says:

      your right dummy a felony is not a slap on the wrist but they give em out easy enough stuff you and i might have done when we where kids is now a felony despite what a lot of people say no second chance now days and i think it maters what it was for

  5. chris buck says:

    I got a massage from these people and the mall in Mankato. they have been doing this a long time and are happily married. It seems strange he would do this now. Who knows in the courts. it could go either way. If Oj can get off like he did so can the massage guy.

  6. HooDatIS? says:


    1. larry says:

      hoodatis your an idot

  7. larry says:

    i agree a lot of people on here are ou a felon oh my goodness what is we gonna do

    1. successNOT says:

      Larry how do you own a computer. In 2 years of reading and writing comments i’ve never seen someone so poor at everything, my lord are you joking or do you really talk like that???

  8. dudetou says:

    If the woman was afraid, why did she not yell out and get the heck out of that place right away? I live here in Mankato and we have very good security at RHM. It would not have been very hard for her to alert the police right away. Right ,I was not there but this story sounds kind of funny. Just because she waited so long according to the reports from the paper and news down here.

  9. SPPD says:

    Lord please bless all the nice felons, especially the one named Larry.

  10. S. Rosanky says:

    Do any of you people in Minnesota know the correct usage of the words “your” and “you’re”??? Incredible.

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