Minneapolis Gang Members Call For Peace

By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — They are known for acts of violence, but on Tuesday, three leaders of the Tre Tre Crips in North Minneapolis are calling for peace.

The gang members hope others follow their lead and lay down their weapons.

“I’m trying to catch myself and I’m trying to catch my friends, while I catch myself, before it’s too late. We ain’t on no violence anymore. We presented Tre Tre true indeed but that is not what we standing for today,” said Charles Bickman.

A new beginning for three men who have dedicated most of their young lives to the “set” or gang they represent.

They’re Tre Tre Crips but today they are three men tired of being caught in a negative cycle.

“It got us felonies. Now people don’t want to hire us. It got us getting harassed by police because they still think we are on our negative activities. It got us away from our kids, from being in the penitentiary,” said Bickman.

And Terrence Neeley said that wasn’t the worst of it.

“It ain’t no feeling in the world worse than when you found out you lost a loved one to a wrongful death or murder,” he said.

Neeley knows first-hand about the pain of losing a loved one.

“I lost my little sister to this thing. It feels like I lost so much but I ain’t gaining nothing,” he said.

His sister, Aleisha Neeley, was gunned down last year while attending a party. Her death helped him focus on his life and how he could be a catalyst for positive change.

“I’m hoping people seeing me step up and open up and become open-minded to everything around me and open myself up back to the world and getting uninvolved with gangs, that somebody they gone be like, it’s time for me to do the same thing,” Neeley said.

Delamonte Pratt said he needed to get away from the vicious cycle.

“Aren’t you tired? What you want to do? You want to do the same thing and have the same result? You want to continue to get felonies? You want to continue to go to jail?,” he said.

Minneapolis police say they’ve been down this road before and they hope this time it works.

“Am I going to come out and say that absolutely this is going to happen? No, I’m not. If this is a first step and these young men really want to make changes in their lives and really want to make change for the north side and the city, I’m all for it,” said Sgt. Bill Palmer, of the Minneapolis Police.

The three men made their plea on KMOJ radio this morning.

As a result, members of the community have stepped up to see how they can help.

Police say they’ll be watching and will also help if they are serious about change.

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  • Rob


    • deep

      This applies to the largest and most destructive gang on the planet, the USA cops and USA military industrial complex. God bless! Free the Tree of Life!

    • huh!?


    • Marie

      You got the whole reason for sure; “he roams about to and fro, seeking those to devour” or something like that, what it means is that he is ever present and takes the opportunity you give him to collect another soul..it’s the ultimate battle ‘tween heaven and earth, so don’t give him the opportunity….

    • Bob Lemke

      ROB = a fool

  • Maplewood


    • JamieinMN

      DO NOT even bring race into this! There are gang bangers ALLLL over this stinkin place, of ALL races, INCLUDING Maplewood!

    • Jason

      Oh be quiet.

      • Greg


    • eastside_evil

      Why do we have prisons then if everybody should just get a do-over?

      What do YOU think should be done with murderers and terrorists?

  • JamieinMN

    We will believe it when we SEE it. But who are we kidding….the damage has been done, a way long time before the Tre Tre Crips were around. It’s a cycle that will never stop.

  • dan

    Can find a name for your little gang that isn’t like something a baby or an idiot would say

    • Adam

      Nope. They have a limited vocabulary.

    • Connie

      Tre tre comes from the fact these guys started out on 33rd ave north

      • no....it's

        Or it’s their avg IQ

  • Adam

    Yea BS. They ruin our neighborhoods and schools. I used to live in the suburbs but now I live in saint paul. I dont even go to the grocery store without my .40 cal. cuz of these animals. They will never change. They are garbage and will always be garbage. It annoys me the fact they always blame someone else for there problems, look at their neighborhoods; nobody did it but them!

    • TT

      there is tre tre in Sta. Paul? Or you just scared of black people?

      • Adam

        Im not scared of black people.. But most of the criminals and thugs around here are black. I dont use race, I use STATISTICS.

  • G-Shep

    Yo I commend these brotha’s for wanting to make a change in their lives and want to make a difference in their communities. Instead of condemning them for what they did in their past and talking bout carrying around a 9mm with a conceal and carry permit isn’t gonna do any good its just gonna make things worst. We should reach out to these brotha’s and help them stop the cycle that they were in. We also need to share the Love of Jesus Christ to them as well. When Jesus was walking the earth he was reaching out to people that society cast out and threw under the bus. Let’s help be apart of the solution and help them better themselves and not contribute to the problem by continuing to look down on them.

    • sophia(MN-VI)

      I’m so with you!

