ARDEN HILLS, Minn. (WCCO) — Ramsey County officials and the Minnesota Vikings have announced an agreement to build a new 1.6 million-square-foot retractable-roof stadium in Arden Hills.

The plan for the multi-purpose stadium will be officially announced Tuesday at the new site — the former Twin Cities Army Ammunitions Plant property.

Ramsey County Commissioners Tony Bennett and Rafael Ortega, Vikings owners Zygi and Mark Wilf, Vikings Hall of Famer Bud Grant, Vikings legend Jim Marshall and head coach Leslie Frazier will be in attendance at the 3 p.m. news conference.

The agreement reached by the team and the county calls for a $884 million stadium and an additional $173 million for on-site infrastructure, parking and environmental costs. The total project will cost $1.06 billion.

The Vikings will commit $407 million to the project, 44 percent of the stadium costs and 39 percent of the overall costs. The state has committed $300 million to the project.

The county’s $350 million share will be financed with a half-cent sales tax increase.

The team and county are working with legislators and MnDOT to pinpoint costs and funding options for off-site road improvements, estimated to be $7 million per year.

“Reaching an agreement with Ramsey County as our local partner is a major milestone in our efforts to finalize a long-term stadium solution, and we are pleased to have found such a strong and forthright partner,” said Zygi Wilf, Vikings owner and chairman, in a release.

“While we certainly appreciate the proposal by the City of Minneapolis, as well as the recent efforts by Hennepin County, we believe the Ramsey County site offers the most benefits to our fans, the team and the state and is the ideal site for a new stadium.”

Wilf said Ramsey County was a better option than rebuilding on the existing Metrodome site, even though the infrastructure is already there. The team and the county say they shouldn’t have to pay for road upgrades.

The 260-acre site will include an estimated 21,000 parking spaces, which will provide ample space for tailgating.

Mark Wilf, Vikings owner and president, said now that a local partner has been determined and a site has been chosen, they will focus on working with lawmakers and Gov. Mark Dayton to pass a stadium bill that would secure the future of the Vikings in Minnesota.

He said the new stadium would support 13,000 full and part-time jobs, including 7,500 construction jobs during the three-year construction period.

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  1. Peter Piper says:

    I’ve accepted the fact public money will be used no matter what. Can you accept it too please and stop posting your mindless rants on these boards.. thanks

    1. MARK says:

      Just because it seems inevitable doesn’t mean I’m just going to shut up and take it. The economy is still in tough shape, my home value is down again and my property taxes are up, and now I’m supposed to give money to a billionaire for his sports team that I’ll never watch? Inevitable or not, I’m not going to stop ranting against it.

      1. Enlighten Us Mark says:

        What money Mark? You seem pretty upset over this money that YOU are going to be giving money to billionaires. So educate us all and show that you have more than mindless rants in your repitoure of rhetoric…..what money are you going to have to pay? Tell us all SPECIFICALLY how much and when you will have to give the billionaires money. And if you cant intellegently answer that question…then maybe get a clue and settle down. You are freaking out about stuff you obviously dont understand or have a firm grasp on. I would expect that from a teenager maybe….lets hope you aren’t an adult making idiotic statements like this.

        1. MARK says:

          That was a long post that said absolutely nothing. What’s your point? Our elected officials are considering adding taxes so as to give money to the Vikings for their stadium. THAT’s the money that I’ll be paying, whether I like it or not. I can’t tell you SPECIFICALLY how much and when I’ll have to pay, because they’re still working out the details, which is what this story is about.

          I’m not a teenager, I’m a taxpaying adult, and that’s why I’m mad about this.

          1. Enlighten Us Mark says:

            So you DON’T know how they plan to pay for it. How do you know you’ll be affected by taxes? You DONT know…you dont know anything. You are SPECULATING…pure and simple. So dont boast your baseless rhetoric about supporting billionaires, when you have no proof, no real idea whatsoever how you would be financially affect by this purposal. Do you see how lutacris that is? If you are an adult, you’d have to admit you maybe put the ol cart before the horse.

            If you object to the stadium on principal, fine lets agree to disagree. But you said, “now I”M supposed to give money to billionaires….” Which just isn’t a true statement. According to your own admission it is demonstratively false. You maybe suspect your taxes might go up….but you have no real idea. So settle down a bit, use your intellegence to evaluate the stadium purpose based on its merits….not your premature, preconcieved notion of the proprosal.

            1. MARK says:

              The article above is proposing spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on the stadium. I pay taxes in Minneapolis. So yes, the government would take my money in the form of taxes, and would then give it to the Vikings and their billionaire owner for the new stadium. I’m not sure how to spell this out more plainly.

              I don’t oppose the stadium on principle. I oppose paying for the stadium with taxpayer money on principle.

              1. So Sad for Mark:( says:

                Cute….how bout you view it that simply. They want to pay for it with tax dollars…i pay taxes…therefor i must be paying for the stadium.

                My favorite color is green….i have a car….therefor my car must green.

                Nice 1st grade logic buddy. You have complex reasoning and critical thinking skills in spades!!!

                1. MARK says:

                  So you deny that taxpayer money will be used for the stadium? Or you deny that I pay taxes? That car “analogy” is completely ridiculous.

                2. So Sad for Mark:( says:

                  I do not deny tax payer money will be used. I just deny that you know for a fact that YOUR taxes will be used. That is what your original post was all about….and that is a lie that has been proven false. You can’t twist your logic to fit your point-of-the-minute. So much double talk and contradictions….must be tiresome:(

              2. Really says:

                Good point about the federal money….but you obviously dont read very carefully. The Gov said those extra cost for road would have to be picked up by the team. The cap is 300m….wherever they want to put it.

              3. MARK says:

                Exactly. I don’t know and you don’t know, because the deal is not final. And I’ve posted that I oppose taxpayer money for the stadium. That’s it. Why does this make you so upset?

              4. MARK says:

                How would my taxes NOT be used? I live in Minneapolis, I buy alcohol from time to time, I shop, I go to events. If tax money is to be used, some of that money will be from taxes I paid. This seems so basic I’m confused about why I even have to type it here…

              5. Really Mark? says:

                Again…..another contradiction from Mark. Love the double talk buddy.

                Please, please read your original post, “and now I’m supposed to give money to a billionaire for his sports team that I’ll never watch?”

                You didnt construct an arguement about being fundamentally opposed to using taxpayer money to finance a stadium….NOPE….you played the victim card. Poor Mark, and i’m using YOUR words, “is supposed to give money to a billionaire” So sad for Mark:(

                So all i was doing was trying to get you to see the absurdity of your claims. Again, i’m not arguing about you being fundamentally opposed to public financing…i’ve said that numerous times…….but MARK…..YOU are not paying for anything as of yet. So settle down and stop feeling sorry for yourself. I thought you said you were an adult?

              6. Really Mark? says:

                Mmm…..licensing deals, luxury tax, ramsey county partner… would you be paying for it then smart guy?

                You just infer the outcome and complain before anythign happened. I dont understand how you are even able to comprehend a stop sign in daily life. The point of you not fully understanding the stadium purposal has been shown time and time again…..but *whatesle is new* you dont get it!!!

              7. MARK says:

                So you’re upset because I wrote “now I’m supposed to give money to a billionaire.” That’s the victim card? I don’t think so. I’ll agree that it was hyperbole, and I could have been more tactful. But I still don’t see how it’s absurd. I wouldn’t give my money to the Vikings. The government would take some of my money and THEY would give it to the Vikings. In your mind I have to just smile and take it, and if I complain about the possibility of this happening, I’m playing the victim card. THAT’s ridiculous.

              8. MARK says:

                “Mmm…..licensing deals, luxury tax, ramsey county partner… would you be paying for it then smart guy?”

                I wouldn’t be paying for it then, obviously, and I wouldn’t oppose that. Have you even been reading my posts? I oppose sales and other tax increases on the citizens of Minnesota to help fund a football stadium for a team that is owned by a billionaire. I do NOT oppose “licensing deals, luxury tax, ramsey county partner.” I think I’ve been pretty clear about this.

              9. A.D. says:

                Considering it says that Ramsey Cty will be having a sales tax increase, if Mark lives in Ramsey Cty, then clearly he’ll be paying taxes that go directly to the stadium. I don’t see what is so difficult to understand about that. As a Bears fan living in Dakota Cty, I’m glad the amt I’ll have to pay to “support” the stadium will be minimal compared to what others will have to pony up.

