Teen Dies In Crash After 100-MPH Police Chase

BEMIDJI, Minn. (WCCO) — A 16-year-old who led police on a chase in Bemidji, Minn. Saturday morning died after losing control, rolling his vehicle and being ejected.

The teenager, whose identity was not released, was riding in the vehicle when it was pulled over by a Beltrami County deputy sheriff just before 5 a.m.

The driver was being investigated for driving while intoxicated, and was out of the vehicle when the teenager got behind the wheel and took off.

Another county deputy and two police officers chased the teenager along Bemidji Road. Authorities said the teenager reached speeds of 100 miles per hour while swerving between lanes.

The teenager lost control at a curve near Turtle River. The vehicle rolled into a group of trees and the teenager was ejected. He was airlifted to a hospital in Fargo, where he died of his injuries.

The State Patrol and Beltrami County are investigating the incident.

  • red

    dumb mistake let this be a lesson to our kids. don’t speed, no underage drinking, don’t run from the cops if pulled over, where a seat belt I can go on and on sad story RIP

    • markH

      First off, 16 is simply too young to be driving a vehicle. I know many will say that this kid was likely drunk and his age had nothing to do with this (drunks come in all ages) but come on! 16! This kid has about a buck and a half’s worth of driving experience and he and other bubble gum chewing teenie boppers (who are too young to even attend an “R-Rated” movie without an adult) are being licensed and cut loose on our roads. Think about, that’s all I’m saying.

      • Tom Willard

        Starting to think you are right Mark

      • readthearticle

        the article doesn’t say he was legally driving, he wasn’t the original driver,he got behind the wheel of the car doesn’t say he even has a license. My question is what is a 16 yr old doing out at 5 am in the morning. Do you think it was acceptable for him to be out that early in the morning driving with someone that was being pulled over for suspected drunk driving? As a parent that would be my biggest concern not if 16 is too young to be driving. It is a lesson learned, don’t run from the police, at least in this case the kid hurt himself and not someone innocent that just happen to be on the road at the same time as him.

      • MRJ

        My daughter got her license when she was 18 because I refused to pay for training classes. Driving is a privilege and I believe that kids will take it as such if it costs them something. Unfortunately, that something may very well be their lives.

        • MN Mom

          AGREED! I took the exact same approach, he had to pay for it to earn it, buy his own car and pay for his own insurance. He was so mad at the time, but now tells me it was a valuable experience in teaching responsibility!

        • Danodemano


          Good job. My kids ( now 25 & 23 ) had to have a B average before they could get their license. My son was almost 18 when he got his, my daughter also was over 17 years old.

        • Drivers ed instructor

          I am a driving instructor and I wish more parents were like you. The buy their kids brand new cars, pay for insurance, and the drivers ed cost! Some of the time I just want to tell the parents to not let their kids drive. I have many students who act out in class or wont put down their cell phones. If they can’t act like an adult in class, then they sure cannot handle driving!!!

      • Commonsense

        Are we suppose to bubble wrap the teenagers til they become adults. So you don’t let them drive at 16 – what age is appropriate – are you anymore responsible at say 18 or 20 – geez I know 30 year olds that shouldn’t be driving.
        And how do you get driving experience – it’s called seat time. How about we as parents teach our children – respect, responsiblity and commonsense – all three of these are seriously lacking in todays children. This child made a bad decision – one unfortunately he won’t live with, but the people left behind will have to live with. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

        • PS

          unforunatly it sounds like you parents have commonsence unlike a lot of parents who bring the children in for drivers test I apperciate parents like you guys its the parents that just teach their child enough to pass the test and then it’s get the out of my face and i don’t have to hall you a$$ around any more and there is always an exception to the rules

    • Bob Potter

      True, most 16 year olds are not ready for the road, some maybe but not most.

    • Jerry

      Your right on all counts, but what teenger evens reads the daily news? So how would they learn from this? Public schools and parents must start taking driving seriously. I’m talking about several weeks of it when they turn 16 years old. No teen can ever learn to much when it comes to driving, learning thabout the vehicle, 7 rules of defenivse driving, and the dangers involved. It also wouldn’t hurt to give every new driver a class reguarding vehicle maintaince and operations. Very few adults have ever really learned how to drive correctly. And that problem is serious in its self. The teen was wrong I agree. But teenages do dumb things at that age. The cops already new the car and driver. So back off and arrest him later. The cops are wrong to be chasing drunk or stupid drivers, or any drivers at 100 miles per hour.