    • tuna-free dolphin

      You can bet they don’t be changin. You don’t call a news conference to announce that going to start being good. First of all if you really were serious about changing you’d see how big a jerk you’d been and the last thing you’d do is find a camera to get in front of. You’d be too ashamed of your former self to even show your face. You’d be humbled and contrite and not looking for attention. That’s what this smells like. Pull up your drawers, get a job, show up on time every day and work hard. Take care of your kids and don’t make more of them if you can’t. Do that first, and we’ll see about respect after a few years. And no, we won’t give you a chance before you’ve earned it like the rest of us. Whaddaya think we’re chumps or something?

      • mintkid

        Well put!!!!

      • TT

        I know at least one of them wants to change.. Not sure about the other two..

        • eastside_evil

          Because he said so in broken English? That was good enough for you, eh?

    • married to the truth

      help them? We have not been? what are the police doing? What planet are you from? And carrying a legal pistol will help out! If you are in a position to rob and beat people up, you are also in a position to get shop in the face for doing something you should not have been doing in the first place. I agree with the other things you said but since you are standing on second base, you skipped first base and the first baseman has the ball and you are out my friend!

    • cj

      If you want to stop the craziness, get with the young boys coming up and stay with them to keep them out of it – the ones who have nothing better to do but hang out and get caught up with it by default. Also, get with the mad dads, they might help too. Help each other with this, no sense in fighting each other, this world is hard enough and getting worse. God bless your way as you go…

  • sophia(MN-VI)

    I believe that these men can truly change if they really want to. Who are we to say they can’t? Who are we to “judge them” period? The only one who can, will, & should “judge them” is the man above which is “GOD”. Alright they have don’t bad things in the past but thats just it the past. No one is perfect, is there was then jesus wouldn’t have die for our sins. These men say they want to change right??? Well give them a chance to change, if “WE” are such “good people” then lets help them, isn’t that what “good people” do?? & Not judge?

    • JamieinMN

      We have that right as citizens to JUDGE criminals.

  • Agog

    Who cares what palmer thinks.whats Chief Tim got to say about this

  • Minneapolis Mad Dads

    god bless you young men lets began the second chance.

  • Ponddragon

    Amazing how many bone headed comments you see out here, these folks are trying to turn it around and you are thumping them down!

    • JustSayin

      We aren’t the only one who will be doing it, so hush. They will be “thumped down” for the rest of their lives.

      • Marie

        no, the life is as you make it. follow your passion and get some schooling, the government will pay for it, I did it and have a decent job.

    • notbuyingit

      respect and trust is something that you need to earn, it is not given to you nor are you entitled to it. What have these men done to make one believe that they want to change and are willing to change. Have they left their gang? Have they gone out and gotten a job that is legal? Have they started to help raise the children they have created, by that I mean do they take care of them emoitionally, take them to the park, play outside and actually keep an eye on them? Married the mom(or at least one of the moms) they had children with?Broken the cycle of welfare so that their kids will see how you are suppose to grow up and live in the world? Once they have done these things maybe then they should be calling a news conference and telling people in gangs that they can get out and better themselves, they can show what they have done to be productive members of society and then I will be willing to give them respect and trust that they feel they are entitled to. Actions speak louder than words.

    • WHAT?????

      Before you start in on the skeptical people posting here maybe you should look at how many times this has been said by the same gangs and others in the past. They have made a “truce” before just to go back and shoot up a neighborhood in 2 weeks because “someone smudged my sneaks” and now the “truce” is gone. Even if not in MN this has been tried in CA, NY, NM, TX and I am sure almost every other state that has a large gang population. I agree that they can change, but I also agree with tuna-free dolphin as well and they now need to earn the respect they are asking for and not just expect it to be there. The rest of us did not get instant respect from our communities, this was what we worked for our entire lives. We also have times when we fail this and it takes time to get back. So no, I will not believe that they are going to change because they say they are going to. They need to EARN that and saying it is the first step, but not the finish line. Just as if someone wants to join a gang, they do not give them the trust and respect right off the bat, neither will society when they say they want to rejoin us.

  • Lee

    Not even considering criminal history, there’s no way you could land a job with speaking skills like that. It comes off like a slight form of retardation. These people have the intelligence, temper and selfishness of a small child in the body of an intimidating adult.

  • Tornado

    @tea is sick of this

    Man I agree with you because I am someone like you and I am not scared of thugs! I hope they are serious!

  • deal-w-it

    These people will not be willing to get a jobs and work 40 hoursa week therefore there existence is a waste of oxygen, anyone who doesnt work who is able is a p.o.s.