              10. I support Mark! says:

                I couldn’t agree more with Mark. The rest of you are all blind. Stop kidding yourself. We as taxpayer will pay the 305 million. There are no plans to plant money trees…

                1. cutefatty says:

                  As a fact, they will, once again increase the STATE Sales Tax. It is now over 7% So if you buy anything other then groceries or clothes in the State of Mn. you will, indeed, personally be funding the building and maintenance of the new stadium. Someone has to pay for it, as the owners are only paying 44% of it. So go figure!!! Also, they may start adding a tax to food and clothes, as well as adding another tax to entertainment type activities.

              11. Drop Kick says:

                Don’t forget to add light rail to that list so the St. Paul liberals can get to the game.

            2. yourdumb says:

              the twins stadium should not even have been build it used hennipen co tax payer money not put to a vote to build it.what do you mean genius it always goes the way mark said how could you think it would not? no tax payer money should ever be used

              1. jay says:

                i live in mora, why should i have to pay for that light rail system that is going from minneapolis to st. paul. i will never use it , but i won’t sit and bi*** and moan about. so if you have to pay for the stadium just pay and shut up.

            3. john says:

              Not to speak for Mark, put if he spends money in Ramsey County he will be paying an extra 1/2 cent increase on sales tax. So a $25,000 car would be an extra $125 and misc. purchases the rest of the year would add up. Is that an extreme example yes and no, people buy new cars everyday, but maybe not Mark.

              Will I travel to Ramsey County from where I live so I can spend an extra $125 on a car purchase? No, I won’t. Will I go to a Menards in Ramsey County to buy a new lawnmower? No, I won’t. If I lived in Ramsey County maybe I would just have to do it as it would be inconvenient to travel elsewhere. I don’t know where Mark lives.

              The state will be kicking in some money. As no money is free that will come from somebody at some time. For someone like Mark or me probably just a few dollars extra a year. So these comments of suspecting taxes will go up-did you read the story people, certain tax rates are going up. The details of how it impacts Mark are unknown, but the overall impact is not open to debate.

              The point is the totality of it. What will the sales tax be in Ramsey County now? Like 7.625 and in the city of St. Paul 8.125. Really, I repeat really over 8 percent on sales tax! That is a higher rate than my state income tax rate. Am I going to any store in the city of St. Paul to pay a transit tax, a special city tax, and now a stadium tax? No, I would prefer not to and I won’t.

              I am not usually a whiner about tax and spend, but there does become a point. I am sorry, if you can’t figure out how to do this with user fees/taxes on the people that use this facility don’t expect me to foot the bill, at least voluntarily. If you are a business owner in Ramsey or the City of St. Paul, or Minneapolis for that matter, I apologize for the fact that I will avoid making big and most small purchases within your boundaries. I realize it is not your fault, but I am motivated by the bottom line like everyone else and over the course of the year I am not going to piss away an extra $100, $500, or whatever amount of money if I can control it. I am sure all these geniuses that are ripping on Mark will visit your store more often than usual to make up for those of us that don’t.

          2. Uhaul says:

            I guess your best bet then is to Move Away 🙂

        2. Ven says:

          Spoken like a very good drone…I think, in part, you miss the principle of his point. Not to mention, all the ‘crap’ you are hearing about how ‘everyone’ will pay for it, won’t happen. On eexample (of many): Let’s say YOU pay, on avg $1200/year to go see the current team play. You WILL, in the furutre, pay $1900 to see that same team play. This is part of the rev derivation plan that Zig needs. Now b/c you are paying ~$100/game you might not like that, esp if you didn’t get a pay raise. So to offset, you don’t but little johnny that Ponder jersey he wants. That’s part of the rev derivation the City/State needs. A gap will happen, and with the lion’s share of the investment from the City/State – they will have to bridge that gap. Take a guess where that’ll come from – most likely property tax. We all pay.

        3. TBONE123334 says:

          agree – agree – agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        4. Gary Lee says:

          Mark seems to feel that if the state and county are contributing money then somehow someone is going to have to contribute that money, or replace the money which is being taken from some other budget. That doesn’t seem too far fetched. In fact, it seems like a reasonable assertion. When the government contributes money to a stadium, that money has to come from somewhere. Or are you proposing Reagan’s Voodoo Economics, that somehow having the Vikings in a new stadium is guaranteed to cause so much more economic activity that bushels of free money will fall out of the sky and land in the State’s coffers? Right.

          I agree with you, Mark. Taxpayers are contributing money to a billionaire to play his silly ego games. This isn’t about sports, it’s about whether Ziggy can run with the other NFL owners. And whether you say the tax money came out of this fund or that tax or some other smoke and mirrors, in the end it is coming at the expense of other programs, or taxpayers’ pockets. It is coming from small businesses in Ramsey county which will have higher prices, and will therefore lose business. Sure, the businesses in Arden Hills will make more, but will that economic boon spread all the way to the other end of the county? The sales tax will.

          I don’t mind paying taxes (I really don’t), I just want them used for something which is appropriate. I’m not convinced boosting Ziggy’s ego while keeping his wallet fat is an appropriate use of scarce taxpayer money.

        5. MT says:

          You do not grasp how this works. You have oversimplified the economics involved to justify your desire for a Vikings stadium. Mark is assuming much but is correct with his assumptions based upon the history regarding Tax Payer funded stadiums of the last 50 years. Tax Payer money is being committed to this – which is OUR money – you, me, Mark, and all other taxpayers. Economists state that the majority of the money would not leave the state if the Vikings [insert your favorite sports team here]. Also think about this, if a billionaire is unwilling to spend his own money and you agree that business people are smart, then you would understand that IT IS NOT A GOOD DEAL for MN Tax Payers.

      2. Peter says:

        Mark how about all the money that the new stadium will bring us?…over 1 billion dolllars in the nest 10 years you are clueless to the fact that we tax all the players that play there Home or Away..Plus the fact that your home value will go up if you live in the north suburbs.

        1. Nathan A Oebser says:

          Maybe someone you know might get a job from this?

        2. Sue says:

          How much money do you expect to get out of this deal? You are ranting that the new stadium will bring us over 1 billion, you or I will not see any of this money because it goes to the billionaire owners and players, I won’t see a dime of this money so how much are you planning on getting.

        3. Carly says:

          Really?! I live in the north metro near the site and I don’t think my property values will go up because of my new neighbor. This new neighbor will bring crowds and congestion. I will be looking to move farther away!

        4. A.D. says:

          Well, if this new stadium will bring in a billion dollars in the next 10 years (which i fail to see how, but that’s besides the point), the total cost of it is over a billion, so it essentially breaks even at that point. Additionally, if the state and the county are putting about $500M into the stadium, via taxpayer money and so forth, do you think that 50% of the money coming in will be given right back to the taxpayers that are helping support it? Most likely not, it will go back to the Vikings, the owners, and the state. And the portion that goes back to the state will probably be used to fill in the budget gap. Money that normal people will see in their pockets as a result of the stadium… $0. (also, building a giant stadium next to your house will most likely NOT increase the property value).

        5. yourdumb says:

          what ever it does not contribute that much so your saying if we dont get the taxes from the players are state will be worse off? there is no prof of that what a joke the jobs are low pay except for the construction jobs

        6. Max says:

          Will the new stadium miraculously bring us more money than the existing stadium?? Ticket and concession prices will probably go up even higher than what they are now…..I can hear the excuse now…… ” Well we had to do it to help pay for the stadium”

      3. MJ says:

        the Vikings put between $35 & $50 million dollars back into the state’s general fund-name me one other entity that returns that kind of profit to our state. and FUNNY they don’t USE ANY money from the state’s general fund

      4. Todd Oesterreich says:

        Are any of you negative Nancys aware that over $300M of the cost to build the stadium will be plowed right back into the Minnesota economy in the form of labor salaries? Another $200M+ will be plowed back into the Minnesota economy in the form of material procurement? That the stadium will be NOT be owned or operated by the Vikings, with the state of Minnesota and Ramsey county free to schedule revenue generating events 350+ days per year. That over the course of a stadium lease Vikings players Minnesota Income tax will average around $20M per year. That the Superbowl that will come with the stadium will generate (conservatively) $100M for the Minnesota economy? Of course you aren’t.