  • pam branchaud

    why was he left unattended in the first place…. another life needlessly lost.

    • jim

      yes…its the cops fault the kid is an idiot…wth your parenting skills..its no wonder kids end up doing these things

      • blaine nelson

        I agree, with Jim ..How can you ask why was he left unattended, you dont think that officer had enough to do on his hands dealing with the idiot had pulled out of the car already, and why would anyone jump behind a wheel of a vehicle that is pulled over to a stop by a police officer and take off… it is your parenting skills that keeps me from venturing out because why shouldnt I be inconvienced by your kids, be disrepected by your kids, be insulted by your kids, I mean if they are doing it to you why not do it to me, lets not teach respect anymore, lets not teach values anymore.. but when the laws of the land are abused lets blame the officers involved.. Blaine

        • Dana

          I think the cops should be re-evaluating high speed chases! Seems like someone always gets killed…including innocent people!
          My heart goes out to the victim and his family.

          • DEBBY


          • Steve

            First off the cops need something to chase at those speeds so quit blaming the cops, This kid needed some parental control which seems to be missing.

          • PS

            Dana you need to be reevaluated, don’t put the blame on the officer his job is not the easiest to do ! I happen to be a close friend of the sherriff of Beltami county and have a brother who is an officer they take their job very seeriously ! sometimes you have NO choice !

          • Olaf

            The cop didn’t drag the kid into the drivers seat and make him drive 100 mph. Sounds as though you are one of those people that cannot take responsibility for your own actions. It’s always someone else’s fault, isn’t it Dana

          • Scott

            “VIctim” Really? Thank goodness most of the voices here are a liitle more reasonable.

    • Paul

      Chill out, Maxx. Geez, if you get this personal over an anonymous post on a message board, I can only imagine how much fun you are to be around.

    • Jason Kieffer

      he was 16 thats why

  • Marisa Bohar

    Why didn’t they try to shoot the tires when the car took off so he wouldn’t have gotten very far?

    • Chuck

      What the … ???

      Shooting at the car speeding away???

      You have been watching too much TV…

      Why do we bother…

      • Jack Bauer

        I agree…lol.
        One too many action movies for you!
        What if the cop missed and the bullet ends up deflecting back at him? Or worse, it accidentally hits the kid (not to say cops are bad shooters). They can’t simply use a gun whenever they feel like it, especially, when they are unarmed.

    • DaveC

      Sorry Marisa, this isn’t a movie. Cops don’t shoot at tires to stop vehicles. Shooting ANYTHING is considered deadly force and not necessary in a situation like this.

      • Lilldavey

        Cops are taught not to pull their guns unless they intend to fire them, and not to fire them unless they intend to PUT DOWN theis assailant. A kid speeding away in a car is not a threat to police officers. But as a threat to public safety, I don’t understand why police don’t use the PITT maneuver to stop fleeing vehicles more often. I mean, if it’s because of body damage to the cruiser, surely they can design a push bar system that wraps around the front fenders to protect the police car from body damage.Also, there was mention of 16 being too young to drive — that’s a load of crap. The majority of responsible 16 year olds should not have to suffer because a few idiot teens decided to try out the “immortality complex” by fleeing police. Besides, there was nothing in this article to suggest that the 16 year old was licenses any way — and how different would it be if the kid were 15 or 14? It still goes back to the possibility that police could have avoided this death, and the TEEN is solely responsible for his own death.

    • pretzeldude

      Marisa, you must be blond, or you have cranial rectal inversion.

    • MN Cop

      Because that is called DEADLY FORCE….

  • SB

    What about the other innocent people driving on the road in danger of having a drunk driver hitting them? They shouldn’t be protected by police trying to get careless people of the road? It’s always sad to hear of teens dying in car accidents but you can’t let age set the the guidelines.

    • Darren

      The cops had the drunk driver stopped and it doesn’t say anything about the kid that died being drunk. Until that is proven he just made a bad decision.

    • insignificant

      uh huh…far more dangerous on the roads is the dinbgbat in the minivan,yappin’ gossip on his/her cell-phone,totally oblivious to anything but the worthless conversation…and upon checking the driver for intoxity they left the keys in ‘er,eh?