    • Marie

      So many problems with this comment, I’ll just address a few. “not be willing to get a jobs and work 40 hours…” 1.what freakin, jobs?? When I was working factories in the 70’s and early 80’s there weren’t any gangs BECAUSE THERE WAS NO REASON TO BE IN A GANG IF YOU HAD A JOB and had money to live to support yourself and family!! You could walk in, fill out an application, and they would hire you right away-no “human resources” department to make you wait a month or two while they got around to your application. I just read that GM is putting about 2 billion into their factories to hire and re-hire laid off workers (rust belt states), and there are a few more jobs out there in this area so there is hope, but for the most part we are still in a funk and that hurts everybody. 2. “anyone who doesn’t work who is able is a p.o.s” Paaleeease!!! Let’s talk about no or expensive daycare, no or too expensive cars (or lack of insurance, tags, gas, flat tires, etc.. – you name it! The barriers are unbelievable. It takes a strong couple to be able to be each other’s crutch just to get employed, keep a roof, eat, take care of the kids. 3. “there (sic) existence is a waste of oxygen” – I’ll defer to god on that one, god doesn’t think so and chose “there existence”.

      • tom

        blame obummer for not having a job

        • Ignorance must be bliss

          CONGRATS tom, YOU HAVE THE HONOR OF MAKING THE MOST WORTHLESS POST OF THE MONTH!!! Thank you for also making sure my screen name is justified.

          • #tea

            Well..with taking the time to respond to that post..your a CLOSE #2 for the most “worthless” post….making me #3!

            • Ignorance must be bliss

              @ Tea
              Good try but calling someone out on stupidity is not the same as the stupidity itself. You just graduated to #2 grats on that.

      • eastside_evil

        “Let’s talk about no or expensive daycare, no or too expensive cars (or lack of insurance, tags, gas, flat tires, etc.. – you name it! The barriers are unbelievable. It takes a strong couple to be able to be each other’s crutch just to get employed, keep a roof, eat, take care of the kids.”

        You lazy slug.

        My wife and I have 5 kids in 4 different schools and we each work full time and the kids are in sports, clubs and student council year round.

        Do what you need to do in order to survive, and quit whining about how hard it is.

        Good god, are you saying that to get a job, go to work, and teach your kids the ABCs is so darn tough that it’s a miracle anybody can pull it off???

    • James Darius

      Well put!

  • Jason

    Only time will tell. May God bless them on thier journey. I will however protect my family and myself at all costs. I do not trust gangbangers now or ever. I live N.side I see it all day. Dont knock the guy talking about conceal and carry, after all he is legally within the law. Thats something many of these guys can not say the same to.You can only judge people on thier past not thier future.

  • Jason

    You sir, are correct.

    • Whats up

      Seriously??? Just throw people away??? are you seriously part of this human world and can condemn people forever? What if this was your brother or nephew or son? Would it be o.k. for someone else to condemn you too?

      • James Darius

        I guess you haven’t had to watch your friends or loved ones get beaten or robbed huh? Nothing good can come of these people. I say end them!

      • tea-sing

        WHAT? “Just throw people away”?. Do you think ANY of these thugs ever thought “let’s not rob, shoot, assult this person…they are a good person….let’s just rob bad people”….NOPE….I’m SURE the elderly and the weak were these THUGS prime targets! EASIER to assult!

        GET REAL…..

        Let’s make a deal……this Saturday night….take a walk ALONE (Oh…and act drunk!!!) with your purse loosly hanging off your shoulder in North MPLS or downtown……maybe wear a low cut shirt and do yourself up real nice and TELL ME HOW you get treated!

        If you survive…..then we can talk

      • eastside_evil

        Yes. Just throw people away. People like this should be taken out of society without hesitation or remorse. They have a negative net worth.

  • Have faith and stay thirsty my friends

    I’m happy for these guys. I hope they really put in the work. My mom was a prostitute in Chicago. That’s how I was made. My mom got out of the life and got a job and worked her butt off. People can change. My mother has and I have. My mom is a probation officer now and I have a great job. I am in school for a master’s degree right now too. Lay off these guys. Give them a branch to stand on and see what they do with it. If they want peace, they need to find peace within and we as a community can stand with them and show them a path to a better life or we can hold them down. I prefer to teach a man to fish than to teach him to throw m80’s in the water.

    • Mike

      Congrats on the masters and i’m glad that your mother pulled it together. I never will give up hope for anyone. I do hope this time its true and they are for real.

      • stay thirsty


    • eastside_evil

      They lost their “branch to stand on” when they joined a gang and started terrorizing the community.

      They are enemies of the human race, and need to be treated as such. How many times has this dirtball fired a gun into a crowd of people or randomly at a house? How many times has he ordered it done?

    • WHAT?????