      5. Brian says:

        Here is the bottom line.The Vikings get their new stadium,then the Vikings WILL stay,in Minnesota.No new stadium,then we will watch the Los Angeles Vikings win a Super Bowl for LA.Any questions?

    2. Teched Off says:

      You contribute everyday, its just called a job.

      1. v says:

        If that comment was directed at me, it’s called work for yourself. Run two businesses, sell medical patents for 7 figures and do whatever the hell you want, when you want. Now go punch your clock. Boss is watching.

    3. southern MN Mom says:


      If you really didn’t care about what people think you would not post!

      Go to your room.


    4. TG says:

      Let me get this right. The metorpolitan sports commission will be the “owner operator” of the stadium and the building will be used for non football events during the year. (Perhaps i’m wrong) but wouldn’t that make it “the billionaires” helping to fund a public project? Lets be honest, the vikes are only going to sign a lease here most likely so they don’t “own” the building

      Maybe i’m just not understanding the process.

      1. Jim says:


        Do you really believe the Metropolitan Sports Commission would be building a football stadium primarily for monster truck shows, outdoor concerts and maybe rodeos? Not likely for nearly one billion dollars.

        If they were not being threatened with the old verbage “We’ll move this team outside of Minnesota if you don’t build us a stadium” I seriously doubt the Metropolitan Sports Commission would even be considering a new stadium.

        Let the Vikings move to Los Angeles and hire back Randy Moss. California can afford a billion dollars now that they have a Democratic Governor again.

      2. gtV says:

        You make sense. If you have ever been to Cleveland you will find sports stadium/venue deals similar to your way of thinking. If you look at the basic facts of it all, Cleveland though struggling with economic and demographic issues has all the sport business high cards. Check this out:
        1] The Cleveland Browns can’t leave town without–losing their name, paying off all mortgages to the stadium, paying off all contractual agreements[leases, taxes etc.], and relinquishing all stadium rights to the City of Cleveland. Then if the team defaults or goes bankrupt team ownership reverts to the city of Cleveland until the NFL or new owner[s] pay off all debts. [ Note; These facts are in the fine print of all city agreements.] Technically, the city of Cleveland owns the stadium with the Browns paying the costs of running the stadium..
        2] The Cleveland Indians have the same deal as the Browns only with very few adjustments due to the sport involved. Hereto the city technically owns the stadium but the Indians pay for the upkeep etcetera.
        3] The Cavaliers have a slightly different arranged with the city but the basic agreement tenets are the same as aforementioned.
        4] Even though the City of Cleveland is a public entity one doesn’t hear much squawking about whether the Cleveland teams are going to leave town. The city makes money when the teams win and just breaks even when the teams lose. So it behooves all concerned to root for the home teams!

        If the Willf’s are serious about supporting the team in MN to make some profit and support the state and Twin Cities then they should put the cash on the table, present their business plan for the best venue site, choose it, sign agreements, and help build the Sports complex.

        Yes, public subsidies will be involved but don’t throw the economic baby and benefits out with the bath water! In other words–CYB–cover your proverbial butt in all public/government ways. If this “public works” isn’t done right we all lose. If you at Cleveland’s example, things are very tough economically but the sports venues are holding their own and keeping to the agreements. Why can’t that work here???

    5. Free Country says:

      Thanks Piper! Yes it’s true our public money will have to pay for it, but I also enjoy reading the rants because this is still a free country and we all need someone to rant to!

  2. zee the reporter says:

    the dome sight would be the best bet! zee reporting!

  3. v says:

    Polishing a turd. Great idea.
    There’s a reason the roads and area are in poor condition.

  4. Rick says:

    This is insane why are there any state funds available at all for a stadium? Minnesota is broke and spends more than it takes in already and we are really going to commit to a 300 million cap. What is wrong with our government? If you really want a new stadium then let’s make it an option on the stat tax form. If you want it then help pay for it and chip in, let those of us who don’t opt out.

    1. George says:

      Yep, pure lunacy… but look at our CEO…. I rest my case…

      1. GOP (Grumpy Old People) says:

        George… it’s clear that you still have a GOP hangover. Get over it. Aren’t you late for the anti-gay marriage rally? It’s right across the street from the ‘less government’ rally (unless it pertains to guns, marriage, abortion, or anything else that makes people think differently that you do).

        1. Grumpy GOP'er and loving it says:

          Grumpy Old Fart, opps meant People. What more does a person need guns, marriage, abortion, or anything else that makes us “different” sounds great to me. That’s the whole problem that the dems have is that us GOP people actually think outside the box not in the box.

          1. pss says:

            GOPers can’t thinkfor themselves

            1. old nurse says:

              I wouldn’t know it from the posts I read. Thanks for clarifying a lot of the stupidity I read.

          2. teabaghater says:

            your an idot worry about how you live your life who cares if some one marrys a dog every time theres an election inane stuff pops up has nothing to do with the real probs

    2. PSS says:

      rick then maybe all people who don’t have children in school can opt out of paying for schools and those who don’t use all the state funded parks get a discount on the stuff they don’t use HOW STUPID !!!! “BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME”

      1. teabaghater says:

        those are not even the same genius we dont need more shopping the public can watch football on tv who cares

  5. Mike Merker says:

    @RICK can I opt out of paying taxes to my school district since I don’t and never had a kid in the system? It’s only fair!

    1. MARK says:

      Educating children benefits ALL of society. Giving hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money to billionaire sports franchise owners benefits billionaire sports franchise owners.

      1. v says:

        Parks for kids some don’t have.
        Tennis courts for people who don’t play.
        Lake maintenance and cleanup for those who don’t fish or live near them.
        Road construction on roads some don’t drive on.
        DNR money from those who don’t hunt.
        It goes on and on… and most fly under the radar.
        The stadium is a top-shelf, lightning rod issue. Therefore, the uproar.

        It’s simple folks… lose sports and:
        1/4 of the news goes bye-bye.
        1/4 of the newspaper goes bye-bye
        Bars/restaurants and sports stores lose huge percentages in income.
        millions in revenue… gone
        thousands of jobs… gone

        And just think… all the sick kids in the Children’s hospitals will then get visits from…… the guy playing Joseph from the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat! WOW!

        We get it folks… you were the last picked at kickball and so you don’t want to “get” the value pro sports brings to a community.

        Watch ’em go and we become “East Dakota”.
        Relax everyone… I’m sure you can cover the $3 a year it’s gonna cost.
        And because you all don’t partake in anything athletic… your sales tax won’t be affected.

        1. MARK says:

          They’re not going anywhere, they have nowhere to go. I know the NFL wants to have a team in the country’s second biggest city, but the Chargers, the Bills, and the Jaguars are all more likely candidates to move there. Those teams have stadium AND fan base issues. The Vikings aren’t going anywhere.

          1. griley says:

            Funny, thats what they used to say about the COLTS

            1. MARK says:

              The show Outside the Lines on ESPN recently did an entire 30 minute show about the NFL moving to LA. They identified four teams as possibles to move there: the Vikings, Chargers, Bills, and Jaguars. At the end of the show, they asked their panel of “experts” what conclusions could be drawn. In their opinion, San Diego was the most likely to move, with Jacksonville next, followed by Buffalo. The Vikings were the least likely to move.

              I’m convinced that the NFL is desperate to keep them here and make it work; they have other plans for LA. But the Vikings will continue to hint that they might move because it obviously helps their position.

              1. Kate says:

                It’s not up to the NFL – the Vikes’ lease is up after next season. Without a new stadium – like it or not – the Wilfs, as the team’s OWNER, have the right to move their team wherever they want. Yes, the NFL would have to approve it – but if they’re willing and LA wants them, why wouldn’t the NFL approve it?

                I hope you were this upset when public funds went into Target Field … TCF Stadium … The Xcel Energy Center … the Target Center … the Ordway … the Guthrie … all putting money in the hands of rich people who own teams or produce shows, etc.

                I understand the resistance – really, I do. But you also have to open your eyes to the bigger picture. Jobs. Income. Revenue for businesses, which then generate income for business owners, which generates income for employees, all of which generate more income tax. And tax on the business income. And tax on the liquor the businesses may sell. And tax on the food that businesses may sell. It’s a MUCH bigger issue than just “No state money for stadium.”

                I just wish the anti-stadium crowd could see beyond the money …

        2. Missy says:

          Well said, well said.

        3. Kevin N says:

          Sure, just like how the state fell apart when the North Stars left, right? Football isn’t the only game in town, and people will still eat and drink in bars and restaurants when the Vikings leave town.