  • Jeff

    What would have happened if he had been in an accident and killed a little child in a car while the cops waited for him at his house? He was responsible for his actions, the cops were there to protect everyone, including him.

  • DJ

    maybe the teen should learn to respect those in authority. Maybe the parents should be charged who supplied the liquor. Sometime things need to happen for people learn there lessons

    • Tea.........

      Tough to do since he DIED!

    • mamatellie

      Who said parents supplied liquor or that anyone was even drunk?! All it says is that the original driver of the vehicle was being investigated for DUI, and it doesn’t say anything about whether or not the kid who died was drinking at all…..and even if they’re both underage and drinking, who says it was anyone’s parents who supplied the alcohol? Teenagers that want to drink always find a way to do it, and they don’t need parents to buy for them.

  • Alex V

    I’m confused here, why did they chase him? What crime was committed by the teen? He was the passenger. The driver was submitting to a sobriety test. Sure he’s a jerk for taking off and leaving his friend there, but that’s his problem.

    • Chris

      Isn’t it obvious?! He can’t be allowed to interfere with a traffic stop…

      and took off after probably drinking too… why else would he run?

      The kid was a violator and needed to be apprehended!

      • Cathy

        To me it’s just sad that so many innocent people are killed by these police chases, sometimes entire families. Unless they’re chasing a mass murderer I think they should back off. They have his license plate number, and in this case his friend, who could have given them all the info they needed to get him. Just another kid dead for being a dumb kid. Glad he did’nt kill anyone else.

        • GH

          You say that until the kid they just let take off runs a light and kills your entire family. Think about that one before you respond

          • Mindy

            I am wondering why people blame the police??? They were doing their job and they put their life on the line everyday to deal with idiot people. This 16 year old knew he was in the wrong. Thank god he only killed himself not innocent people. Police have every right to chase people, not just murders! That is their job. So maybe we should blame the parents and the people who do these stupid acts. We should STOP blaming the wrong people.

            • Chelsey Little

              Exactly! What responsible parent let’s their 16 yr old child run amuck at 5am?! That time of day I would rather be at home, in bed sleeping…and I am only 23.

            • Jerry

              Mindy the police should know by now that chasing stupid or drunk drivers will get someone killed. Teenages are stupid and ignorant drivers. Most adults are stupid and ignorant drivers also. Chasing folks around at 100 miles per hour is dangerous at best. There has to be more driver training when a teen turns 16. ‘There’s no such thing as an accident. There are colisions that could of been prevented”. All vehicle collisions are preventable.The cops should know what I’m tolding about. We are sober adults, lets start acting like it. There is no need for high speed chases by cops.Simply arrest the driver later.

        • Tom Willard

          Cathy…he didn’t die in a POLICE chase. He died in a high speed accident FLEEING police. You panty-waists need to stop blaming law enforcement everytime someone does something stupid and dies. Let him go? IF he survives, he learns that running is not impossible.

          • dah-der-dolt

            A 16 year old died in a chase with police. Police say they chased the vechicle at over 100 miles an hour, how is this not a police chase tom Willard?

          • Jerry

            Its easy for us to sit in judgment after the fact. Nonetheless the police are sbor adults that are suppose to be trained well enough to know you shouldn’t be chasing young stupid and ignorant teens at 100 mph…. THERE SHOULD BE A DIFFERENCE IN JUDGMENT BETWEEN A TEENAGER AND A COP..Arrest the driver later And then let him live to have his day in coourt..

            • JiminSavage

              Bad Idea Jerry.

        • olaf

          Ok, Cathy–remember that when you are robbed or attacked and the police do not pursue the bad guy. You ever hear of car theft? Do you really think these punks drive their own cars when they are committing crimes?

        • M B

          How do you know he wasn’t wanted for mass murder? A police officer doesn’t know the criminal history of a person they pull over until they run the info or the perp confesses.

          There’s a basic rule: If he runs, he’s done something wrong. People don’t run if they’re innocent. Would you?

          Also, very often friends won’t rat each other out. Who’s to say his friend would cough up info on him? If it’s his friend’s car, there’s no info the officer has on this person and he just bolted.

          How about we start having parents be parents and stop blaming the police for all our woes.

