MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — As warmer weather brings more motorcyclists out on Minnesota roads, Minneapolis police are urging all motorists to work together to prevent accidents.

Police say the chance of a motorcyclist being killed in an accident is seven times greater than for all other vehicles.

Police urge vehicle drivers to be “motorcycle aware” by double checking blind spots and looking twice before entering traffic. Motorcycle riders are encouraged to drive defensively and wear high-visible clothing.

In 2009, there were 1,329 accidents statewide involving motorcycles. More than 85 percent of those crashes involved injuries and 47 were fatal for either the motorcyclist or passenger.

Police say a helmet can reduce the chances of head injuries.

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  1. Wake up dummies .... its a new day says:

    Imagine it – we still have to advise and advise and advise motorists that for some unknown reason there are motorcycles that are on our roads too.

    I wonder if we send this off to them via a text or just a cell phone call to them while they are driving down “their” roads.
    Maybe it would further help to use some bright signage on the bar doors and lots too to remind the impaired of the possibility there are bikes, and even cars and pedestrians …. what do you think? 😉

  2. Chris still here says:

    2 thoughts on article:

    one is I have 2 friends who are now in what we call vegetable state – their heads and hence their brains were badly damaged in spills when their heads were bouncing on the pavement from the helmets they had on. On severed his spine. I myself quit riding years ago after an injury – after shaving my scalp down on a road as I slid. The MD said if I was wearing a helmet I likely would have died. That’s right – IF I was wearing one. I’ve never been a fan of them….it’s a personal call

    Simple – pay attention folks. Riders, slow down and be smarter too. You lost another yesterday on the roads…………………
    A bike is a beautiful thing when all goes right. Enjoy it and ride safe

  3. You might cut off the wrong person says:

    Too many people drive like selfish morons. It’s all about them getting from their point A to their point B and, while in transit, getting their personal hygiene taken care of, drinking their beverage and having a snack, calling family and friends, and catching up on their social network sites. Anything BUT controlling their vehicle.

    It won’t surprise me to start seeing reports of “retribution” against some of these inattentive and careless drivers.

  4. DON't LABEL ALL OF US says:

    Let’s also remind the motorcyclists that they do not own the road just because the weather is getting condusive for them to ride their “bikes”. I DO SEE THEM. I see them far to frequently darting in and out of traffic and speeding in between lanes in heavy or slow moving traffic. Often they never use any type of signal to change lanes and think just because there is “space” between two vehcles that they can slide in. Safe distance applies to motorcyclists as well as everyone else. Cars and trucks cannot stop on a dime or pull in between lanes of traffice to avoid rear-ending or being rear-ended. I realize not all motorcyclists are like this just like not all automobile or truck drivers text or talk on phones or do things that are distractive to their driving. It only takes a few to give a group a bad name. Just like with drivers of automobiles and trucks and the likes WE ALL NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO OTHER DRIVERS and that includes those on the motorcycles.

  5. J says:

    I’m not a motorcycle rider, so I have a question. This is not meant to be a slam, but just looking for an answer to a question. Why do many motorcycle riders ride on the yellow-line, sometimes with foot pegs over the line? The lane width is 33′. Why don’t they use it? It just makes me nervous when they come flying down the road riding hugging the centerline. Is there a reason why they ride that way?

  6. M says:

    It’s recommended in safety course. Middle of the lane has oil slick, right side invites people to make a “quick” pass, cut you off and send you into the ditch.
    I agrere with you, there’re many motorcyclists thinking they’re “cool” by daring cars to almost head on collision. All it takes is someone making 1′ error in either vehicle. I sold my bike and never will buy another. Nobody seem to pay attention anymore.

  7. LO says:

    @DON’t LABEL ALL OF US- I totally agree. I was behind a motorcyclist the other day that was driving extremely careless. He slmost got hit by a car that was changing lanes, because he tried to get a head of him. He was lucky that the driver of the car saw him and swerved to miss him. And he had the nerve to flip off of the person in the car!

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