          If these clowns want a $1 Billion stadium to play their little game in, they can pay for it themselves, and recoup their investment through ticket sales.

        4. Guy says:

          I am willing to be “East Dakota” instead of giving 1/10th of a cent to Ziggy & company. The purple hooligans (DWI’s; brandishing guns, sex harrassments too many to count) should be told to go to h*ll (and don’t come back).

        5. Walker says:

          @ v. If people don’t have sports teams to spend their money on are they just going to burn it in the fire pit at the park, or spend it elsewhere a on things like bars, restaurants, doctor bills from actually going out and doing something?

        6. teabaghater says:

          im in burnsville tennis courts are always full genius

    2. Rick says:

      That’s a good idea, I don’t have kids and am tired of the levies on the ballot every time. But look education is a totally different matter all together and I’m not sure how you can compare the two…

      1. Really Mark? says:

        What about the parks by your house….does ALL of society benefit from those Mark? The point is….parks, ballparks, museums….all get some public funding. They make Minnesota an interesting and fun place to live. I don’t mind paying for public stuff that I dont use (the park by your house, or any state parks for that matter) becaue i know other use it and enjoy it to make their lives more fulfilling. I dont understand why you hard-nosed fogeys cant have the same type of logic and understanding when it comes to this ballpark. Its like you dont even listen to the other side of the arguement, you’ve all had your minds made up for years. Small-minded stubborn people make this world a less friendly and fun place….thanks for that!!!

        1. MARK says:

          The park near my house doesn’t have a billionaire owner who is trying to raise taxes to build a new jungle gym. I would oppose that as well. I favor the Vikings building a stadium, I just favor them doing it with their own money.

          1. Really Mark? says:

            OMG….you are so obtuse it is ridiculous. Is there any gray in your world or is it pretty much black and white in all respects? Unbelievable…..

            No matter what is built, it wouldn’t be an exclusive Vikings only stadium… would be used for other purposes year round…hence the PARTIAL public financing. Am i missing something here or you do really not understand there are legitimate arguments on both sides here? Because after listening to you, sounds like you have it all under control. Why don’t you fix our entire economy while you’re at it. You obviously possess a firm understanding of micro AND macro economics as it relates to public financing with a strong mastery of public policy mixed in there. You’d be perfect. Mark for President!!!

            The point is…..whether you choose to recognize it, we pay for this stuff to make Minnesota a better place to live. I don’t understand #1) why you refuse to acknowledge any merits of publically financing a ballpark (because there are several (tax revenue, event center, etc) now maybe the cost outweighs the benefits….but that’s a DIFFERENT argument buddy.) and #2) How do you feel it’s fair to cherry pick which plans get public support and which don’t based on your own personal preferences and bias?

            1. MARK says:

              You add a few personal insults to every post you make. Is this an effective way of convincing someone of your opinion in your mind?

              1. I’m willing to acknowledge that having a new stadium would bring economic benefits to the state. I never said otherwise. I just don’t believe that those benefits would offset the incredibly high taxpayer cost at a time when the state’s budget is in crisis.

              2. I feel it’s fair to cherry pick which plans the public supports because I’m a member of the public, I pay taxes, and I’m not afraid to speak my mind. I’m sure it would be better for you if people like me just shut up and sat down, but I’m not going to do that. Next time there’s a debate about funding more parks or the arts, feel free to post your opposition. I promise not to make any sarcastic remarks about how you should be president.

              1. Really Mark? says:

                People like you make it hard for government to function effectivley. You dont want a debate…you want to win an argument. You have had your mind made up on this issue for a long time already (probably years huh). And thats great you voice your opinion. We hear you. But when you draw the line in the sand at a Yes or No….it really cuts off all sorts of public discourse and intellegent discussion. Can’t you see that?

                So again, you have your opinion, you are entitled to it. But the rest of us live in the real world. It is not as simple as yes and no sometimes. It requires compromise and civil discourse, not rhetoric and smallmindedness.

                And i quote: “and now I’m supposed to give money to a billionaire for his sports team that I’ll never watch?” That really doesnt serve to set the debate out on the right foot there no does it Mark……..

                1. MARK says:

                  A person like me who pays attention and is willing to speak up makes it “hard for government to function” effectively? Good. Governing shouldn’t be easy.

                  I’m here debating right now, but all I’ve gotten from you is opposition to my choice of phrases and personal insults. You’re entitled to do that if you wish, free speech and all. But adults will argue and debate big public policy issues like this, despite screeching from people like you that we should be quiet, and despite the insults.

              2. Matt says:

                I’ll pay the $2 you don’t want to pay just so you stop talking. I’m sure $2 will cover your share of the taxes you’re going to pay for the new stadium.

          2. v says:

            The Vikings use the facility 3% of the time. The majority of the revenue generated by this venue will come back to the community. The revenue generated by other events (conventions, sporting events, etc) will make up 97%. The devil is in the details, people. The facility isn’t the issue. It’s the naming rights, concessions, parking, etc. that need to be negotiated. We’re not building a stadium FOR anyone! Only a misinformed naive mind believes we are. It’s a popular rallying cry. The NFL has a product. The product will or won’t exist without certain accommodations…. and that’s life in a major market. If you don’t want to deal with major market city issues… Sioux Falls to the left… Madison to the right… Des Moines down below. Have fun!

            1. Sandy says:

              HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! So, again, where is all the money the team and dome that is paid for, going at this time and why are we cutting services? Why did our streets barely get plowed if this is such a money producer for the state? Said it yesterday.

              1. eastside_evil says:

                Our streets were barely plowed? Sorry, but that is false.

                I drove on clear roads during blizzards due to the diligent efforts of underpaid plow truck drivers.

        2. Guy says:

          Then to continue the analogy; I’m willing to pay for a new ballpark as soon as Ziggy turns OWNERSHIP of the Viks over to either the state or county (just LIKE the park is OWNED by the state/county/city)

  6. Go Pack Go! says:

    Simple solution: get the Vikings out of Minnesota! Let some other city/state deal with their mediocrity.

    1. v says:

      Green Bay should be the team that moves. All their fans can just take their homes off the blocks and follow them!

      1. Laughing Stock is more like it... says:

        Them and all their SUPER BOWL rings!!! Mediocrity?? HA!! That is being GENEROUS to a fault!! Take a knee, 12 men in the huddle, Herschel Walker, etc, etc.. JUST LEAVE ALREADY!!

        1. whatever says:

          Wow. Win a couple superbowls over the duration of your miserable existence and and you know everything there is to know about football. Have another 13-14 beers and jump into that sewage pit you all live by up there in the middle of NOWHERE

  7. WeirdMN says:

    The Vikings suck. Let ’em leave if anyone will take them.

    1. riley says:

      Wow… what a well thought, concise, intelligent comment.

  8. Traditionalist says:

    If the stadium gets built in Arden Hills, it should be required that the mermaid be renovated to her original glory!

  9. hmm says:

    I’d rather it go to Minneapolis. I live in St Paul and would like to avoid any tax increase as easily as I can.

    1. Mike says:

      Go to St Paul we are taxed enough in Mpls thanx to a terrible Mayor like Rybak!

  10. smell the coffee says:

    We should spend that money on education, fighting global warming, reparations for people of color, funding planned parenthood, stricter gun control,(you can’t hug your kids with fire arms) not on fields for people to play a violent childs game. Our taxes are too low as it is so let our elected officials spend the money wisely and on things we need.

    1. Bill says:

      I sincerely hope that this post is sarcasm. If not the poster is a dedicated socialist and a danger to themselves and America.

    2. eastside_evil says:

      “smell the coffee” your ignorance and lack of knowledge about state budgets is astounding and pathetic.

      There isn’t one big bin full of cash that they dip into for each little project they approve to finance. That isn’t how it works. The stadium isn’t stealing money from education, reparations for people of color (who don’t deserve a GD thing from me or my family or anybody else who is alive) or global warming (how do you fight global warming exactly?).

      Stricter gun control needs $300 million dollars? For what exactly? Funding planned parenthood?

      I’m not even sure your comment is sincere after reading it 3 times…

      I think you should have paid a little more attention in Civics class or maybe attended a community college at some point, and these misunderstandings of yours would be cleared up.

    3. StraycatStrut says:

      Agreed with Smell the Coffee… you should pack it up and move to San Francisco. Get the stadium done….. will totally help the economy, create more taxable income for the broke state over the next 30 some years.