          Also, I think 16 is okay to learn to drive. I drove fine at 16, as did all of my friends. The difference between then and now are the electronic devices and the freeway speeds. I wasn’t allowed on the freeways for 3 months without my parents in the car after I got my license, and we can penalize them if they have their electronics on. No biggie. Again, it comes back to parents being parents and being willing to be firm with boundaries. This “Oh, noes, I might stunt my child if I set boundaries” junk has to go.

        • WTH??

          That answer answer must be from a teenager.

        • PS

          cathy yes lets just let everyone go free WAKE THE F UP if you start letting people run free everyone will try it when they are stopped and then we have a bigger problem !

        • Tom

          good point

    • MN Cop

      If we simply let everyone go that runs, why would anyone stop?

      • Jerry

        Mn Cop
        there should be a big difference in judgment btween an ignorant stupid teenager and an adult cop. No body is saying let anyone go free.But these things have been going on for decades. Lets grow up and act like adults and stop trying to chase down a foolish teen driver. Do your job and arrest him an hour or two later There is no need for these high speed chases to continue. You have the vehicle discription and probably the plate number. How hard would it be to find him? High speed chases are for T.V. not for real…..

        • JiminSavage

          Jerry – the kid unfortunately died because he drove at a very high speed and then lost control of his car. The police were trying to stop him. It’s that simple. It is not the cops fault he ran. As a taxpayer, I sure as hell want them to pursue these folks.

  • BK

    Randy, you are crazy. The parents should be the one to blame, along with the kid for making a dumb choice. The cops are doing their job. Do you think it’d be a brighter idea to let the DRUNK KID drive back home and risk killing other innocent people? Yeah, good idea!

    • K.

      Quit blaming the parents. Chances are, the parents may have done all they could trying to instill in this kid some common sense. Sometimes kids just make poor choices and decisions. Unfortunately, in this case, they were fatal.

      • Corky

        In our society today parents have very little tools to instill common sense in their kids. Those tools have been largely removed by our Utopian driven government & their supporters. Nowadays a child has more rights than the parents. Try disciplining your kid with anything more than a mild finger wagging & watch them call family services or some other self serving government entity. And, god forbid, you run afoul of one of these leeches, and they’ll be like an old fashioned case of herpes…….something very annoying that won’t go away.

        • be afraid

          My children listen to me, maybe your a chitty parent Corky and they hate you or obviously don’t respect you

          • Corky

            Sounds like be afraid is one of the embracers of our government intervention.

            • Marie

              Corky, you do sound like a less than stellar parent.

      • PS

        so your saying that the parents have nothing to do with raising their kids the right way ! GET REAL

        • mamatellie

          I’ve known many kids who constantly got themselves into trouble, and they had excellent parents, who were always there for them, who always looked after them, who always gave them advice, and who always had rules, and enforced consequences. How many kids do you have?

    • mamatellie

      Why are we blaming the parents? Maybe the parents thought he was staying over at a friend’s house overnight….maybe he snuck out…..why is it whenever a teenager does something stupid that the parents get blamed? His parents weren’t there…..maybe they are bad parents, but why doesn’t anyone consider maybe they are good parents?
      Teenagers make stupid decisions quite often, I don’t see how it’s his parents fault.

    • Jerry

      The parents should have taught the teenn better judgment. But then what about the school teachers, driver instructors and the state of Minnesota shouldn’t they all be doing a better job? These things ( high speed chases) shouldn’t be happening…

  • Paulie

    Are you serious?????

    • Slim

      Are you serious about what?

      What is your point? Do you disagree… with who??? with everybody???

      Your comment is the stupid one, so bite your tongue…

  • JamieinMN

    Well, at least they didn’t harm or KILL any innocent drivers on the road. It’s obvious these teens are troubled. Drinking underage, driving, and TRYING to elude law enforcement?!?!?! Not very smart kids….

  • Chuck

    Randy, There is no logic that allows you to put this “on the cops” as you said!

    They did not make him drive so fast… they were trying to and had stopped these drunks already… the kid made a fatal mistake, and I feel for his family.

    Take a step back and look at it as a criminal act progressing to a real tragedy…

    But, leave the cops alone, the kids were at fault… period!

  • T-Man

    Shoot the tires out? Really? Wake up lady!! The cops would have went to prison for using deadly force for a traffic violation. Someone please tell me we don’t have people this massively ignorant in our country!!!

    • JamieinMN

      Even worse, they live RIGHT HERE in Minnesota…….OMG how embarrassing.