      Have faith
      I say good for you and your mom. I would also like to say that prostitution is a little different than being a gang banger. If you look at it you do not see the same kind of crime in these two types of people. Prostitution could almost be called a “victimless” crime where as being a gang banger most times means drug dealing, robbery, assault, and in some cases murder. In all the info that I have ever read or heard about prostitution (and I am not saying by any means that I am an expert in this at all) it is not something that someone chooses to get into but something that happens along the way. Gang bangers are not the same and are idolized by the younger people in the community and then they make the choice to get into it for whatever reason. I have worked with many of these young men and they are not really recruited but more or less agree to start in the gang by doing small jobs like being a lookout until they are given larger rolls and want (key word there is want) to join because it is “cool” or they had an older brother in it, or whatever the reason is. So again, good for you and I am glad you are making something of yourself but not the best example to put down.

  • betterthannothing

    God Bless these young men! I believe doing something is better than doing nothing.

  • James Darius

    Shoot every last one of them, then it will be very peaceful.

  • Tea's follow up

    LISTEN…..It was brought up prior…..these guys will DESERVE a 2nd chance AFTER they show the world they are serious! OK Tre Tra Crips this Saturday get a group of guys to show up at the MPLS Police station, and a group at the St Paul police station and START out by volunteering by cleaning up the streets, or serving food at a homeless shelter. Turn in your ILLEAGE guns! If you want to carry a gun…do what I did and KEEP your nose clean and do it legally!
    ONE RIGHT does not make up for the YEARS of wrongs you have done!

    PEOPLE>>>>>>>>>DO NOT BE SNOWED BY THIS LAME ATTEMPT of “give us a second chance”>>>>>>>>>>

    The second we have our guard down is the second they stab us in the back….and I MEAN stabbing us in the back!

    The second you SHOW US you DESERVE respect, you may get a little…..

    BUT FOR NOW…..your just the thug that stops me on the street saying “Hay man…help a brotha out….my baby mama and my son need to get back to Chicago…I need BUS MONEY” and the second I pull out my wallet you pull a knife on me and ROB ME!

    Yes….after that….I will NOT trust you and I have 16 hallow points I’m willing to show you close up!

    • JamieinMN

      I agree. Actiosn speak louder than words. Get out there and help REBUILD communities that you have destroyed.

      • JamieinMN


    • Gawolo

      Last time they had a “turn in your gun event” one of the guns “turned in” ended up killing a young man. Guess the police should do thier part also huh? Not saying your wrong just saying you should understand that while you view is a view, its not the entire view. I wonder if you take the time to say hello when you talk past these young men. I wonder if you take the time to even think about how you can help these young men change thier views and attitudes. Maybe its not your job, maybe you dont have the time, maybe you are content with your “9mm” and your hatred of “these people”. Maybe thats what they are used to, people with opinions on how bad they are but no solutions they are willing to partner in screaming “FIX YOURSELF BY YOURSELF!!”

      • JamieinMN

        I can usually spot gangsters or “gangster wannabes” when I’m out and aboot. I NEVER walk past someone without saying hello, except for these men and women. Why? I’m afraid I’ll become a victim for simply saying hello. These people are so full of anger. They’re worthless.

        • Adam

          Your right, theyre so violent for no reason its ridiculous.

      • WHAT?????

        Again someone is calling the bully the victim!! Amazing when you think about it. I have been called many names in my life and been told that I would not amount to anything. I grew up in a household that was very poor and some days we went to bed hungry. Not one of these times I was called a name or teased about being poor did I ever have the idea that I should be a gang banger or start stealing and selling drugs. THESE PEOPLE CHOSE TO DO THIS!!!! I hate to say it but wow, the people that sympathize with these guys are just idiots. So you say sorry and want another chance huh? How about the 2nd chance for all the people the bangers kill? How about the 2nd chance for the people that have to live without a family member because they were walking down a street wearing the wrong color or with shoes someone else wants but does not want to buy? Give us a break and shut up. You can cry all you want and tell us that these people mean what they say but until they prove it you can sit and watch with the rest of us.

  • mayhem


  • OH...Tea.....

    Oh…and I do mean “hallow points”…..(I know it’s hollow points….just gettin my Gansta on)

  • gawolo

    I wonder if yall talk like this about “these people” to God.

    • GOD Tea?

      “THESE PEOPLE” are too far from God I hope! But…that’s not MY or YOUR place to judge….for now….they need to worry about how WE judge them….not God!

  • CCO must like coffee

    NICE!!!!! THANKS WCCO for taking my comments off! I guess the TRUTH HURTS!

    TOO BAD you don’t have the guts to post how MOST of us FEEL!

  • tr

    ….these fools only want attention and the sense of importance that they naively feel by being the “spokesman” of their “gang”. I’d bet every single one of them prances around with their pants hangin off their backsides thinking they are being cool or intimidating or offensive when in reality they are just showing the world how stupid and idiotic they are. If these thus far zeros really want to change it will take minimum 2 years of meaningful effort before they could be given any respect or reconsideration. My bet is not one of them turns the corner.

  • you know it

    I bet one of these GANG THUGS are reading these comments on the laptop they stole out of my car!

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