  11. Bob says:

    Apparently many people on here have absolutely no sense of what comes back to the community from professional sports teams. Construction jobs, jobs at the stadium when it’s done, jobs in the hospitality industry, jobs in the retail sector that benefit from visitors, and the taxes that are being paid to the state because of all of this. I guess ignorance IS bliss!

    1. smell the coffee says:

      We have so many things that they can do in the puplic sector, building roads, building parks, planting trees keeping our land clean. With more money spent we could keep people working on finding alternative fuels and upgrading our outdated power grids. Plus we need more teachers for smaller class sizes. Time to wake up and smell the coffee!

      1. v says:

        Trees or roads? Which is it? Tear ’em down here, to plant ’em there! Parks for our kids to play in so they can dream about playing…. for….. the……… hmmmmmm.

        1. smell the coffee says:

          You are correct, they should not be building more roads, they should be creating more track for the light rail. We don’t need any more cars conjesting our lungs and destroying our planet. Thank you for respectfully pointing out my mistake. As far as dreaming about playing for, they should be dreaming about becoming doctors and teachers and inventing things to help the enviroment not getting permanent injuries. We live in a country that cannot ban contact games be they should be regulating it more so none of our children are hurt.

          1. v says:

            Ever been to Greece? Athletic competition is part of our genetic makeup. Ever since OG and GROG found a ball, competition has taken place. When some stood out and became more entertaining than others… it became an event to watch.
            For you to direct, regulate or even assume what a child’s dreams should be is an awful compulsory position, by the way. In addition, maybe we should all wear helmets in the bathtub. More head injuries occur there than on a football field.

  12. Jim says:

    I’m with Mark. I do not believe the taxpayers should be picking up the tab for a profit making business.

    If some people want the Vikings to stay in Minnesota, raise the ticket prices, the television broadcast fees, and the hotels, restaurants and bars within five miles of the stadium. Let them pay for it, they are the one’s that want it and figure they will benefit from it.

    Just don’t ask me to pay more taxes to keep the Vikings in Minnesota. As far as I’m concerned I am already paying for something I had no say it, the Twins stadium.

    I just hope if the Vikings leave town, they take any other professional sport team that exists for profit, with them!

    1. Ali says:

      JIm. … you say “I do not believe the taxpayers should be picking up the tab for a profit making business”…
      What do you call the teacher Unions? Is not there goal to get as much money and life time pensions, benefits from us taxpayers as possible? When teachers get more money the Union gets more money…they are a for profit business. At least with the Vikings I can watch and cheer for my team rather than wathcing all the education money going to the Union thugs and to pay for life time pensions that drawrf any tax money spent on public sports places.

      1. MARK says:

        I can’t speak for Jim, but I oppose public funding of a football stadium AND public sector unions. I know this is a hard concept for die-hard partisans to wrap their heads around, but it’s true. Ali, if you read it again, Jim’s post doesn’t mention teachers’ unions at all, and I’m confused about why you think their relevant here.

        1. Ali says:

          Just saying that most everything is for and about money and profit. Almost nothing happens unless someone is making money off it. I guess I could have said what about stocking fish in area lakes. It helps someone make more money like the big boat and tackel compinies. Still I like when they (DNR) stock lakes as I like fishing. Not all DNR money comes from user fees. I like football so if public money is used for that that is OK too.

          1. Orville says:

            @ Ali
            Unions are paid for by the membership out of their wages. If the membership does not like it, they can vote to decertify. Nothing comes out of your pocket but the teachers wages, which are below average for people with a college degree. So your point is very poor at best.
            Stocking fish in the lakes is done to boost tourism. Tourism brings in money from out of the area, a good thing. In tax revenue alone the last statistic was that it brought in 4 for every 1 dollar spent. So why don’t you keep trying. If people were not making money off things it would be called socialism. That would bring a whole boatload of whinny people complaining how the money is spent

    2. Larry says:

      Yeah! Let’s encouage business’ who make profit to leave the state! That will fix everything! Who cares about the people that work for them and need the money from their jobs to feed their kids, right? How about we ship the company Jim works for out of here?? How’d you like that?

  13. Jesse V says:

    If the stadium is built in Arden Hills, will the people of that area still have “mullets.”
    If you have any idea how the NFL owners think and how they value the senior owners, the Vikings are going no where. If this is such a good deal to have the Vikings in your neighborhood, why is the rest of the state opting out? As far as East Dakota comparison, at least you can gamble there and support a first rate colledge hockey team.

  14. tony says:

    Glen Taylor is speaking the same day as the Vikes announcing a stadium plan? Either the vikes aren’t letting on that they like the Minneapolis deal, or Taylor is getting ready to sell fast, or i’m speculating for nothing! Could be interesting though…

  15. v says:

    I lived there… I know. Trust me… the people in smaller/medium markets WISH they had such an issue to deal with. You can only handle the SkyForce and Canaries for so long. As far as the mullets…. that’s a religion. Like beards to Muslims. You can’t cut off the mullet in Anoka or Ramsey county or you lose your Polaris jacket and Calvin peeing on the other truck maker’s logo decal.

  16. Jim says:

    I don’t understand how infrastructure improvements would even count toward the stadium bill. Has anyone driven in the arden hills area on any of the major highways including 694? That work needs to be done anyways and the state and feds could dump a superfund site onto the vikings. I can’t see any better trade off, unless they can get Mark a brain. Mark being from minneapolis, I propose they build it on the existing metrodome site and tax people in hennepin at a 25% sales tax. Minneapolis is a dump and needs attractions like this to even stand a chance of pulling people in.

  17. Tim says:

    I hear Red McCombs is going to chip in a cool quarter billion! That guy certainly can afford to help out the team he fbent over the kitchen table.

  18. Phil Mcrackin says:

    Build it and they will come. Tax the casino that is proposed downtown. I’m not rich and I am not worried, build it please.

  19. James says:

    I think we can all agree that this world will surely come to an end without Monster Truck Rallies and Professional Football. If it wasn’t for the Metrodome and the Vikings, the Twin Cities would not be here today. We owe an apology to all those involved in funding this stadium, and to ourselves, for forgetting about the dependencies that professional Football has on our lives.

  20. I see says:

    OMG I see flying monkeys in my breakfast cereal also! If I scoop them out with a spoon and lt them dry on the kitchen table for a day they look like many of the GOP house and Senate.

  21. bert says:

    $240 million to fix roads for Vikings fans can get to the stadium. Why not take that money and fix the pot holes in St. Paul and Minneapolis. Some a 6-8″ deep. That can ruin quite a few cars — who’s gonna pay for that?

  22. Sue says:

    Let’s hope they are announcing they are moving to LA!

    1. Disgruntled says:

      YES! I’ll help em pack!

  23. Mark (not MARK) says:

    I find it interesting that we have to raise taxes to publicly fund the stadium, yet the logic is that it will bring far more value to the community than the initial public investment. This seems highly dubious reasoning when you consider the overall deal, obviously it will generate some value.

    If such a thing were true, surely the team would want ownership of the stadium as they would generate all that income themselves. They would be pleading just for the land rights so they could build it and keep all that profit themselves. This is not the case, so we should ask why.

    I think in the end it is pretty clear that despite the upsides, taxpayers get the raw deal, this may not be the case if MN owned the vikings, but truth be told, what stops them from moving anyway a few years after we build it?

  24. theytukrjobs says:

    One problem with Dayton’s logic is that he is assuming that area doesn’t need money pumped into it anyways. The munitions site eventually has to be taken care of. The roads are in bad shape and are going to require renovations anyways.

    Granted, converting the area for a Vikings stadium will be more expensive than simply cleaning the contaminated munitions site and repairing existing roads. But to lay the entire 240 million burden on the Vikings, as if we don’t have to spend a penny otherwise, is kind of silly. They need to calculate the difference and then go by that.

    With how aggressive the state is being with the vikings, we better hope that the LA location truly is a pipe dream. Because those folks are asking for about $400 to $500 million LESS from the sports team they hope to lure. We are certainly risking losing the team to shave off some expenses to the state. Hopefully we don’t lose them.

    1. stace34 says:

      The problem is that it would not need the same type of changes that is will need for the stadium. These are also improvments to roads that would not be needed if they chose the Mpls deal. They chose the site, they should pay the extra cost involved with that site.