    • jim

      actually…deadly force could be used if the kids behavior was endangering others lives



  • megafrog

    Glad that there was no innocent victim in this crash.

  • Tired

    Randy—–If that kid would have hit and killed someone in your family—Your statement would have been …..Where were the cops…..COPS—Well Randy we stopped him earlier but he ran. So we went to his house to wait for him to get home. In the meantime he hit and killed 3 people including your loved one. Sorry Randy that’s how it works now because of people like you complaining. Have a good day Randy.

    • @ Tired

      You are spot on with this one. These people blaming the cops disgust me. Go live on your peace and love compound, where everything can be fixed with a hug.

      • Jerry

        These things have been happening for decades. They happen over and over again nothing ever changes. How can you “still” justify chassing stupid teenagers aroound at 100 mph? There should be a huge difference in reasoning between an ignorant teenager and a police officer. Arrest the driver later. Stop these needless high speed chases.

        Your type of thinking hasn’t stopped thes chases yet. So I’d say your type of thinking isn’t working.

        “Two wrongs don’t make a right”.

  • dee

    FACT is, if you try to outrun the cops, they WILL chase you, everyone knows this even 16 year olds. so if he was 18, it would be ok to chase him then because he’s now 2 years older? If you try to run the cops have no choice to assume you are a danger to society. Why didn’t he stop? It is ON the 16 year old, NOT the cops, just because the car is registered to someone doesn’t mean it’s that person driving the car. If you run, could mean you are a wanted murderer who stole a car, how do the cops know? They are just doing their jobs, protecting the public. Oh and by the way, how many people do you know that have ever suceeded outrunning the cops, one cop can have 20 cops and a helicopter in a matter of minutes

  • Jason

    So, it is the cops fault that he dicided to run, speed, lose control and kill himself? What a bunch of crap! So anyone can run from the authorities and shouldn’t be chased? The cops can just go to their house and “bust” them later? Where is the personal responsibility these days? Sounds like all he had to do was sit in the car and he would have been fine. Even if he had somthing on him, he is a minor. Then he could have stepped up and taken responsibility and became a man. Was it worth running? Obviously not.

  • Ridiculous

    I really do not understand why CBS lets people comment on these stories. I’m not saying what this young boy is ok, but he paid with his life, and his family is paying now. Please have some respect for them. We don’t know these people. He could have been the preacher’s son rebelling and drinking, and then he made one stupid decision while intoxicated. also, the cops did their job. The might not have even realized it was a teenager in that car. their job is protect those innocent people out there, and that is what they intended to do. You cannot blame other people for his decisions. I have known people I graduated with that had wonderful parents who did not supply alcohol and preached nonstop the dangers of drinking and driving. Their kids still did it, and after being punished, they still did it. Think about this family before you start judging and making stupid comments!

    • Slim

      So why don’t you save your wind (and speech) too…

      Save all of us the rambling message that you burdened us with…


      • You are Crazy!

        why does everyone play the blame game? Do you have kids? How would you feel if it were your child? Would you blame yourself????

        • Sammy

          As a republican we have to blame someone.

    • markH

      Are you seriously suggesting that being a “preacher’s son” somehow makes him more moral and decent? Do you read the papers or watch the news?

    • mom

      my husband’s cousin a few years ago was stupid enough to go out with a friend and they were drinking and driving no one is sure who was driving but my husband’s cousin was killed. You are right that it is the family that pays, he was a very good kid, but it doesn’t lessen the fact that he was selfish and didn’t think about the consequences of his actions. His parents now have to go through life wondering why he didn’t listen to them when they talked to him about drinking and driving or why he thought it wouldn’t happen to him. But you are wrong that people shouldn’t express their opinions, what this kid did was dumb and he paid but it is a good thing in this situation and my husband’s cousins death that they were the ones killed and not my family or someone else’s. My children have known since his death how he died and why he died, and I hope they will remember what happened to him when they have to decided on making good or bad choices in life.

    • eastside_evil

      I think it’s amusing you say “he could be the preacher’s son” as if being a preacher or being the preacher’s son somehow makes a person a good person worthy of living, whereas, the automechanic’s son I noticed wasn’t used as a reference. Gotta love the christians…

      • REALLY? really?