      1. robert shega says:

        You city slickers don’t realize that Arden Hills is going to have 7,500 construction workers in there town. these people will stay in Hotels, buy gas, spend money, while there in town working. Right now the contruction is down and the carpenter’s, labor’s, iron workers. election’s have many people sitting on the bench waiting to go to work. These people need to go to work so they can pay their bills. Just think in a few years after this new staduim is built we could get a super bowl. That will bring lots of money to the citiies. so don’t cry about anything. The cities get better road construction then the people way up north. Your roads get fixed before we get they fix the roads up north.

        1. Drop Kick says:

          If that’s the case, why do we have a Wisconsin construction company doing the work at Highway 36 and Rice Street in Little Canada? The people who are out of work will remain out of work.

          1. jay says:

            Lunda is amongst the best builders of bridges!!

            1. Todd Oesterreich says:

              Drop Kicked! lol

            2. tomh says:

              Yep thats why the f’ed up 494!

        2. Jeremy says:

          This guy is spot on!!! As I said in a previous post Minnesota needs to find ways to create jobs and on the construction side alone this will create and maintain jobs already in the state. Woodbury is a prime example of people in an area that has grown because of the money that is put in the area. For example they just had to build a new school and I don’t hear them complaining about a lack of funding. The reason being is that there are people making money and spending money.

          Having a stadium in Arden Hills as shown will bring people and to those who say that this will increase violence and bring thugs to the area are blowing smoke and I say shame on you! I say this because people are people no matter where they come from or what they bring to the table. St Paul is an area that got the NHL and I didn’t see an increase in violence eventhough it brought something huge to a state that couldn’t maintain their downtown. The new stadium will bring to the table for Arden Hills what the Xcel Center has done for St. Paul an increase in money spent, increased jobs and many of happy tailgators.

          1. Jeremy says:

            This was meant to help support the comment made by Robert Shega.

    2. BR says:

      A second problem is timing. Improvements in this area, while needed, are NOT the most pressing transportation problems in the metro area. Yet improvemetns at this site would leapfrog many other more-needed improvements if a stadium deal tehre gets approved.

    3. Sarah says:

      So long Vikings. Hope you enjoly LA

      1. Dennis says:

        Wow you’re not too smart are you?

        1. Winning! says:

          I say the Vikings play 4 games each season at the TCF Bank, and 4 games each season at the Metrodome. Forget about a new stadium for Ziggy.

    4. payyourownway says:

      How can LA be offering $4-500 million less that us, if we are only asking them to put up less than $400? Doesn’t add up.

  25. red says:

    send these losers packing! who cares anymore!

    1. Disgruntled says:

      YES! Move em out!

  26. Mental midgets says:

    Mark, keep in mind “you can’t reason with an unreasonable person.” These are probably the same adult age (physically anyway) people who paint their faces, wear a Halloween type costume, get drunk in the parking lot, and then go to the game where they will scream and yell like banshees while they make sure that everyone around them will be repelled and disgusted by their child like behavior.

    The next day they will call in sick at their $12/hour job because “Man, I went to the game yesterday.”

    These people aren’t concerned about how tax dollars are spent because their contribution to society, and the tax base, is quite minimal. Thus they really have nothing to lose.

    As for Wilf, I’m sure he prefers the Arden Hills location. He’s a developer; he’ll make even more money building the amenities in the area. So, he wins three ways: 1) he sticks the taxpayers with a goodly amount of the cost of his plaything, 2) the Vikings make more money for him, and 3) he makes another fortune developing around the new site.

    Neither Governor Prozac nor our politicians will let this issue go to a statewide referendum because they know it will be defeated.

    And that’s how it works.

    1. Jim says:

      I don’t really care what happens as long as sales tax in minneapolis goes up!

  27. Josh says:

    It is disappointing the stadium will not be in Minneapolis. I am very annoyed it has taken this long to get it done.

    Those that do not support taxpayer funding need to realize that they still watch the game on TV. They will no longer have that game to watch if the Vikings move to LA. If you want to watch the Vikes on TV, then we need to pay for a new stadium. Yes it is not fair, but that is the way sport franchises work.

    1. Darnell says:

      I could still watch the Vikes lose from Los Angeles on my TV without having to pay for that stadium, just say’n

  28. gatzby says:

    I find it humorous that so many people put the time and energy into multi-paragraph anti-stadium rants that will not be read by anyone with any real connection to the stadium plan. Hope it makes you feel better though.

    1. Jim says:

      It makes us feel as good as your completely useless post made you feel. See how that works?

  29. Sporty 007 says:

    I’m am already sick of listening to the whining – yes road work would need to be done in that area – can’t say it hasn’t needed to be done over the last 10 years, but has been ignored. As far as paying for it – we all pay for things we don’t want or don’t use or don’t agree with – fact of life – get over it.

  30. Cindy says:

    ONLY $1.06 BILLION Dollars, YIPPEE!!!! And on toxic land. Nice. Idiots, should have let em go!

  31. Sandy says:


  32. Gerry says:

    Just plain stupid to be leaving a central location… fix the target center, build a dt casino, and build the Vikings stadium at the Metrodome site!! Keep it central to all transportation hubs…

  33. griley says:

    Why not? They are psuhing constitutional amendments. This will be just one more diversion to keep them from focusing on the budget.

  34. Cmac says:


  35. Jeff Carlson says:

    I want a new house and have the taxpayer’s pay 60%. What a great deal. Where do I sign up.

  36. Sigh.... says:

    Wow, quite a string of bs from all sides. Don’t touch MY money, We don’t pay ENOUGH taxes, Pro stadium = anit education. The state of mn opened this can of worms long ago and it would be hypocritical to pick and choose which entities are more worthy than others for public dollars. The Guthrie, Lawson Software, the airline formerly know as NWA… I suppose we can stomach contributing state money (‘my tax dollars’) to these because they are the Arts or businesses that promise jobs in the long term but not a football stadium because it’s patrons might have a beer once in a while or only make $12 an hour? It will be built, it will be good for the state, it will provide short and long term jobs, if in Arden Hills it will clean up an old eyesore of abandoned land and 5 years from now the complainers will be at the games (See Target Field)

  37. Sigh... says:

    Wow, quite a string of bs from all sides. Don’t touch MY money, We don’t pay ENOUGH taxes, Pro stadium = anit education. The state of mn opened this can of worms long ago and it would be hypocritical to pick and choose which entities are more worthy than others for public dollars. The Guthrie, Lawson Software, the airline formerly know as NWA… I suppose we can stomach contributing state money (‘my tax dollars’) to these because they are the Arts or businesses that promise jobs in the long term but not a football stadium because it’s patrons might have a beer once in a while or only make $12 an hour? It will be built, it will be good for the state, it will provide short and long term jobs, if in Arden Hills it will clean up an old eyesore of abandoned land and 5 years from now the complainers will be at the games (See Target Field)

  38. Kent says:

    Boy was Minneapolis late to the table on this one.
    Bad planning all around in Hennepin County. The Ryback Repose.

  39. wow says:

    Can’t believe they will increase taxes for a stadium but not to fund education or healthcare for old people among other things. .

    1. eastside_evil says:

      Fund education? In what way? Does throwing money at “education” make students smarter?

  40. Dave says:

    Lets not forget that the Vikings will only play 10 days a year at the new stadium with the possibility of adding a few playoff games if they team does well. That leaves about 355 days the stadium can be used for other benefits…hence the need for a roof. Cities benefit greatly from having professional sports teams. That’s why cities fight for them. Having a new stadium and having the Vikings stay is beneficial to everyone whether you watch football or not. That’s why “billionaire” owners are able to get funding from tax payers. They are smart and years ago they figured out that if we don’t help fund the stadiums another city will because both the team and the city will benefit. And losing the Vikings to another city will be an economic hit. Look what Xcel Energy Center has done for St. Paul. Look what Target Field has done for the warehouse district. Cities across America fight for professional sports teams. Do people actually think it’s because people in those cities just really like sports? It’s all economics and politics.

    It’s time people realize that the politicians will never allow the Vikings to leave because they know and understand the benefits of having them here better than random people posting stuff after an article. They will act tough and even speak negatively during negotiations but it will happen whether people like it or not. They just have to play hardball and negotiate to get the best “deal” possible. Just as the Vikings will play hardball to get the best deal they can. In the end both sides will benefit. There are much bigger things to complain about when it comes to taxes than new stadiums.