        You missed the whole point of what they were saying…that it could have happened to ANYONE here….ANYONE, no matter how “perfect” people PERCIEVE any other person to be. It’s called judgement, like when you say how someone should have said something based on your own biases like you just did…..-thus rendering you completely missing the point-Casting judgement…that was the point, and THAT IS TO NOT JUDGE. Do I need to draw a picture for you to understand??????.

      • Marie

        I agree!

  • LAS

    BK – How is this in any way the parents faults? Kids never do anything behind their parents back…..

  • Artist36

    Ah, no this is not on the cops… First off, what is a 16 year old doin out at 5 in the mornin? Drinkin, and probably drugs as well. Why should I have to be lookin out for drunks regardless of their age? Its bad enough havin to dodge all the texting teens every day the way it is. I’m afraid this one is on the parents who allow their kids easy access to alcohol and set no limits on curfew.

  • Megan Brady

    Our jobs as parents is to raise our kids to the best of our abilities, so the child can grow up and make their own decisions. Yes he/she was 16, and made a couple mistakes here. But at 16 you never think about something killing you. The parents are not to blame, I can’t imagine how horrible they are feeling that they lost a child. Something no parent should have to go through. There are plenty of teens/young adults/elderly that are behind the wheel intoxicated or impaired, we should never wish death/injury even to the ones who obviously needed a little guidance. We don’t know the whole story here, so it would be best if people wouldn’t judge.

  • Cathy

    Usually when innocent people are killed the cops are right behind making sure they’re still doing 100 miles per hr.

    • Jet Engineer

      Cathy you are an idiot. The police did not force him to flee. The police did not force him to attempt to control a vehicle at speeds of 100 mph. The police did not shoot at him or make him afraid for his life (well maybe his carefree life STYLE). It was his CHOICE. As most every Parent and Adult knows, 16, scared of the consequences, and drunk is not the time to try and make a good choice. Maqn up. You did the crime, U do the time.

      • Jamie

        The kid would still be alive if the idiot cops didn’t chase HIm ! I’ve been a cop for 20 years and people die when they

        • Jim Lilaks

          You are not a cop you stupid fool. Any cop knows that speeds of 100 mph are a deadly mix. If they did not chase him would he have simply stopped. I do not thinks so. The runners never stop until they crash or somehow get stopped by the cop chasing them. Think like a cop before you lie to everyone. Or is it that you never actually were a road cop and only a officer junkie or supervisior

        • MN Cop

          Doubtful…yes pursuits are dangerous. But I believe that simply letting people go because they run will create a monster that we don’t want to see. Now I am gonna run because I don’t want to get a simple traffic ticket. I’ll take my chances that the cop can’t identify me later. I will say I let someone borrow my car. And on and on and on. I have to be able to prove something to charge something so letting them go cant’ be the answer. That is not to say we need to use common sense. You can’t blindly chase cars through a neighborhood. You have to weigh the danger of the chase with the danger of letting it go. Leave it up to the cop!

    • PS

      Cathy why do you feel that the police are to blame are you a moron the kid needs to take some responcibility DON’T BLAME THE POLICE !!!!!!!

  • sunny

    Wow you guys!!?? Really?
    Should we put you all in a room together and say ,”behave your selves and play nice”.

  • Rob Wagner

    What a great story. Was glad to hear no innocent people were hurt.

  • blaine

    to Cathy … really .. I mean serouisly really ? please tell me your not a licensed minnesota driver … wow


    The thing I think some people forget…..there are stories about 7 YEAR OLD children stealing cars and trying to outrun the police!

    I have to say….the ones to blame here are..(In this order..)
    #1- The KID!
    #2- His parents
    #3- Society
    #4- Osama Bin Laden (why not)
    #5- The kid having Spring fever!
    #6- The Police

    • eastside_evil

      Why his parents? Do you know them? Are you qualified to judge their every parenting misstep as the reason he took off in a car at a traffic stop? Really?

      • Teas-er

        Because he’s 16……when I was 16….if my parents didn’t know where I was….there was heck to pay…..

        BUT!!!! I understand your point……

        Let’s put a “%” on each one…

        How’s that?

        • eastside_evil

          Not good.

          It still doesn’t explain why you want to blame the parents.

          • Julie

            For not knowing their child was out at 5 am in a vehicle with someone intoxicated?

            • mamatellie

              If your kid was staying at a friend’s overnight, would you know where he was at 5am? Or would you assume he was where he said he would be? How many teenagers have you raised?

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