  41. Davin says:

    Hopefully, they won’t charge much to park the car. Like downtown Mpls.

  42. Steve says:

    Take your 400 million zig and build in LA. Those big viking fans yelling for a new statium can watch you lose on TV. NO INCREASE IN TAXES. You want a new statium you pay for it. You might even get Dayton to chip in some of his Target Stock

  43. D P says:

    Lame. Epic Fail. Who wants to travel to Arden Hills?

    Hey Tea Party Monkeys, why are you so quiet?

  44. The rich win, the poor lose - again says:

    If our politicians have a single shred of decency left they will put this issue to a statewide referendum and let the people who they propose to stick this to have an opportunity to vote on it.

    We have so many more important things to spend our money on, yet the rich get to skim the cream off the top again.

    But let’s not forget, we will have room for tailgating – Minnesota’s most important civic activity.

    How pathetic.


    What happened to no taxation without representation???

    1. captainobvious says:

      This isnt The Patriot, starring Mel Gibson

    2. Hello? says:

      Are you dumb? um last time I checked we are represented…

  46. zip it says:

    First things first, the Vikings play at least 10 games a year here in Minnesota.
    365 (days a year) – 10 = 355 days that the dome(and new stadium) are available for which ever events they want to host.
    With a new stadium we can be front runners to host big events again such as the NCAA Final Four, and the Super Bowl. Indianapolis is predicting some where near $500 million (or more) in revenue from hosting the Super Bowl.
    Tell me that just hosting the Super Bowl wouldn’t be be great for our economy!

    1. hmm says:

      It will be great for the owners of the team and will maybe break even with the cost of security and clean up.

  47. deal-w-it says:

    HaHa suckers, thanks for paying for a new stadium for my vikings. Now i can spend my moneyh i didnt have 2 use for this on booze and gambling thank you.

  48. Jared Allen says:

    MARK, do you have a job? If so, get back to it! You are wasting company money by posting on here all day long and saying the same thing everytime.

    That is all.


    1. MARK says:

      My job is to annoy morons in mullets, and it looks like I’m worth every penny today. Thanks for the support!

      1. Me Again says:

        So I will take that as you are unemployed, awesome! And I’m not supporting your lazyness. But thanks for the profanity, it helps everyone else on here see how legit your agruements are when you start acting like a little child.

  49. Sarge says:

    Where did I read that the Army Corp would clean up the site at their expense?

  50. Dave L says:


  51. James says:

    There’s nothing wrong with the Metrodome. go away vikings

    1. Disgruntled says:


  52. Jon from midway says:

    Forget the horrible Vikings, timberwolves and cheer for the only worthwhile mn team go twins!

  53. Heidi says:

    Where do other teams get their money for building their stadiums? Are they owned by the state?

  54. jon says:

    I am fine with a new stadium if that’s what the people want. I wish it would just be put up for a vote to let the majority decide.

  55. Jeremy says:

    I love this will do nothing but benefit our economy. Not to mention that Minnesota will make a great soccer destination. Can you imagine during the fall we get the Vikings and during the summer as mentioned and I wouldn’t doubt that Zigi and Mark will bring MLS during the summer. For those who don’t know that is Major League Soccer!!!! This is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States and would make a great asset to the state. If the Vikings don’t come here something most likely a government subsidized project so either way developing Arden Hills will require public money.

    I absolutely love the prospect of the tailgating factor. I’ve tailgated once during a Saints game and it’s absolutely an enjoyable experience being able to grill and celebrate with friends and family and to be able to do that in Minnesota where it’s all about grilling and having good times whether it’s by the lake or now before a Vikings game.

    For those that live in the area I too have family in Ramsey County and this will do nothing but be great for this part of town. For those that are grumbling I ask you to look at areas where people are spending money and it doesn’t appear that the schools in that area are hurting. For example Woodbury has built a brand new school and the reason for that is because money is being spent in that area this goes for I’m sure Maple Grove.

    I’m looking forward to being able to enjoy a great stadium that will bring not only the Vikings but other events as well!!!

  56. Twila Quam says:

    The state should pay back the school districts the $ they borrowed from them first. Our states priorities are mixed up!

  57. Hap-Tea says:

    Bottom line….I think 300MM is a lot of money to shell out from a state that is already BROKE…..BUT……the BULK of the money will NOT be taken out of MY (or MOST MN’s) taxes! Now if I lived in Arden Hill’s I may be a little upset about the tax increase…BUT this will ALSO be a big “booster” to that part of the Metro!

    SO….kind of a happy/sad day!

    HAPPY the Vikes will stay (though I was fine either way)
    Sad they are deciding to spend $300MM on this when vets get their budget cut
    HAPPY the area in Arden Hills will be developed!
    Sad the people of Arden Hills will have to pay extra sales tax
    HAPPY it’s not in MPLS
    Sad it not in MPLS (light rale to Arden Hills now!)
    Happy your prop value in Arden Hills goes up
    SAD you will have a football team full of thugs hanging out in your town

  58. BIAS WCCO says:

    Notice WCCO-TV does not present the opposing views to build a TAX payer funded stadium on their preview news commercials…

    Typical bias media as it does not want to loose a ad revenue source in this case the form of commercials from broadcasting nfl.

  59. Denise says:

    Those who are complaining about the taxes and so one, I agree, no one should be paying anymore then we need. But, this is like getting blackjack at the casino table and finding out that the dealer has an Ace showing….what do you do? Take even money, or gamble for 1.5 times your bet. Well, my opinion is you take even money because you gain or win. This stadium thing is going to be more of a win / win situation anyways. If you take away the most attractive, money making team in this state and all the taxes it brings to the state from those who come here every day from outside the state alone….everyone will find out really fast how bad the unemployment rate will climb, how many people or businesses could go out of business, freeze on wages or lowering of them and the huge amount of revenue this state will lose on a yearly basis. THAT IS A FACT!! I understand people may not watch football or care about the Vikings at all, and don’t have too, but they could see what it still will do to each home or individual and their life style or lack thereof if they are not here PERIOD!

  60. Shane G says:

    Vikings are the worst team in the NFL..How does a team almost make it to the Superbowl one year, and the next year…can barely win a game? It’s all luck. Just like the Twins. How does a team do so well last year..and now can barely win a game this year and now has the worst record this year in the MLB? Aren’t you only suppose to get better and not worst? Especially after making it to the playoffs?

    1. the crux of the biscuit says:

      “Aren’t you only suppose to get better and not worst?”

      No. Who ever told you such nonsense?

      1. Shane G says:

        I thought it was you. Maybe? Yes…now I know it was.

  61. Disgruntled says:

    Booooooo! Moooove! Fed up with 50 years of suck! You know how time I’ve wasted watching this foolish game… Boooooo!

  62. Patty Betlach Russell says:

    Surely somewhere in that 1.06 billion dollars, someone could give me 75.00 so i can feed my family.

  63. Tom says:

    Ziggy is supposed to be a smart business man, so how does a smart business man make such a stupid decision? I saw the cost comparison and the Metrodome site was cheaper than the one in Arden Hills. And if they run into problems while digging up the land in Arden Hills who will pay for that? But if the reason why Ziggy and the Vikings choose Ardis Hills over the Metrodome site is because of that $40 Million in revenue loss while playing at TCF Field for 3 years thats bad. And you have too look at this way before the Xcel was built the Target Center got all the business, well which building gets just about all the business now? Its not the Target Center that’s why they want an upgrade. Well what place is going too get the busniess when the new one opens up in Ardin Hills the new place or the Metrodome? Common Sense was not used in this decision!

  64. Corkwatchr says:

    This might turn out to be “the great reason” that Arden HIlls has been looking for to clear out the nearby trailer park at TH 96 and Hwy 10. That sucks for the low income folks.

  65. the crux of the biscuit says:

    Mark – You want to be mad about the government giving your tax dollars to corporations? Be mad at the banks, oil companies, GM, millionaires, billionaires. There are people in that group that received far more than the Vikings will ever get. Compared to the banks alone, the Vikings got a few pennies. I don’t agree with or feel it is my resposibility to give my taxpayer money to ANY business, but there you are…….

  66. Jay Leary says:

    Arden Hills?? What, wasn’t there any room in Canada?

    1. the crux of the biscuit says:

      Where do you live? Des Moines?

  67. anonymous says:

    We can not afford necessary programs in this state and see budget cuts. Its ok to let the elderly and disabled lose more funds so we can build another stadium at tax payers expense? A small group of people get what they want while others go hungry, are jobless or without basic necessities. The racino would at least bring some revenue directly to the state. I am not convinced a new stadium will. And….. WOW…. we just paid for a new roof on the old one. Politicians we are watching who is voting for what. When it is our turn to vote again you will know why you win or lose the next election.

    1. eastside_evil says:

      “We can not afford necessary programs in this state…”

      Such as?

  68. Ferris Lind says:

    Vikings SUCK

    1. whatever says:

      and so do you

  69. Better Cause says:

    Why don’t they use the money towards a better cause. Since the Dome is open already 🙂 there is your open stadium.

  70. lets get this deal done says:

    Lets build the stadium in Arden Hills. Good for the economy, good for busienss, good for jobs, good for improving the surrounding area. All you have to do is look at what the Mall of America has done for Bloomington to see tthat projects like this are a good thing. I am all for a sales tax, user fee tax to get this project done.

    1. Perfect says:

      Tear down MOA and build a new stadium there. Call it Metropolitan Stadium. Perfect.

  71. Jim says:

    Today’s news about the planned Vikings stadium is truly exciting for all MN residents. The state and county residents who will absorb the associated costs for building new roads needed to get to the stadium are excited about those tax hikes. It helps families decide where best to invest that extra cash they have after bills. Remember, this is an investment that will pay big dividends to all state residents, checks distributed from the Vikings themselves! Here is another example of “Minnesota nice!” The tax increases and elimination of different state programs needed to fund this stadium show how much we value billion dollar corporations in our state. Hey, this will provide a safer destination for those MN residents who are uninsured, being that a foul ball during baseball can injure spectators. Go, Minnesota and its Vikings!

  72. whatever says:

    All of you people should run for office. You sound like a bunch of politicians who can’t agree to disagree. Who among you is going to be happy about the extra taxes that will be thrown at all of us when the Vikings leave and take all of there millionaires to L.A

  73. HAhaHAhaHAhaHAha says:

    Funny picture…it will never happen. Bye bye LA Vikings!

  74. Jason says:

    Wonder what will happen with surrounding property values

  75. Notoverreacting says:

    For those that comment about road improvements that will occur simply because of the stadium really need to check the MnDot site for road improvement projects. There are roads in the area up for improvements which are long overdue. These roads have been on the MnDot list long before this stadium was under consideration in the area.

    Also, check with the state taking “favor payments” to bump up a road improvement project….i.e, UnitedHealthcare paid a few million dollars to have the Bren Road/169 work moved up on the to do list by a few years. The work is happening today.

    I commute through the area Mo-Frid, those that say it isn’t one of the worst congested ereas (MnDot confirms on their website) has never driven it.

  76. Scott says:

    Glad they picked somewhere else that Hennepin County as we are already paying for the Twins great Stadium and they rest of Minnesota is clear of that tax because we get such a benefit from the stadium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HA!

  77. Factual error says:

    “The state has committed $300 million to the project.”. NO, they have NOT. There is a proposal on the table that suggests that some legislators are willing to spend $300 million but there has NOT been a commitment from the State.

    1. MT says:

      Actually, the governor stated his commitment. Legislators will rubber stamp it.

  78. teabaghater says:

    your probly a tes bagger. pawlenty left us in the mess we are in he was gov for how long never fixed anything just pushed off to the future. who cares if we get a stadium is every bodys life going to be better ha ha what a joke

    1. Jill says:

      I can tell by your post that your a well educated . Now go back and climb your tree. Your mother wants to nurse you.

  79. steve jones says:

    who cares? I’m a Bears fan

  80. Who Cares says:

    Attention: MN Taxpayers – Just bend over. And get ready for your elected politicians to do it to you again. And what a website. I can’t even see the text I am typing. Guess this website does deserve to be in Minnesota. How about black characters on white background?

  81. Phat Ctiy says:

    No sweat folks. We have geese that lay golden eggs and money trees growing in our backyards. Add that to the pots of gold at the end of rainbows and we all get tax refunds to build this stadium complex. Win-win 🙂 .

  82. Sarah says:

    And we didn’t even get kissed!

  83. Jason says:

    With many in such poor shape, struggling to keep a home, family together , and food to eat. We have to fund a stadium? Shame on everyone who is for this, and damn those who lie and deceive to push this on all of us.

    1. eastside_evil says:

      “With many in such poor shape, struggling to keep a home, family together , and food to eat.”

      So, should they all pitch in that money and you can distribute it among the deadbeats with no food to eat?

      Get a clue.

  84. s says:


  85. Greg says:

    The “we can’t do it peole” are using anything to stop it and they are right there with the MPLS snobs and MPLS money/media who have always had everything their way.

  86. Greg says:

    The “we can’t do it peole” are using anything to stop it and they are right there with the MPLS snobs and MPLS money/media who have always had everything their way.

  87. Duh says:

    If you don’t like how the government spends your money then don’t pay taxes!

  88. Dean says:

    Move them to LA No new taxes All the viking watchers can see them on TV

  89. kevin says:

    I’m ok with building a new stadium. If and when it gets started and due to the fact that public money is in the mix then the building of the stadium must not onlly be built by union only employeers. The construction site must be open to all bids and workers union and non-union.

  90. Andy says:

    This deal going to work out the same way as target field, controversial at first but worth it in the end.

    1. mplstaxpayer says:

      What makes you think that? Hennepin county residents might disagree, myself included. I pay for that building with every purchase, and even on my water bill. Probably will never set foot in it, and my home is still $70,000 underwater. You know what’s fair? Let the people who think it’s worth it pay for it.

  91. Mike says:

    If the state has a large budget shortfall, how can it afford to provide millions in subsidies for a new stadium. The metro dome is paid for, the TCF stadium is paid for. I’m not a professional football fan so I probably don’t understand the minutae of stadiums, but it seems that if we have facilities, why not use them. Many of us working for the State (I’m in the court system) have had very little in wage/salary increases for the last several years. What we received provided very little, if any, additional spendable income. If the Vikings want a new stadium, let them build it with Ziggy’s money and borrow what else they need like people and other businesses do. Public money should be kept at a bare minimum.

  92. bo says:

    There better not be any blackouts if public money will be used.

  93. John says:

    Construction jobs are short lived. The metrodome is debt-free and can accomodate all the community demolition derbys, concerts and high school events we can throw at them. We are subsidising billionaires to play their games and get even more rich with the new facility. I wonder how ling it will be before the Arden Hills facility will need to be rebuilt.. I say “enough” already and let the team move to the Left Coast.

  94. Sammi says:

    I question our priorities. What a waste of money.

  95. I get to have an opion too says:

    I don’t want to go to Arden freaking Hills to a game. I want to go to games in Minneapolis where there is public transportation and more around the stadium. Ugh. Dislike.

  96. Therese says:

    Hmmm… so many comments! I’m not excited about taxpayers funding the stadium, however, this little sport is big business. I think about if we just said goodbye to them and let them go down the river… is that going to help my property value? I think greater job loss, even if it isn’t mine, affects me eventually. I lose more value in my home if the economy heads south. I think we need to keep jobs and industry here or we could all be hurt from ripple effects in more ways than we can imagine. Maybe the 1/2 cent proposed tax could fund something that keeps us going and actually benefits us in other ways. Just a thought.

  97. Truth says:

    My guess is the State of Mn will say no to the 300 mil, the deal will fall thru and the Vikes will be sold and moved…..

  98. Thomas Johnson says:

    The Arsenal is in my backyard and I really don,t want to see any more traffic then we have right now.If i wanted traffic like the city I would move to the city, that is why I live out here in the outskirts of the city which is called the suburbs. If they are finding money to repair the roads which need repairing then they should be able to find the money, period, Stadium or not.
    Also they owner of the Vikings and the players must have taken lessons from my 2 year old daughter when she pouts and wants a certain toy from the store. They pout and say they will leave Minnesota if we don’t spend this money and build them a new stadium. Should I get the hankies out for you! It sounds like BLACK MAIL TO ME! If you are going to give them what they want please keep it downtown. And also the person who said they can see downtown from the arsenal must have been high that day, like on a mountain, because that is the only way you can see downtown.

  99. roofing contractor says:

    Thanks for every other fantastic post. The place else may just anybody get that type of info in such an ideal method of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I’m on the look for such information.

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